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Index: Travel Tales

Tell us about your breathtaking experiences in the parks
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Index: Travel Tales

Unread post by hilda » Sun Apr 19, 2015 5:16 am

"There can be no friendship without confidence, and no confidence without integrity". - Samuel Johnson.

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Re: Index to Travel Tales

Unread post by hilda » Sun Apr 19, 2015 5:22 am

Kruger National Park

Travel Tales: 2004 - 2005


Leon's Kruger National Park : December 2004
Wildchild's. KNP visit : December 2004


January '05
JB, BNF, Johann & FD's birding weekend : KNP Jan 2005

March '05
wildtuinman's Southern Kruger Sightings : March 2005
wildtuinman's Kruger National Park : March 2005

April '05
DuQues's Southern Kruger sightings : April 2005
DvZ's Northern Kruger sightings : April 2005

May '05
craigsa's Central Kruger sightings : May 2005
Guinea Pig's Northern and Central Kruger sightings : May 2005
Andram's Southern Kruger Sightings : May 2005
Guinea Pig's Southern Kruger sightings : May 2005

June '05
Lionhugger's Sightings : (Shipandane Hide) KNP Jun 2005
Guinea Pig's Central Kruger sightings : June 2005
WTM's Sightings : Bushman's Trail (KNP) June 2005
fevertree's Southern Kruger sightings : June 2005
Oumie's Northern Kruger sightings : June 2005
Guinea Pig Bert's Sightings : KNP Jun 2005
Goodevans's Sightings : KNP Jun 2005

July '05
fevertree's Central Kruger sightings : July 2005
wildtuinman's Northern Kruger sightings : July 2005
fevertree's Southern Kruger sightings : July 2005
Nico & Yvonne's Sightings : KNP Jul 2005
Gwendolen's trip to KNP : July 2005

August '05
Avon Vosloo's Sightings : KNP Aug 2005
wildtuinman's Central Kruger sightings : August 2005
ENFJ Anne's Southern Kruger sightings : August 2005
john n poppy's Our first KNP trip Aug. 2005
Wild@Heart's Kruger from South to North : Aug - Sept 2005

September '05
Hassim's Southern Kruger Sightings : September 2005

October '05
Fevertree's Sightings : KNP Oct 2005
Jose's Northern Kruger sightings in October 2005
Leopardspotter's Sightings : KNP Oct 2005
Johann's Sightings : KNP 8 to 10 Oct 2005
Acekam's Sightings : KNP 23 to 26 Oct 2005
Avon Vosloo's Sightings : KNP Oct 2005
Anne's Sightings : KNP and Addo Oct 2005
Meinfam's KNP - 30 Oct '05
Craigsa's Sightings : KNP 28 to 31 Oct 2005
AGATHA's Kruger October 2005 - report by Agatha
Agraham's Sightings : KNP 31 Oct to 4 Nov 2005

November '05
DvZ's Sightings : KNP 04 Nov 2005
Laine's Sightings : KNP 11 to 13 Nov 2005
Arno & Louise's KNP visit 18 - 21 Nov 2005
Loams's Kruger trip : 18 - 20 November 2005
Freda's trip to Kruger - November 2005
Salva's Sightings : KNP 12 to 19 Nov 2005
Chameleon's short visit to KNP : 19 to 23 Nov 2005
A & C's Kruger Trip : 13 to 19/11/2005
bwana's Member's reports of visits to Kruger : 2005
Guinea Pig's Krokodile & Tokoloshe's visit to KNP : Nov '05
Jazil's Sightings : KNP 14 to 20 Nov 2005
Katydownunder's trip : KNP 1-17 November 2005
wildtuinman's KNP Lions Sightings - Hotspots
DebM's Bouf Sightings : KNP Nov-Dec 2005
KNP Lions Sightings - Hotspots. Nov. '05
Katydownunder's trip : KNP 1-17 Nov. '05

December '05
Zebra and Jumbo's visit to Satara : 7/12/05
Bokkie's Central Kruger Sightings : Sept - Dec 2005
Arno & Louise's KNP visit : 7 - 10 Dec 2005
Madach's Sightings : KNP Dec 2005
Tamara's Sightings : KNP 13-18 Dec 2005
Seyms Kruger Trip : 16-20 December 2005
Herman's Sightings : KNP Dec 2005
Vonnie's KNP Sightings Report : Dec '05
Asterix & Obelix's Sightings : KNP 18 to 20 Dec 2005
Bucky's Sightings : KNP 14 to 19 Dec 2005
Craigsa's Sightings : KNP 24 to 30 Dec 2005
Toddelelfe's Sightings : KNP December 2005
Wildchild's Sightings : KNP Dec 2005
Claudia & Harold : KNP 14-19 Dec 2005
Macho Mouse goes a walking
DavenJan's Sightings : KNP 28 Dec to 02 Jan 2006
Anthony's Lion near Mooiplaas. KNP, Dec. '05
"There can be no friendship without confidence, and no confidence without integrity". - Samuel Johnson.

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Re: Index to Travel Tales

Unread post by hilda » Sun Apr 19, 2015 5:25 am

Kruger National Park

Travel Tales: 2006 - 2007


January '06
Leopardspotter's Sightings : KNP 5 to 14 Jan 2006
Wildjohn's Sightings : KNP 14 to 16 Jan 2006
Liesl's Sightings : KNP 14 to 15 Jan 2006
Christo's short visit to Kruger
Zebra's Biyamiti visit : KNP 14/01/06
NightOwl's Trip Report : KNP 30 Dec 05 - 6 Jan 06
JB, BNF, Johann & FD's birding weekend : KNP Jan 2006
FD's sms reports
Ton & Herma's sightings : KNP Jan 2006
Wildchild's Sightings : KNP Jan 2006
Wild@Heart's 3 Musketeers' trip - KNP 27 - 29 Jan 2006
Francoisd's sightings : Kruger 27/01-5/02
FD's sms reports. KNP, Jan. '06
Mark's 2 trips to Kruger. Jan. '06

February '06
Freda's Sightings : KNP 17-19 Feb 2006
Winnie's Sightings : KNP 17 to 18 Feb 2006
Elsa and Klystron's Trip : KNP 16 to 24 Feb 2006
Oumie's trip : KNP Feb 2006
Aat in KNP : Feb 2006

March '06
Anthony's Lion near Mooiplaas
BushBro's sightings : KNP 17 - 21/03/06
Johan316's Pics of sightings in KNP : 01/03/2006 to 05/03/2006
Meg's sightings : KNP 6 - 7 March 2005
Papop's Kruger Trip Report : March 2006
Arie's report : Kruger 11-19 March 2006
Propolis & Bird Song's trip report : KNP March 2006
Wildjohn's trip report : KNP 27-30 Mar 2006
W@H and Hyaena's Sightings - KNP 16 March to 28 March 2006
Craigsa's Kruger trip : 18-20 March 2006
Max's Cheetah sighting
Ukwilt in KNP : March 2006
Bananarama's trip report March 2006
Penny's Kruger Sightings : 30 March to 7 April 2006
Stephen's Biyamiti Bushveld Camp Sightings : March/April 2006
Ollie's KNP visit : 29 March - 12 April 2006
Max's Cheetah sighting. KNP, March '06

April '06
kiki Our first visit to KNP : April 2006
Zebra’s Kruger trip : 4 & 5 April 2006
Jay's Kruger sightings : 4-7 April 2006
Freda's KNP trip : 7-9 April 2006
Jrawdon's Kruger Trip : April 14-16 2006
wildchild's Sunset Drive From Malelane (KNP) : April 2006
mfb/Mike: Easter 2006 - in and out of Kruger
Lecter & Ollie in Kruger : April 06
Paulbright's Kruger visit : April 2006
Peterpiper's Kruger Impressions : April 2006
Bosnimf's Rare sighting of a Red-billed Quelea
Kathy's Kruger Park Trip : 18-24 April 2006
MAG's KNP Running Commentary : April 2006
Arks' KNP Trip Report: April 2006: Olifants
Jay's trip to KNP again : 25-27 April 2006
The Pardus Trip : KNP April 2006
Jazil in Kruger : April '06
Arks's KNP Trip Report: April 2006: Mopani
Wildchild's Dream KNP trip : April 2006
Arks' KNP Trip Report : April 2006 : Shimuwini
Arks' KNP Trip Report: April 2006 : Punda Maria
Arks' KNP Trip Report: April 2006 : Punda Maria
Craig & Caroline's Kruger Trip - 27 Apr - 01 May
Arks’ Kruger Trip: 20 April – 15 May
Arks' KNP Trip Report: April/May 2006: General Observations
Goggo's KNP trip : 14 April - 2 May 2006
Liesel Mulder's Special Elephant sightings. KNP, Apr. '06

