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An idea for a forum event, fund raiser or special project?

Discuss and participate in the forum projects and fundraisers
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An idea for a forum event, fund raiser or special project?

Unread post by DinkyBird » Tue Apr 20, 2010 5:56 pm

Do you have an idea for a forum project to either raise funds, ask for donations, a fun event or an effort to create awareness? Great! Please do share it with us all!

According to the rules of the forums all forum projects and initiatives need to be channelled through the Virtual Region of the Honorary Rangers (See here).

This does not mean the VHRs are going to 'steal' your great idea and run with it. What it does mean is that the VHRs are the only legally recognized body to conduct such projects on the SANParks Forums. We welcome and encourage members to bring forward their ideas.

What happens next?

1. The following factors need to be considered:

- Are there any similar projects proposed? There is strength in numbers and members are encouraged to work together when they find they have similar plans or ideas. This will also cut down on a lot of duplicate efforts and a single large project is going to have a greater impact than many smaller, but very similar, ones.

- Are there a couple of members keen to be more involved in managing and doing the work on the project - please indicate this.

- How is the idea for the project received by fellow forum members? Initiatives well received will be well supported when it comes to doing the work and possibly raising the funds.

2. Once the above has been taken into account, we ask that the person who brought in the idea write a short proposal to the VHRs. This needs to cover the basic outline of the reasons to do the project, how it is planned to be carried out from start to finish, funded and a time frame.

3. At this point the VHRs will need to consider the following:

- Will this project benefit the forums and SANParks.

- Does the project slot in well time wise with other projects that are already approved.

- Is it possible to practically do the project and make it work.

- How will the project be funded. We need to be mindful that we do not constantly appeal to the same small group of people (the forum members) for funds and sponsors etc need to be approved.

- Is approval/agreement from SANParks needed and if so, will it be granted.

4. The next step will be for those who have volunteered their assistance to a project to begin the work on the project. They will be assigned a VHR member to assist them and guide if and when necessary. If it is needed access to a closed forum will be provided.

Please know that the VHRs are here to assist you. We will be able to provide the contact with SANParks, help with the red tape and get the necessary advise and guidance from senior HRs.

5. Only projects that are sanctioned by the VHRs will be permitted on these forums. The members who run the projects are required to work closely, and co-operate, with the VHRs and timeously provide the required feedback, reports and other relevant information needed by the VHRs for auditing purposes and reporting to SANParks and the HR NEC.

Memberlist of the Virtual Region can be found here.
- Dalene

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