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Our Kruger experience

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Our Kruger experience

Unread post by croco » Sun Aug 13, 2017 6:12 am

We entered Kruger through Pafuri Gate. Within the first 10 minutes we came across a hyena that was wounded, sprinting across the road from the north, momentarily stopping to turn its head with terror in its eyes. It darted off into the bush and disappeared down a gully.

2 minutes later 2 hyenas came from the north, noses flinging about trying to catch the smell of the terrified. 4 more came and they desperately tried picking up the scent of the terrorized hyena. Then they all disappeared into the bush in the blink of an eye.

It was at this moment that i realized i might just enjoy the experience. Unfortunately my wife was in tears on day 4. So it was not all good.

We stayed at Punda Maria Monday - Thursday. Our camp site was well chosen. The closest one to the camp gate. Its far from all the other people. We could only see 3 other campers. The rest were hidden by forest and a large sand hill. This also blocked the noise of all the other campers.

Our chosen site was not only quiet at night, but you still felt like you were in the bush. You can sit an enjoy the night sounds the area has to offer.
The cons though is that there is 1 toilet for men and 1 toilet for women. In the mornings there are lines outside to use the toilet. And if you had some matured meat the night before... it can hold some dire consequences.

It does get a little chilly outside this time of year... and we are early bird campers. We get up and shower at 5, sometimes 4h30am
The women's geyser was broken. There was no notice nor a warning that the women's shower does not have hot water. My wife was not impressed having to take cold showers at 5am. On the 4th day she broke down. As it has been day 4 that she was required to take a whore shower. That is a phrase commonly used yes. You can look it up on urban dictionary. When the water is so cold you only have enough pain threshold to wash the essentials or stinky parts.

On day 5 we moved camp to Shengwedzi. I immediately felt like i wanted to leave when we entered the area. The campsite was cramped. Almost no shade anywhere. Its as if SanParks took a campsite and thought to themselves... hmm, how can we squeeze as many people into a block of land to make the most profit. Unlike Punda Maria there was no sacrifice area.

The "Sacrifice area" is a camping area that is very far away from the ablutions but offers peace n quite even during busy hours. It was a horrendous experience. From neighbors on one side blasting away their DSTV until 10pm, drunk people shouting and screaming, kids screaming...

After we barely slept we opted to look around Shengwedzi for quieter camp areas. But there was none to have. Only cramped camping spaces. So we opted to rather leave. There is nothing "Kruger" about Shengwedzi camping... it can only be compared to working in a open plan call center in a 1.5 x 1.5 cubicle.

As we drove down towards Palaborwa gate we started finding people in the park alighting from their vehicles in the middle of the road, even on gravel roads. So it is indeed then true that central to south has become so commercial that it is common to find idiots getting out their cars to take photos of animals and campsites so cramped you can sit and watch Murder she Wrote on 4 different TV's around you.

I hope and pray to god that the North and Far North remains reasonable. At least now i know to stay as far away as possible from anything lower than Punda Maria.

Punda Maria and up i rate 7 out of 10. 3 points lost for no hot water and only 1 toilet.
Shengwedzi -1 out of 10.

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Re: Our Kruger experience

Unread post by chungu » Sun Aug 13, 2017 8:35 am

sorry to hear that Croco, and lets hope SANPARKS will demarcate their sites/stands to avoid other campers encroaching to other campers sites. this will provide a clear demarcations.

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Re: Our Kruger experience

Unread post by Elsa » Sun Aug 13, 2017 10:12 am

Very sorry you did not seem to have a good experience in the park, especially with regards the ablutions at PM and then the camping at Shingwedzi.
I do think the time of year plays a big role when the park is very busy.
Please do send in a full report to listing all these issues as it does help them in addressing these problems
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