May '06
Arks' KNP Trip Report: 12, 13, 14, 15 May 2006: Olifants
Arks' KNP Trip Report: 16 May 2006: Tamboti
Freda in Kruger... again! : 6-7 May '06
Liesel Mulder's Special Elephant sightings
Wondercloak's KNP trip : May 2006
Kath & Theo in Kruger : May 2006
Thinusb's Strange animal Behaviour sightings
Liesel Mulder's Special Elephant sightings
Dirk.V.E. Neethling's Weekly update of Sightings & Activities in the KNP
Thinusb's Best ever Leopard sightings May 2006
Brave_crazy's KNP Trip : 1-7 May 2006
Arks' KNP Trip Report: May 2006: Tamboti
Arks' KNP Trip Report: May 2006: Skukuza
Arks' KNP Trip Report: May 2006: Biyamiti
Arks' KNP Trip Report: 10, 11 May 2006: Talamati
Arks' KNP Trip Report: May 2006: Lower Sabie
Arks' KNP Trip Report: 12, 13, 14, 15 May 2006: Olifants
Arks' KNP Trip Report: 16 May 2006: Tamboti
GRAEMY and SONIA's first time KRUGER : 4-12 May 2006
Thinusb's Best ever Leopard sightings May 2006
Jo's Trip To Kruger - 18-20/5/2006
Stephen's Biyamiti Bush Camp Sightings - May & June 2006
Impisi08's KNP trip : May 14th - June 5th 2006
Katja's Kruger Trip : 15 May to 1 June 2006
Elsa and Family Kruger Sightings : 26 May - 9 June 2006
ThinusB's Best ever Leopard sightings. KNP, May '06
Dirk V.E. Neethling's Sightings & Activities in KNP, May '06

June '06
wildchild's The Beauty of Kruger
Matt's Day Trip to KNP : 10 June 2006
Jumbo & an's AWC named Croc June 2006
Tawny & Martials Kruger Trip Report June 2006
WTM's KNP Trip : June 2006
DB's 72hrs in KNP : June 2006
Jakkalsbessie & Bosnimf's KNP trip : 06 - 12 June 2006
Skopsie's quick dash into KNP : June 2006
Doug and Michele 's trip to Kruger 1 - 10 June 2006
katmal's Animal sightings & Vegetation June 2006
Zebra’s KNP trip : 7 & 8 June 2006
Jacov & Reinette in KNP : June 2006
Katmal's Kruger trip : June 2006
Deville's KNP trip : 23/24 June 2006
Spot-a-cat's KNP trip : 15-19 June 2006
Stephen's Berg en Dal Sightings
Sharifa's Kruger Trip : June 2006
Kathy in Kruger : June 2006
Richard's Harris in Kruger : June 2006
Luislang's Kruger trip : June 2006
Eagle and Tersa's trip in KNP : 05/06/06 to 14/06/06
Katmal's Kruger trip : June 2006
Deville's KNP trip : 23/24 June 2006
Dirk.V.E. Neethling's Weekly update of Sightings & Activities in the KNP
Oumie and SO's KNP trip : June 2006
Cees and SO’s KNP Trip Report : Jun/Jul 2006
Herman's KNP trip : June 25- July 1 '06
DuQues's Kruger in June - two people, two views. June '06
Stephen's Berg en Dal Sightings. KNP, June '06
Katmal's Kruger trip : June 2006

July '06
Mikhail's best Kruger trip ever : Jul '06
Leopard Lover's Why we fall in love with Kruger-Leopard Lover Trip : July 06
Freda's KNP trip : Jul 2006
Bosnimf's in KNP - Jul '06
Bushkid's Kruger Trip : July 2006
robertliefhebber's Photos from Kruger (Napi trail) : July '06
wildchild's Kruger calls again! Wildchild's trip : 7-14 July
MARK's Trip Report: 1-5 July 2006: Skukuza & Lower Sabie
Bushkid's Kruger Trip : July 2006
Bert's KNP Trip Report : July 2006
Thinusb's KNP Trip : July 2006
MarkWildDog's KNP Wildlife Sightings by Forumites : July 2006
DuQues's Kruger in june - two people, two views
Baz's Kruger Adventure 2006 - The final chapter !!!
Nico & Yvonne Kruger Leopard Trip
Tabs' visit to Kruger : 31st July - 10th August 2006
SHARKS and So in Kruger and Mapungubwe, the full story.. July '06

August '06
Acekam's KNP Trip : Aug 06
christelsabine's Our Trip in September - 10 Days! aug 2006
Craigsa's Kruger Trip : 5-9 August 2006
Peter Betts's Couple of good sightings - Olifants Trail
BB & Dad's Kruger golden anniversary trip : KNP : 08/06
Avon vosloo at Balule : Aug 2006
DavenJan Dean takes Granny and Grandpa Camping : KNP : Aug '06
Gwendolen's trip to Kruger : August 2006
Meinfam in KNP : 8 & 9 Aug 2006
Macho Mouse's Skukuza Marathon : Aug 2006
Arno & Louise in Kruger : Aug 2006
Eric-Carol (Paunchy)'s KNP Trip report: August 2006
DinkyBird's Orpen, Lower Sabie and P-Kop August 2006
Bucky & Lynne at Satara & Croc Bridge : Aug 2006
Meandering Mouse's The Collective Berg-en-Dal Mini Meet Report, Aug. '06
Safariman Hi...And A Trip Report! Aug 2006

September '06
Katmal's trip to HOME - 1 - 3 September L/Sabie
Skopsie's KNP Trip Report: September 2006
Jakkalsbessie's Pics from Bosnimf's last trip to KNP : Sept '06
Hawk's At One with the Olifants - Sept 2006
Daggaboy's Kruger Trip : Sept 2006
Stephenc's Road Trip to Kruger : Sept 2006
Mfb in Kruger : Sept '06
Sharifa's trip to Biyamiti KNP : September 2006
Glenda's Kruger Journey - Sept 2006
Ecosse's KNP Trip Report: 20-24 September 2006
Kathy sa`s Kruger trip - Sept 2006
Ruth & Andy's KNP Birding Trip: September 2006
Marli's KNP Trip: September 2006
Snoobab's KNP Wild Dog Quest (He Found Them!): Sept 2006
Aboon's visiting Stormsriver : September 2006
Peterpiper's KNP Trip: September 2006
Jay in KNP : Sept 2006
Herman's KTP trip : 23-29 Sept
Obelix's Walking with Lions - Asterix & Obelix Trip : Sept 2006
Aboon in Kruger : September 2006
TXDrifter's Texas to Kruger - A First Timers Experience – September 2006
MarkWildDog's Sightings in KNP by Forumites: Sept 2006
DB & Hawk in Kruger : Sept 2006
Anja & Marks KNP holiday : Sept '06
Saraf & SO's KNP Trip : 30th Sept - 8th Oct 2006
NightOwl's KNP Trip Report : Sep-Oct 2006
Arie's trip to Kruger : 25 Sept - 6 Oct 2006
Katmal's trip to HOME - 1 - 3 September L/Sabie
christelsabine's Trip in September - 10 Days! KNP, Sept '06

October '06
Renata Ewald's From Phalaborwa to Crocodile : Oct 2006
DuncanMcLoud's First Time visit to KNP... And surely not the last!!
Wildjohn's Kruger October trip : 2006
Deville's KNP trip : Oct 2006
The Coetzee's Kruger trip with Ouma : October 2006
Zebra's Kruger visit : October 2006
cybeR@NGER & Leopardess South-North-South KNP Adventure Oct. '06
Pardus's went HOME!!! : Oct 2006
Macho Mouse goes meandering again 18-22 October
The Steyn's Trip to KNP : Oct '06

November '06
Jose's Kruger Trip November 2006
Jumbo's quick Kruger visit : Nov 2006
LaeveldLeeu's Sunday morning drive KNP : Nov '06
Katydownunder & Francolin in Kruger November 2006
Sable in KNP, Nov.'06 (North and down)
Baffers's visits to KNP : Nov 2006
Micknick @ Croc Bridge : Nov 2006
Deville's KNP Trips: Nov 2006
MM in Kruger
Patto's Trip To Kruger : 10-12 Nov '06
Joan's trip to KNP : Nov '06
Ravvie and SO's quickfire trip to Tamboti Nov 2006
Jose's Kruger Trip November 2006

December '06
Macho Mouse pop's in to visit Kruger...
Deville's December trips : KNP
Arno & Louise in KNP : 08 - 14/12/2006
Skopsie's Kruger Christmas for Skopsie and SO : 2006
Foxy's Kruger Park trip - Dc '06
RussellG's Orlando Florida to KNP - Russell returns with his Family
AGATHA's Big 5 sightings and other embarrassing stories
Nightjar's Kruger Vacation, December 5th to 30th, '06
Pardus&Felis : The KNP Summer Trip '06
BB & JH bonus Kruger summer trip
Vonnie, the vonder voman in Kruger : Dec 2006
Matt’s Christmas Gift: Sirheni Bushveld Camp 26–29 Dec 2006
naomi c's Ten days at Tsendze by naomi c : Dec 06
Christelsabine's - A Week In Kruger Park : Dec 06
Wildchild goes wandering again...KNP : Dec 06
Boulder's Kruger Trip : Dec '06
Lynne, bucky & boys - KNP middle & up : Dec '06
Jazil and Salva in KNP: about kitties, brekkies and monkeys!
Jay visits Kruger...again : Dec 06
Bushkid1's The Bush Beckons again for Bushkid - KNP 29 Dec to 5 Jan 07
Seyms's Kruger Trip Report : 26 Dec to 02 Jan '07
Lisa and Mark's Kruger trip : 29 Dec '06 - 6 Jan '07
Delboysafa's Honeymoon Trip Dec/Jan
Delboysafa Honeymoon Trip Dec '06/Jan '07
Matt’s Christmas Gift: Sirheni Bushveld Camp 26–29 Dec 2006
Vonnie, the vonder voman in Kruger : Dec 2006


