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Lower Sabie Lux Safari Tent - Beds

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Lower Sabie Lux Safari Tent - Beds

Unread post by Shutterbug » Mon Apr 24, 2017 1:03 am

Hi Guys,

What is the bed situation with Lux Safari Tent - Bush View (LBVST2) at Lower Sabie? on website it says 2 single beds, in the pictures it looks like one queen bed, I am hoping that its two singles pushed together with a queen cover put on but just want to make sure, my wife and I have booked 5 days there in 2018 and I would not be able to get any sleep in a queen.
The earth has a circumference of 40 075 km and I have to travel 17 141 km to get to the Kruger, that's just not right :tongue:

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