January '07
Allison in KNP : Jan '07
Baffers's Kruger Mating Lions & Other Sightings : Jan '07
Shidzidzii's Whiskey Haze: Mikev in KNP : Jan 07
LEIGHVLASSO's Our awesome trip - caracal, blk rhino, awc : KNP 01/07
EricExSA's is in Kruger!! Jan '07
Laine's quick day visit to KNP : 13 Jan 07
Sharifa in KNP : 3-12 January 2007
LizB's Trip Report
Meinfam in KNP : 26 - 29 Jan 2007
Deville's back in Kruger - Jan 2007
LizB Favourite Kruger Moment
Jumbo's Biyamiti visit : 13 Jan '07
Ranger Piet's Kruger Birding Week-end 2007 - Trip Reports
adw's Close encounters of the E kind.
wildheart's Sounds of Kruger by wildheart : Jan '07
Herman on the Otter trail : Jan '07
Wildheart's show and tell, KNP : Jan 2007
Elsa's Bonus Kruger Trip : Jan 2007
sean_koekemoer Leopard's Sighting In January
Wild about cats's In Search of the Cats : Jan '07
Penny and Co's : Kruger 2007
LizB's Favourite Kruger Moment. KNP, Jan. '07

February '07
Wildchild's wonderfully wow weekend!!!! : Feb '07
Acekam's KNP Trip : Feb 10th - 14th, 2007
Jay's: Kruger in Feb '07
gavinl's Kruger has become our special birthday destination : Feb '07
Wild@Heart's Cricket Weekend Sightings
Richardharris in Kruger : February 2007
Impisi08, KNP : Jan 29th - Feb 20th 2007
icurrie's The stuff of day dreams .... by icurrie, Feb 2007
propolis's Our 2007 trip to the KNP by Propolis
Zypresse's Kruger in February : by Zypresse (2007)
Macho Mouse in Kruger (again!!!) : Feb 2007
adw's From the past
Aat&Elly Vuik NL in Kruger (many pics) : Feb 2007
Herma & Ton Kruger Trip - Feb/March 2007
adw's From the past. KNP, Feb. '07
Wild@Heart's Cricket Weekend Sightings. KNP, Feb. '07

March '07
Winny & Chris's incredible Kruger adventure!
Bothali's March trip to Roodewal (13 - 18 March 2007)
Niknak's Sunday in KNP : March 2007
Eclipse in Tsendze by Skopsie - March 2007
wildchild's KNP Once More by Wildchild : March '07
AfricanDreams in KTP 20-27 March 2007
Naomi c in Kruger : 21 to 25 March 2007
Mads does 2 Trips in one month : March 2007
Baffers - Good Friday and Freedom Day in KNP
Craig & Caroline at Boulders : March 2007
WeeBirdy & Portero's Kruger report, Mar. 19-25, 2007
Richprins Waterhole Sightings: Updates
Bosnimf's KNP Jan-March 2007 by Bosnimf
Mafunyane's Blessed beyond believe-Mafunyane in KNP : 27 March-1 April

April '07
Ralph vV's Of old Lions and young Boys...Ralph vV in KNP
jonty1's Easter weekend at KNP by Jonty1
Duke Ellieton's Surprise trip to Skukuza - Easter 2007
Agraham's KNP trip reports
Niknak's Wednesday in KNP : April 2007
Wildchild and Bushkid to KNP Again
W@H in Kruger... again!
Mja's Trip Report April 19-25 2007 - KNP
Craigsa's Live from Kruger : 6th - 13th April 2007
Pavlik88's South Africa Parks- April 2007 trip from Pavel online
Pavlik88's Mapungubwe and Kruger April 2007 by Pavel
Mapoisa goes forth : southern Kruger, 13 - 20 April 2007
Madach in SA (April 2007)
anne-marie's THE PARADISE - APRIL 2007
Duke Ellieton's The Great Thirstland : April 2007
BB's trip to Wilderness NP : April 2007
Mgoddard's 340 Days in Kruger
Steyn's visit to northern part of Kruger : Apr/May 2007
Richprins's Waterhole Sightings: Updates. KNP Apr. '07
Shingalana's reckless people in Kruger. Apr. '07
W@H in Kruger... again! Apr. '07
john n poppy's Could we add maps? KNP, Apr. '07

May '07
madach's Black Rhino sighting near Afsaal
Blasian's Berg-en-Dal trip report
shingalana's reckless people in kruger
Katmal in Pretoriuskop - 23-26 May 2007
Perks's Tribe Perks : Kruger 21 - 27 May 2007
W@H & Hyaena Trip Report : 25 to 27 May 2007
adw's trip report May 2007
Freda's Lebombo Eco Trail May 13 - 16 (Freda & SO)
Baffers's - Letaba/Satara May 17 - 22 2007
Katydownunder & Francolin in Kruger (again)-May 2007
cptphotographer's 17 Days and 16 Nights of heaven in Kruger!!
Skopsie's Long weekend in Punda : May 2007
Eric-Carol - KNP 11th to 18th May
Tom & Gavs Trip to Kruger May 2007
Boorgatspook's The gathering of the clan: A journey of discovering by BGS:
Craig & Caroline (& Cathy) in Kruger - May/June 2007
Jeff's trip to Kruger 22nd May - 3rd June
Impisi08's in Kruger, May 18 - June 8 2007
Anja & Mark in KNP May/June 2007

June '07
UKbadger~A Kruger morning from 2003.
wilmaw's Awesome day-trip incl wild dog pack KNP
Richprins's Micro - trip report (Richprins) - June 2007
Wild about cats's Wild Lebombo Trail
Spotted Cat and SO's visit to Kruger : Jun 2007
Herman's A week in Heaven : Kruger June 2007
Senyetse and family in N. KNP : 9-17 June 2007
Pumbaa's Impressions of our First Kruger & other Sanparks visit
Elsa, Klynstron & Jock - Trip Report : June 2007
Pardus is where? KNP, June 2007
Hibiscus's Our Wonderful Week in Kruger! June 2007
Skywalker's Kruger Trip
Oumie is in Kruger!! June 2007
bucky's A week in lower Sabie : June 2007
Agraham's trip report 30/06-01/07/07
Zolbol's 28 Day Diary - In real time : Jun/Jul 2007

July '07
BIGBOB's Birthday Bash In KNP : July 2007
Haupie and family in KNP - Jul 2007
Mafunyane's This is GONNA BE GOOD
abayat's Trip report 2-6th July 2007 Kruger
jakoventer's Two weeks in Kruger : July 2007
DinkyBird's Jay spends time in Kruger.... Jul 2007
winnydpu's My first Kruger trip 6-7-07 through 12-7-07
Mads to Kruger heaven!
jonty1's KNP Road trip with Jonty1 and co. - Jul 2007
Ezio Fan and Brummie go wild (card) in Africa - July 2007
Johannes van Niekerk's TexasBoer and Linda in SANParks - July 2007
Stephan & Junita & baby Antonique in Kruger - July 2007
DinkyBird's Where I belong - DB & Hawk in Kruger
Mgoddard and Family in Kruger 2007
Shikaari's 9 nights of Kruger bliss
Kruger Park lost and found: Freda and MM strike out
Vonnie & co's trip report

August '07
W@H's Smoking trip to Kruger - Aug 2007
shortcourse's My Recent Trip - Aug 2007
Richprins's delivering "Holy Grail" to Skukuza
LizzieO's The long weekend in KNP - Aug 2007
Craigsa & Friends - 10/11 August 2007 KNP Visit
Familyfun's Kruger with Family of 4 boys - August 2007
salamanda's Four Days;Three leopards! KNP Aug 2007
Pinarelloman's KNP trip 13/08-17/08/07
Elena in Kruger - August 2007
DavenJan's Of gurning giraffes and elephants pretending to be hyenas
cglasgow's A preachers visit to Kruger - Aug 2007
Ian Burger's Great Stay in Kruger
niknak's A day in Kruger is still better than a day .........
gwendolen's Gwenz KNP report : Aug 2006
bucky's Condensed trip report in pictures
agraham's trip 24-25/08
Adw's trip report - Kruger August 2007
Restio goes it (almost) alone - Kruger Aug 2007
Johan van Rensburg's Pishing for Duke - Kruger August 2007
elpaco's Back again - elpaco's 18 days in Kruger
Timbo goes north then south in KNP : Aug 2007
TXDrifter's Texas to Kruger – The Sequel – August 2007
Bert's Kruger report (Klippies & Spiders) August 2007
Pumbaa Back in Heaven
Prings on the Road Again - August 2007
UKbadger's NEW EASY TO LOAD - UKbadger and Jenny’s Kruger Trip Aug 07
Where I belong - DB & Hawk in Kruger, Aug. '07

September '07
Zippy Zebra's Adrenaline overload - pics
Deville's catch-up report
AV-TR Intro (Day 1 & 2 Mopanie)
WAC's Cat Trip!
wmanten's Trip report 15/9-19/9
Leonard's 20 Roan and so much more! - Kruger September 2007
Arks Emerging Tusker prize in Kruger
Perks' mob in the sweltering, 21-24 Sep 2007, KNP
Snoobab in Satara : Sept 2007
Duke Ellieton's If it is spring time it must be Kruger - September 2007
Suej in Cape Town, KTP and Kruger - September 2007
Steyns's day visits to Kruger - September 2007
Pardus's Dream - Kruger, September 2007
Snors's September in Satara - Kruger 2007
Scout's 8 Days in Kruger Trip Report - September 2007
robbates's September 2007 Kruger by robbates
Jacov, Reinette, Hawk, DB live the dream - Lebombo Trail
Jose in KNP - September 2007
Jb 72's 2 Weeks of Kruger Magic : Sept 2007
Elsa, Klystron, Penny & Bob the Builder in Kruger - Sept
richardharris's Kruger September 2007 - Richard's trip!
p@m's Misadventures in Kruger - September 2007
Harrys and family in Kruger (Sept 07)
Peter Betts's Annual September Trip to Kruger
Ralph vV's The "Three Muskateers" go North.... September 2007
Richprins's "sneaks" off to Kruger
Zypresse's Six weeks and seven SANParks - September 2007
Arks' KNP Adventures: September 2007
Arks's Emerging Tusker prize in Kruger. Sept. '07

October '07
Donn1nger_69's Next week at Crocodile Bridge - October 2007
Senyetse & Family Pretoriuskop Trip : Oct 2007
Matnikstym's Kruger Trip Report-A Fantastic Time We Had!
Ambush-Africa's Kruger, 2004, 2005 and 2006!
Wild@Heart's The Duke Pack - "Operation Find Duke" is under way
Bush Baptist's Jerry Hattrick on safari... again
Meandering Mouse's Explorer and Meandering Mouse go wandering
Spotted Cat's SC and SO - Lazy days in Kruger : Oct 2007
wildcatzoo's October 2007 wildcatzoo trip report
gwendolen's SMS reports from Bouf - Oct 2007
Andy Pay Kruger August photos and list (new improved version!)
Bushbaby_Shing's Pics from the Kruger, Oct. 2007

November '07
José and Simon look for Rhino and LITs - BnD November 2006
Pieter Steyn's KNP get together: Krokodil & family & Steyn family
Deville's catch-up part two
Gunner & family’s' Kruger Adventure
delboysafa's Operation HoneyBadger and Cheetah Catcher... (Pre-Trip Rep)
Adw's KNP trip report - Nov 2007
Guinea Pig's The honeymooncouple in Kruger
DinkyBird's Angels on an Avian Mission. KNP, Nov. '07
Kalburgi's First Trip to Kruger Nov 2007
lecter's Self Drive Kruger - A Photography Tour
Wildchild returns to Kruger - Nov 2007
Restio and family trek north. KNP, Nov. '07
Dragon's My Kruger National Park Photos

December '07
Doodles's My testimony to Kruger
Bush Andy A trip of a lifetime (Kruger Park: 11 Dec - 16 Dec 2007)
Thorsten's A short trip to Kruger...
Nagaap's another trip report
Shoshana's Kruger Park xmas 2007 trip
daver & Co. - Kruger Expedition, December 2007
Donny Skukuza - Tshokwane Road
Baby baboon in KNP - Dec 2007
Janneyc's - Dec 2007
Mel123's - Christmas 2007 in northern Kruger
Zolbol's Christmas 2007 Kruger Photo Report - Part 3 (Final)
jakoventer's KNP Trip Dec 07
Herman's Kruger- north to south in 4 days Dec 07
"Ralph vV's Siblings down South". A Kruger re-union!
Boorgatspook's BGS - A Special Christmas Trip Report Dec 2007
pardus's Nyakeni: Forest in the Bush - December 2007
Wild about cats's WAC's Adventure
Pieter Steyn's Wet Kruger Adventure
Jay's SMS reports - Dec 2007
Lovehyena in Kruger - Dec 2007
Ecojunkie's needed a (permanent?) fix so..... 2007
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Re: Index to Travel Tales

Unread post by hilda » Sun Apr 19, 2015 5:30 am

Kruger National Park

Travel Tales: 2008 - 2009


January '08
Penny and Family's Kruger Trip. 7th to 18th Jan '08
G@mespotter's onné 's Fabulous Trip - Jan 2008
jeanbx's Jérôme in Kruger, 7th to 15th january 2008 !
Alison & Rory's Kruger Trip Jan 08
adw's January 08 trip - Jan 2008
Johan van Rensburg's The Stiffnecks' KNP BBW - January 2008
Ravvie's "The Boys on Tour" - KNP Jan 08
Jazil's Lioness and Family in KNP - Jan 2008
Meandering Mouse's Sarabi and MM hit the road - Jan 2008

February '08
Pumbaa's Back in Heaven Vol. 2 - February 2007
Mr Wildguy's - Kruger Feb 2008 ... 21st bday present!!!!
agraham's trip reports 23-24/02 and 02-03/02
Sable's (WCNP, Karoo, Frontier Parks and KNP) Feb 2008
Winny's trip Feb 2008
Elsa, Klystron and Jock's next Kruger Visit.
anne catherine's Anne and sons KNP trip febr 2008
sammylou A belated KNP report - February 2008
Pumbaa & Timon exploring KNP - AGAIN!-February 2008
Onewithnature PRIMEVAL PLEASURE February 2008

March '08
Mike23's back to KNP March 2008
Carole's Recent trip to Punda Maria and Sirheni
MadAboutCats's Birding Weekend at Olifants
jonty1's At long to KNP again - March 2008
Dotdan's not too bad trip... : March 2008
Pooky and fam in KNP
CuriousCanadian's CC & Lockie's trip of a lifetime!!!!
Jo's Operation: Northern Kruger-March 2008
Aat & Elly Vuik to KNP - March 2008
Mavusana's Obey the Park Rules Or ... KNP, March '08

April '08
Penny and Family in Kruger AGAIN - April 2008
gfordyce's Fordyce Family Trip to Biyamiti - April 2008
Herman's Quick visit - April 2008
kaka_sparrow's Kruger over easter 08
Pikkie's Trip report
Batmad's My Kruger trip
Mgoddard and fam in KNP 2008
gwendolen's A morning walk in Lower Sabie
Liesl Da Silva's Kruger visit 26-28 April 2008
aboon's About holiday,cricket,meets and anniversary in KNP
suefish KNP 19th -24th April - Belated trip report
ggreensill in KNP (At last!!!)
p@m's Kruger -- 2 weeks in April
Illie's Make a may come true!
Spotted Cat and SO - 7 days in Kruger
katydownunder Katy & Francolin;back again-KNP 2008
Nightjar in Kruger April/May 2008

May '08
DotDan's Kruger sightings over long weekend
MattfromEngland's Back from Kruger, thanks to forum members.
ice's Kruger Magic
Ngala and Katja in KNP - May 2008
Senyetse's In the path of Elephants, a week in KNP
Pjw's 2 day trip to CB
roaneric's-10 day Kruger trip of Marijke & family-May 2008
Jo's Quick stop.....Kruger!
sighting master's Sightings for 14 May around Satara by guide
BunnyHugger's Paradise - Right or PRIVILEDGE
muckle's Buffalo attacking a lioness
tanya.g's Pics
Caracal's Hippopat on the Lebombo Trail
Toddelelfe's Southafrica 2007 – The Adventure Began Again
Oumie's trip to Kruger!-May 2008
Jock Hop along cassidy and her helpers go north
Meandering Mouse and Trusted Beauty hit the road
saraf's Lazy days in May...
Ruskys Kruger Ramble May-Jun 08- TRIP REPORT OF 2008!!!
Ngala and Katja in KNP - May 2008
ice's Kruger Magic. KNP, May '08

June '08
Mads's 3 old reports owed!!
Jo's Kruger - Leopard Dawn
Leopard Lover's goes to Kruger
Snor's Four Cats in June
Candy's Style Was it a Dream... KNP June 2008
naomi c's Of elephants and hyaenas - KNP June 2008.
graemy's Leopards, Aardvark and Porcupine...Graemy and Sonia KNP 2008
sable's Kruger - the adventure continues
Mads & Betelgeuse in KNP - June 2008
Salamanda in Kruger June '08
Haupie...KNP... Again in 2008
bazzlewazzle's My Kruger Dream Trip - 12 nights + New Toy
G@mespotter's Die GROOT Trek
pantera leo's Sweet solitude Kruger style June 2008
MLAMBANE and family in kruger - June/July 2008
Stephan, Junita & Antonique in KNP - June/July 2008

July '08
JJay's Various trips to KNP
Wildchild & Bushkid July 2008 KNP Trip
Pjw July 08 Kruger trip Pjw & family
Nicolemeiring-Kruger must be Paradise-July 2008
davegrohl's Talamati / Lower Sabie 6 nights
Wild@Heart's 3 Latte en 'n Wildtuinmeisie
Amedeus-Baby elephants and old Daggaboys-KNP-July 2008
Caracal's The Famous Five investigate Kruger!!
ingwelandy's CAPE TO KRUGER
Peter and Jane in Kruger again
Pieter Steyn's Steyns break away to Kruger
wmanten's KNP 22-24 July 2008
john n poppy's Was it worth waiting for? SA July - Aug
ndoto's Bushwoman Diaries. Different Parks, July '08

August '08
cityslicker's 1st time visit to Kruger
Richprins's This Week's Trip Highlights - From All forumites
Caracal's Fun at Boulders !
DotDan's meets cheetah, sable, 3 latte and a wiltuinmeisie.
hulaku's Kruger First Time
spmimi's kruger report - very very LOOOONNGGG!!
Zolbol's Winter 2008 Kruger Photo Report - Complete
Wild about cats's WAC goes cat searching 24th-27th Aug
Imax's Of changes, Nappy changes and Hair Dressers
Joekin's, The Laanie and the SO'S Hit Kruger
Duke Ellieton's CB to PM in 10 days
Baffers & Amanda's Sunday Kruger Outing
Chickadee's Kruger Trip
DinkyBird's DB & Hawk heed the call of the bushveld
Sallyanna & Daves first trip to Kruger-August 2008
Cherries - KNP - 29 Year Drought! August 2008
vlakvarksegat -15 glorious days in KNP-August 2008
shortcourse -Kruger in 2,984km-August 2008
PittCulross's August 2008 KNP trip - A return to KNP after 24 years
WackoRhino How the virus got me Aug 2008
Richprins' This Week's Trip Highlights. KNP, Aug. '08
Wild@Heart's 3 Latte en 'n Wildtuinmeisie. KNP, Aug. '08

September '08
Herman's City man's Kruger visit
9 day in the park
ingrid1968's Warm and witty Kruger memories
Kamprunner's sms travel report
OBIE's Going to Kruger again
ndloti- KNP 14 nites-only 1 in a Tourist camp-September 2008
Patto on his way to Kruger, again...
Rayb in Kruger
Suzz's Adios Amigos!!!!!
Vonnie's Watch this space!
Meercat's Kruger trip
Pooky-Four days at Croc Bridge-Seotember 2008
Spotted Cat's Kruger - moments to remember ... 4 Duke Sightings!!
Liesl Da Silva -Tales from KNP-September 2008
Richprins Limping North To Check up on DB-September 2008
anne-marie's Giraffe-5 SANparks in 1 month -September 2008
Eugene 123-Breeding Kruger junkies –September 2008
Johan N - 3 Days in Kruger-September 2008
Batmad-In search of Bats and Birds
Meandering Mouse's To be or not to be, MM's question
sandiem's The great African Adventure for 4 Brits September 2008
Meercat's Kruger trip. Sept. '08
Suzz's Adios Amigos!!!!! KNP, Sept. '08
Patto on his way to Kruger, again... Sept. '08

October '08
Penny and Bob the Builder - 3rd time lucky-October 2008
Panthera pardus Pre and post KNP trip thoughts and emotions
shangri-la's My Africa adventure
OBIE'S Trip to Remember-October 2008
boskabous & fam to KNP-October 2008
Willowmoon-Out of Africa-October 2008
EricExSA KNP trip
weesy's Bloodied lions and LIT
Batmads short excursion to Kruger.
African Lynx's 4 Nights in Paradise
Mads have "red hot" sightings in Kruger... AGAIN!
Anja & Mark in KNP September/October 2008
roaneric's Second honeymoon in Kruger
Stephan, Junita & Antonique in KNP- Oct '08- 75 Pics report
weesy's My three year dream becomes reality.......Kruger
Weesy's Bloodied lions and LIT. KNP, Oct. '08

November '08
Craig & Caroline in Kruger **LIVE**
carol4912 Amazing and upsetting visit to Kruger
Jo's Snap-shot: Kruger
Dotty-4 oldies ambling around-2008
DinkyBird's Bugs, birds and babies! KNP in November.
Skywalker returns to Kruger
Luren's Trip down the whole park!
suefish's Late but not forgotten KNP November 2008
14 Days Of Bush Magic!

December '08
mel123-Letaba magic - a live trip report-December 2008
Vlekkie-Olifant Back Pack Trail-December 2008
Going back North (Jumbo & SO in KNP)
Wild about Cats-Metsi-Metsi Trail, December 2008
GUNNER'S pictures in Kruger National Park-December 2008
Bennevis-7 Days in Kruger - a dad and his lad.Dec 2008
JO-Pretoriuskop Weekend-December 2008
Moira de Swardt Trip Report KNP December 2008
Tiny-22 Cheetah in 2 days on 1 loop.KNP-Dec 2008
Imberbe-A working holiday-KNP-December 2008
Pieter Steyn -The Great Trek to KNP-December 2008
Africat-"Once Upon A Time..."KNP-December 2008
Micetta-SOUTH AFRICAN MAGIC.-December 2008
Nightjar's Kruger Bonus
Mgoddard...25th Anniversary....Birthday and so Much more...
LizzieO-KNP Highlights- December 2008
Mads to seek more hot sightings!KNP_Dec 2008
G@mespotter's The Beauty of Nature revealed (Part I)
Rooikat's Escape to Africa: 18 days in Kruger!
SamoesaWoestyn's My Kruger Trip Report - December 2008
Bush baptist & party in Kruger - Dec 2007 Jan 2008
AndreB's Christmas in the Kruger and .... KNP, Dec. '08
Ecojunkie's needed a (permanent?) fix so..... 2008


January '09
Robertson's Late trip report.
TheunsH Trip Report KNP January 2009
Painter's From sun to soggy at Satara
TheunsH's Lioness opening my car door
Mavusana's Obey the Park Rules Or Face the Rage.....
OBIE-Tamboti for the weekend-January 2009
Barbara-Lions, Leopard and Wild Dogs!KNP-January 2009
Alf-North to South KNP in 7 Days-January 2009
Imax's RATPACK - Mission Completed!!!
G@mespotter's The Beauty of Nature revealed (Part II)
richardharris's Richard's January 2009 trip
A SandSquirel Lying in the Sand, January 2009
Puppy's Kruger National Park Trip Report January 2009

February '09
theozulu's My Kruger Love Affair
Painter-Rainy season KNP-February 2009
Just thought I'd share some photos from my KNP trips
Jo-A Kruger New Year-January 2009
OBIE-Valentine's weekend in Tambotie-February 2009
Johan N's Weekend at Lower Sabie
Oumie's "Valentine's" Weekend in Kruger 2009
IMAX-The Ratpack Bird Report-February 2009
Mads's My River Weekend
anne-marie's THE Paradise - act II
johanclassen's KRUGER IN FEBRUARY
lastpride's Rory and Alisons Wedding in KNP
Fanta- Skukuza-February 2009
Stark's ... 27&t=29438
Jock's Elsa, Klystron and Jockelina start a dream holiday

March '09
Wild Boy's Who says you cant visit heaven for a guys weekend?
Mant's Samantha's Tamboti Photo Safari: 6 - 8 March
Herman's Kruger weekend - including Cricket @ Skukuza
Knapie's irst post - trip report Tamboti 14 - 17 March
mattjh74's Trip report from first timer.
RichardJ's Buffalo vs Lion, 5 Cheetah and other 'tails'
Vonnie's Another Vonnie Tale - It's good
rarheeder's Are we there yet?
Aat's KNP 2009 (upd site sept 26th new pics - new style)
PetraJ's A long awaited trip to KNP
Meandering Mouse's A dronk ou, a nie dronk vrou and a lesser grey dingus
Pikkie's Relocation and Kidney stones recoup in KNP
G@mespotter's The Beauty of Nature revealed (Part III)
Spotted Cat's Travel Tales picture gallery

April '09
Norms's Trip Report - Orpen to Satara - Orpen
michel367's Some pictures of 3 years KNP
far2000's My Best Route In Kruger Ever!!!: Letaba - Satara
o-dog's KNP: Wild Dogs on the hunt including eat ROADKILL Impala...
ingrid1968's Tip for ensuring best game viewing (2)
carol4912's Easter Weekend In Kruger
droopy's Trip Report and Pics
ruud'd How leopard-turtoises can die...
Nel Sue's TRIP REPORT 25 - 27/04/2009
OBIE's Live Trip Report Via Pretoriuskop.
gerharddb's A Rats return to the S100.
Duke Ellieton's Rhinos and Roadblocks
Bush Baptist's Jerry Hattrick's 'injury time' Kruger trip.
cel's Trip report- our highlights-18-25 April
mads's Mads on a Easter hunt...
Tiki's Trip Report-Kruger April 2009
Mielie's KNP: In search of that elusive cat (April/May 2009)
MGoddard's 340 Days in Kruger. April '09

May '09
Die Groot Krokodil's Highlights from Recent Visit to Kruger
AndreB's Christmas in the Kruger and the Leopard's belated dinner.
Joekin's joe in da park
mosij's Metsi-Metsi trail May 2009 - The beginning
Johan N's Skukuza - 2 long (too short) weekends
Jonty1 and Family at KNP for December (2008) holidays :)
Mavusana's What we saw at KNP in 5 Days
SamoesaWoestyn's Kruger + Winter = Magic!
Hibiscus & Husband in KNP: 17 Days in Paradise - May 09
Pamwe Chete's Richard Roundtree BnD Sightings
Elsa's The Bush is calling us back again!
G@mespotter's The Piano Saga Revealed
graemy's Kruger experience with family and friends MAY 2009
Patto's special Birthday present to his Dad
Salamanda in Kruger again!
katydownunder's Back on the track....Kruger NP May 2009
MikeyBee's Kruger trip(s) report
Maddie88's Memories of Motherland Africa - KNP May 2009
oumie's Our Month long stay....
Luren's Trip down the whole park! KNP, May '09

June '09
Gregor's reporting special sightings
Meandering Mouse's The brighter the light, the darker the shadow
simonB's Quadriplegics Visit Kruger (1June-5June)
cygnus's Crocodile Bridge Long Weekend
madach's KNP April 2009
fosco dogwood's One week Kruger in June - a bad start, but a great ending
Welsh ash's 5 days in Southern Kruger 15.06.09
zeelie's Trip Report: June 2009 (Weekend)
big5spotter's Kruger Trip June 19-24
Bush Baptist's Jerry Hattrick rides again!
Safrica`s KNP Dream: 14 days North to South (June 09)
Meandering Mouse's Viewing Wolhuter Vicariously
roaneric's On a mission in KNP
Petro Rossouw's Bush Magic 27/6 - 13/7 2009
Amedeus's Watch out Sirheni!!
Stephan & Junita's Wildlife "movie" 2009: Don't miss it!!!-Stephan & Junita
Meandering Mouse's The brighter the light .... KNP, Jun. '09

July '09
Massimo's Kruger - Trip Report
elephus's A Stolen Trip, the Game Reserve, July 2009
TheunsH's Our July 2009 Excursion to Kruger
harrys's Bestesd KNP holiday ever(harrys,bookworm and tataruka)
JaneBecker's Only 5 Days warning and we are in KNP!
OBIE's Ladies Weekend
Johan N's Kruger: Discovering the North
Spotted Cat's Kruger in July - Moments to remember ....
nicolemeiring's Kruger Madness
Richprins stumbles in with Extended Family
Siwet's Kruger trip July 2009...
Oddesy and Mike's 8 Days Of Kruger Bliss
Cody-Hadiaris's in Kruger - July 2009
BushKrazy-First Sleep In Trip KNP -July 2009
Sprocky's My in & out favorite shot for the day.
Pamwe Chete Humorous Animal Pictures July 2009
Siwet's Kruger trip July 2009...
OBIE's Ladies Weekend. KNP, July '09

August '09
michel367's Our visit to KNP in August 2009
Jo's Impala in trees and other KNP tails
Zorro's City in Kruger, and "Great Nature Lovers".... a quick tale..
JaneBecker's The fall and rise of the Titanic named "Micetta"
Gemma T's Kruger Trip Report/Highlights
Caracal's A Dreamer and A Stalker in.......
painter's A quick-pic TR
Fanta's Sunday Day Trip
lecter's Kruger Trip Report July Aug 2009
Duke Ellieton's The Cheetah In the Tree
boogels's 28 Best pic's of Aug 09 Kruger visit Warning 5.8MB
OzNes's Car accidents in the park
Pjw's A short TR from a Quick visit Aug 2009
michel367's 4 Swans and a Bear in KNP WITH PHOTO's!!!!
Elzet's Wacktazz's Inaugural AGM end August 2009 Trip Report
Sanpfan's Are we there yet??? - Me and my Baas go South.
Morkel777's My BEST trip to Kruger in 20+ years of annual visits!!
shortcourse's Kruger - 1 August to 15 August 2009
KNP-Junkee's Trip report Kruger Park July 15-26
Ollies Kruger trip
Meandering Mouse's A Threefold Mission-family, food and friendship
Bushcraft's Brown's in KNP - August 2009
Wildone-Feeding the addiction......
Magic Guarri My pic of the day
RUMURUTI a.o.'s Pics taken by our children. KNP, Aug. '09
boogels's 28 Best pic's of Aug 09 Kruger visit Warning 5.8MB
Steamtrainfan's SEVEN DAYS AND COUNTING. KNP, Aug. '09
Magic Guarri's My pic of the day. KNP, August 2009 - September 2012

September '09
asiantiger's Trip Report 04-Sep-2009 to 06-Sep-2009
Tony Park's Kruger, Here I (we) come
Haplo's H&T Take a trip..
Nkulu's My batteries have been recharged!
p@m sneaks off to Kruger.
big5spotter's Persistence + Patients = Magic
Papadoc's 2nd delivery of a SA trip where only 1 was expected
Fanta in the bush...again...
Goose77's 4 Amazing days in Kruger (TR)
pooky's Where we love to be - KNP
Kentys Kruger Trip 17/09 - 21/09. Part 1 - Completed
jonty1's An A+ trip to the Kruger!!!!!
normana53's Our First visit to Kruger - September, 2009
Flutterby's A 4 Day Flutter to Kruger
DB & Hawk seek to paint with all the colours of the wind
Rhinoseeker just had 2 AWESOME weeks in kruger park
Chickadee in KNP September 2009 - Now Complete
Mike, Stretch and Greg go on Matric Vac
RUMURUTI's Pictures taken by our children
Richprins goes to fetch Ice-Bucket. A POSSIBLE Trip Report..
marissa's 22/12/09 to 1/01/10 TRIP REPORT
Nel Sue, Just trying to post a picture. Sept. '09
asiantiger's Trip Report. KNP, 04 to 06 Sept '09

October '09
Delene D's 6 weeks in Kruger.
Dupacc's Impala Kisses and Banana Birds
Jaco V's A tale of Tall grass, insects and a damp spot………
Tony T's Back to Kruger after 50 years
Tom124's Overdue Trip Report
Renata Ewald's the cleaning squad
Sprocky and Family at Tzendze for a week. (TR)
tracytas's back from a wonderful trip
RayK's Another visit to SANParks...but always something different
Jo's Photo Album KNP Oct '09
AtlantaJoe's I Had To Take KNP Off My "Bucket List"
camken's Camken 10 magical nights in kruger 2009
KNP-Junkee's This is why I love Kruger !!!
wmahon465's Bill & Kaths Incredible Fourth & Best KNP Visit Oct 2009
Bush Baptist's Jerry Hattrick's Back in the saddle AGAIN
Pjw's 6 days in paradise
aboon's Kruger National Park: Every day is a different day
margriet's A Kruger Winter Trip Report
Ludwig's I dreamed a dream again
UKbadger and Jenny get sucked back to Kruger again.
Lionspoon lacks longanimity: KNP + CT in Oct 2009
maddie2312's My name is Maddie, and I am addicted to Kruger. (Oct trip)
Timandmel's Kruger pics October 2009
Tracytas's back from a wonderful trip. KNP, Oct. '09

November '09
mosquibee's Metsi-Metsi wilderness trail report
Jaco V's Night time confessions of a S100 doubter
Stu in KNP trip report 4/10/09-15/10/09
wacktazz's The Wack family goes to Berg en Dal
Freda's A Big Thank You For The Raffle Prize!
A Painter in Paradise
DinkyBird's Imm. Stiffneck dudes to pass as Birders????
Fanta is Swimming in Berg-en-Dal-Nov 2009
Bushbuddies's Loving Kruger Weekends!
ecojunkie's AAA - ANGELS ACHIEVE (almost) ALL
Salamanda and Annie sneak back . . . .
carolv's Nearly Didn't Make It To KNP
pamua's kruger north to south: yeaaaahhhh
Hippotragus's Mother and daughter quality time
Skywalker's 2009 Trip
Pickled Pig's Kruger Adventure
o-dog's Roadtrip to the KNP and other SANParks. Nov. '09
Suefish's 50th Birthday in Kruger - November 2009

December '09
mel123's An early December in Satara
AndreaB's A Million Miles Away.....
mikath's photo's at last
AndreB's Christmas in the Kruger:When the Marula bloomed.
Moira de Swardt's Kruger Park Trip Report 2009
flying cheetah's A great time
GregH's Trip Report Boulders and Shimuwini December 09
wacktazz's TheunsH gets wacked!
Herman's Short and belated December TR
Meandering Mouse's The gift of memories
Duke Ellieton's KNP Highlights Dec 2009
Spotted Cat's I Do Believe In Miracles ....
AjayB's The Munkwe Chronicles-Point to Pafuri
shortcourse's Kruger - 28th Dec to 2nd Jan!
Crested Barbet's-Memories from the back seat-Dec 2009
Kamadejo returns to KNP after 7 years
cheetah girl's Trip report - cheetah girl
Aat & Elly to KNP (special requests)
ils's Kruger 18 - 26 December 2009
G@mespotter's ♪♪ Welcome to the hotel Sa-a-ta-ra ♪ : Unfolding Tranquility
Puppy's Caravelle Safari in Kruger - Dec 2009/Jan 2010
Oddesy's .......Kruger in the eye of the beholder
Wild about Cats- KNP in Dec (2009) - A Late Report
Crested Val-Well here's the story!!!! 2009
Morkel777-Heading North - Wild Kruger, December 2009
ronaldoretief's Kruger Park Vacation December 2009/January 2010
M@rie's coming home - SA2010 (KNP) 2009/2010
Ecojunkie's needed a (permanent?) fix so..... 2009
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Re: Index to Travel Tales

Unread post by hilda » Sun Apr 19, 2015 5:36 am

Kruger National Park

Travel Tales: 2010 - 2011


January '10
Pjw's Another 5 boring days in Kruger.. Someone's has to do it!!!
bornfree's All Creatures Great & Small on the H10.
Xenia's Newbie to the Forum. Beginning of my KNP experience..
Fanta's An "outside" Kruger weekend
Massimo's Game Drive throught the KNP "Seats are limited!"
daver's 3 Men In The Kruger - 22nd to 25th January 2010
Inyati and SO going to attempt a Live TR....
Papadoc and Mamadoc back in SA
Penny's Summer KNP trip.
Mellory's The place I want to be most!!!
big5spotter's What an END......What a START
Mads's HOT mad Mads in Lower Sabie
pantera leo's a GREEN SENSE of WONDER!!! - Kruger Style, Jan 2010
nightjar's North and South - 20 days in the KNP
JohnGore's Wonderful Honeymoon in Kruger - Jan 2010
Audrey's My trip to the Kruger National Park-Jan 2010
Manovo's Gounda's A two-week trip to KNP in January 2010-Manovo-Gounda
Ares's KNP TR jan-feb 2009
Shi's Thought for the day

February '10
mikath's trip report 2010
zeelie's Our February 2010 KNP holiday
Michel367's Two Sergeant’s and a Lieutenant on a stroll by Michel367
Barcud's A Birder's eye view of Kruger
duffy's My TR 15th - 23rd February 2010
Elsa's The 3 Bushwackers go North and South.
Pumbaa's The Woodland Kingfishers are calling.......Feb 2010
Morkel777's A Quick Kruger Fix - February 2010

March '10
Roaneric's on a midweek break
Papilio_Liz's My First trip to Kruger to see the Big 5
joekin's Joe at the Cricket
Baffers's Short Little Cricket Weekend Trip Report
ELZET's Save me...March 2010
jb72's Weekend in Satara
GEOCOR's Cricket week-end and Ladies team
Glen79's A breakaway at Berg-en-Dal-March 2010
Amedeus's Here we come.......Biyamiti!!
Mant's Tamboti 25 - 28 March
Flutterby's Another Flutter...
yoda's Return of the Jedi - Yoda back in Kruger
Mellory's Back to the place I want be most!!!
Boorgatspook's Lazy days, Bushveld nights, Braai fires and Friends...
Crested Barbet's If I could fly .....
kesheshe's Autumn Visits to KNP
Shi's Christie's with a chance of meatballs-Mar 2010
annapangolin's Moose Went to the Karoo and ended up in... KRUGER!-Mar 2010

April '10
Zelster's Trip reports
Gregor's KNP tripreport April 2010
Meandering Mouse's Cricket, a short sighted view; and a late night confession.
Johan N's Where are the Lions?
gmlsmit's Our 2010 Visits to KRUGER
Stoffel and the Kruger (April 2010)
Dotty's My Swansong???
Vonnie's Camping nogal!!
FlorisCathy's Slide show april 2010
Oumie's Our 2 month's stay in Kruger.......
Spotted Cat's KNP - Where The Sun Rises In The West ....
ils's Our 2 day trip late april (26 and 27 April)
Magic Guarri's Back to the roots-Apr 2010

May '10
johanclassen's 8 DAYS IN KNP MAY 2010
madach's Kruger May 2010 - Photographic trip report
Sundowner's Drugs to the Drunken Driver
jungle jenny's Photographic trip report of my visit to KNP in May2010
Binkie and the Brain's Trip to Kruger National Park
Sharifa and Duke's The "KATS" Syndrome-June 2010
Jungle Junkie's One night in Paradise - Letaba Camp, Kruger
Fanta's Road trip to the bush
El-Bok'sKruger here we come
flying cheetah'smiff stuff-May 2010
Elsa sneaks out for more Bush Wacking!-May 2010
Fotomaljohan'sA detailed picture in KNP-May 2010
Aat's PART II of PDF documents for ID tuskers also available
Salamanda and Annie are let loose in Kruger-May/June 2010
katydownunder's A latish Trip Report- KDU and Francolin in Kruger May 2010
Meandering Mouse's Seeking sanity. KNP, May '10

June '10
gerharddb's A One Night Stand In Kruger...June 2010
Bluey's Our first visit to Kruger
Herman's Sadness and joy in the park
cptphotographer's The Jeep is heading North-East again
bnlearle'sJust posted some photos from my 2nd Kruger trip :)
Vonnies' chapter 2
Shikaari's AREFF-Im not dreaming
melissal's KNP again after 20 years away
Massimo's KNP - All aboard the Kruger express
Chappie's From Beach to Bush
Bushcraft's Brown's in KNP - June 2010
moggiedog's KNP - My first visit
Mads's 2 cousins in Kruger for 3 nights - 5 - 8 June 10
vlakvarksegat's June 2010-Maroela at last-vlakvarksegat[
Pikkie's Don't know what to call my TR-June 2010
lion queen's Whoop Whoop in KNP-June 2010
Richprins' brief Interactive Family Rated TR-June 2010
Friedrich von Hörsten In Search of Beautiful Beasts in Magical Light Jun 10
big5spotter's A Break-away during the soccer-June 2010
Meandering Mouse's Zero to hero in 42 days. Skukuza half marathon.
Jo'sA couple of Kruger pics.....2010
Mike1916's Exploring KNP by pics with a story here&thereJun10

July '10
Rino's Kruger-magic in July
Elzet's Thief of Hearts-July 2010
spargish's The trip that restarted the fire
Josh of the Bushveld's joshilewis-KNP Trip in Photos
Magic Olli's My first trip report or "Who needs dogs?"-Magic Olli
Bushbaby30's The Bush family visit their other home...
Sky's June July trip to KNP
Scipio's School is out for a month-July 2010
Brown's 2004 - 2008 (An amazing 5 years)
issi's The shortest Travel Report ever! July 2010
JustNature's Just Enjoying Nature - KNP_July.
wildchild's Just Another Day in Kruger!
PetraJ's An interview, one night in Balule and a lost window
Barcud's Skorokoro Safari's Go Bushveld Birding.July 2010
kesheshe's Just Could Not Stay Away!July 2010
oddesy's noel-Random Photographic TR-22-26 July 2010
Bushbuddies's Truly Blessed: Bushbuddies go to KTP and KNP July/Aug 2010
Jomardl's TR: Lower Sabie - 3 Nights, 22-25 July 2010
Jonathan D's My first trip report-
Weltenman's A Krugers visit-July 2010
John n poppy's 2 weeks in Kruger - July 25 to Aug 5th 2010

August '10
Karl Jaacks's Top to bottom KNP-Aug 2010
Hippotragus's A very brief but very rewarding trip to Kruger
mposthumus's My Adventures and Memories .... in a Trip Report
Vthebushman and family visits the Northern Kruger
Wild about cats's What a Weekend
chirinda's A 'WOW' night drive
Cody's *Kruger's Long Distance Locals* August 2010
Ravvie's Boys on Tour...on Women's Day! -Ravvie
shortcourse's Aug 2010-KTP & Augrabies Feedback-shortcourse
Sharifa&Duke's Aug'10 - Honeymoon couple charged by Buffaloes-
Leopardlover1's Aug 2010-Finally almost off to KNP-
agraham's Aug 2010-week-end trip to orpen-
G@mespotte's Aug 2010-The AARDVARK hunt is on!-r
Ils's Kruger Adventure 6-9 August 2010
ruthp's Aug 2010-We enjoyed the South to our surprise!-
esto in Kruger - August 2010
steamtrainfan's 11 day ride through Kruger Aug 2010
Bushcraft's Browns in KNP - August 2010
Fanta's From the “Striped donkey” to a river low-Aug 2010
ELZET's Say What??!! - The Sequel
MichaelWildtuin's My best trip to Kruger so far!-Aug 2010
Sanpfan's This trip can only get better....Aug 2010
carolv's Return to Kruger on Doctor's Orders!-Aug 2010
blommietjie's a TR with a sad begin but wonderful end-Aug2010
Hippotragus's Better late than never KNP August 2010
jaybabe's Our love affair with Northern KNP Aug 2010
Cape of Storms's Home is where Kruger is-Aug 2010
SusieB's Our second Kruger adventure - 1st to 17th August 2010
pantera leo's Career in training, Kruger Style August 2010!!!
Leopardlover1's Our Aug- Sept, 2010 Kruger Trip
KTF Hooked's Most Anticipated Adventure-Aug 2010

September '10
Aat's Version 3 of Tusker ID document available per 25th september
Mfubu's KNP - here we come
jacliz's Ninth Kruger trip - First TR-Aug 2010
Mfubu's LETABA HERE I AM-Sept 2010
Supertrooper's from Durban with love :P-Aug 2010
Lowveldboy's A hop, skip and a "overdue" Daytrip ....Aug 2010
naomi's Trip Report KNP September 2010
pasopvirpot's Kruger Trip 12-19 September 2010
spargish-Light speed Kruger trip-Sept 2010
Shirleymargate is Home in Kruger Sept '10
sim's The long weekend at Tsendze-Sept 2010
wmahon465's Will We, Won't We visit - Bill & Kath Return?
adw's September 2010 Trip Report
ils's Kruger 23-26 September 2010
boogels's My 2010 Kruger Trip Report
TonyP's Maroela, KNP - Sept 2010
Sky's The weekend the Lions showed themselves- Sep 2010
okie's Once upon a rainy day - TR September 2010 to KNP
kathysa's Some pics from our latest trip :D-Sep2010
Sharifa and Duke's Heritage Day Braai-Sep2010
Touareg's The story of the Bushbaby, Badger and Hyena Sep 2010
Mellory's Time to create some more Memories-Sep2010
Mads's going home... Sept 2010
Forestgump's off for a dose of Maroela-Sep2010
Ferdelance's My Bird's eye view TR...Sep 2010
Haupie and fam make a quick turn in KNP-Sep 2010
Flutterby's A Flutter with My Family and Other Animals-Sep2010
Cape of Storms's Animals on the hunt -Best KNP ever-Sep 2010
DB & Hawk Live Free's Sep 2010
okie's The Hawkeagle, Tawny and Vulture, a short story Sep 08
PetraJ's Day-trips from Hazyview 2010
Nico's Videos HIGHLIGHTS in KrugerPark 2010
buffalo_soldier's !!! The best Trip ever !!!Sep 2010
Gunner's ~A Collection of GUNNER'S Kruger Pics~
Richprins's Proper TR North Replies by Invitation Only Sep 10
Bush Brat's ratpacking!Sep/Oct 2010
Mant's Photos from KNP Trip 28 Sept - 1 Oct '10

October '10
Divine7polo's Unpredictability is the spice of life!- Oct 2010
Massimo's Kruger Trip in Pictures
GlenD's Come what may ....... I just had to get back!Oct 2010
daver & Son: Northern Kruger - 2nd to 6th October 2010
BushFairy's Shimmering Days and Sparkling Nights-KNP Oct 2010
PARDUS1029's What a Weekend AT HOME in Kruger-Oct 2010
vissie's Oct 2010 visit to KNP
Nkulu's A Quickie-Oct 2010
UKWAZI's Wild Ventures into Kruger 2010
puppy Caravelle returns to Kruger Oct 2010
Bushbuddies's Weekend Wonder Oct 2010
Blommie and SO back in Kruger-Oct 2010
Ares's Wild dogs at Sable Dam and rest of trip okt 2010
roaneric's Exciting stories for the kids to tell-Oct 2010
Lowveldboy's A week of reflection!! Oct 2010
Sprocky's Change in seasons
Jo's Cape to Kruger Safari-Oct 2010
4O4-5O4-My six million metres to heaven and back...Oct 2010
Binkie and the Brain's 14 day Camping Trip Oct 2010
moggiedog's Expect the Unexpected-Oct 2010
WendyA's Confirmed Kruger Camper's Trip (and Laughter) Oct 10
normana53's Kruger keeps calling-Oct 2010
michel367's A learning experience and a lot of luck-Oct 2010
vlakvarksegat's Joyous reunions, tearful goodbyes-Oct 2010
Meandering Mouse's Training brides for Ndloti and other predicaments. Oct 10
Bushbaby30's Forgetful and Forgetfuller go camping Oct 2010
Kate goes WILD - 17 days in KNP-Oct 2010
Anja&Mark in KNP 2010
Rookie2009's From ROOKIES to BEGINNERS-Oct 2010
onewithnature's NECTAREAN NICETIES OF THE NORTH Oct 2010
Fransmargate's Copy Tr to CD/DVD? Oct. '10

November '10
schooms's Biyamiti Bash 2010.... saying farewell-Nov 2010
Penny's More Leopard than Lion-Nov 2010
DotDan's Highlights of this past weekend in KNP-Nov 2010
Mfubu's melting in KNP-Nov 2010
fleabean's First trip to South Africa and KNP!-Nov 2010
JohnGore's 4 days in Kruger- November 2010
Baffers's One of THOSE weekends Nov 2010
Crested Val's Memories are made of this!-Early Trips
Leachy's 24deg 00’ 16.29” S 31deg 44’ 31.85” E - Nov 2010
Cheetah2111's Cheetah spotting in Satara and Letaba Nov 2010
Chip's After 64 years...wait for first TR Nov 2010
Lowveldboy's W/e of heatwaves, performers and seeing 0 Nov 10
Luren's My Tenth Kruger trip! Nov 2010
steamtrainfan's 3 NIGHTS 4 DAYS IN KRUGER Nov 2010
weesy's May I or may I not !!a short photographic TR-Nov 2010
lovehyena's A kill in Kruger Nov 2010
o-dog's I thought I should share...KNP Summer '10 highlights..
Lady Warthog and her youngest Piglet in the South KNP Nov 11
buffalo_soldier Lion Magnet under our car.. Nov11

December '10
Scipio's Schools out another TR keeping the kids busy Dec 2010
Massimo's Romance in Kruger Dec 2010
Aat's Updated Tusker PDF documents available today !
Herman's Predators for Christmas 2010
kallis1786's A beautiful day in Paradise-Dec 2010
Meandering Mouse's It takes one candle to light up the darkness-Dec 2010
krokodille Our Happy place's KNP December 2010
cheetah2111's Cheetah spotting in Dirty South!!! Dec 2010
spargish's Shrek and is that a bushbuck... Dec 2010
ossendryver's letaba and shingwedzi TR-Dec 2010
Raptor142's Lessons to learn … again … and again …Dec 2010
Baffers's 7 days and 6 nights in Kruger... Dec 2010
Lowveldboy's Newbies, Mini meets & the years last sighting2010
noel's Another photographic TR Dec 2010
Duke Ellieton's Driving Miss Sharifa Through Kruger Dec 2010
Crested Barbet's It's time for Africa!-Dec 2010
Penfold & The Pipster Go Wild
Hotshot's Family Time and Reunions (My TR) Dec 2010
Bushbaby30's Yo-Yoing through the KNP Dec '10
kesheshe's Did KNP deliver our early Xmas present? Dec 2010
Anja Barnard's TR and photos-Dec 2010
Duques's Clogs, mummies and sandals-Dec 2010
onewithnature's A NEW DAY IS S-OWN- Dec 2010
gwendolen's Warming up in Kruger-Dec 2010
Leander & Janine Our first full trip report 25 Dec1 Jan 2011
Sparrows 2010 (World Cup) Migration Dec 2010
CharmaineN's Nearly saw a leopard kill. KNP, Dec. '10
Guinea Pig's Very green and wet SA - KNP, Dec. '10
Ecpjunkie's needed a (permanent?) fix so..... 2010
mvtm's My first time at Kruger. KNP, Dec. 2010.


January '11
mattib's The Lion TR
Raptor 142's Fleeting Fur, Feather ...and Fin Jan 2011
mposthumus's More Adventures and Memories....... January 2011
Robbie's A Photographic TR.. Mopani to Punda Maria.. Jan 2011
MarcSF's Trip Report Jan 2011
adw's was back in Satara-Jan 2011
Lowveldboy's Another Day Trip Jan 2011
mel123's Where true beauty can be found - Biyamiti Jan 11
Wildone's Feeding the addiction.........again......Jan 2011
gerharddb's Seeing is believing- Live TR from Satara Jan 2011
G@mespotter's In the tracks of ancient GIANTS Jan 2011
BushFairy's KNP, my own magical never never land (Jan 2011)
Friedrich von Hörsten's 15 Days in Kruger-Jan 2011
Wild about cats's Can you say luck?? Jan 2011
pepijn's KNP: Boomslang, lion's, cheetah and more-Jan 2011
Charbel's Report of our first trip to Kruger - 3 - 14 January 2011

February '11
richardharris's Kruger trip-Feb 2011
Flutterby's Musical Memories-2011
Michel367's Short excursion down to the "zoo"-Feb 2011
hilda's Biyamiti - At Last ....
kesheshe's Dirty Valentine's Weekend Feb 2011
Wildlife4ever goes Krugerpark Feb 2011
ossendryver's weekend at satara!!!Feb 2011
Elsa's Far from the madding crowds! KNP revisited-Feb 2011
Steamtrainfan's All my Kruger trips rolled up,1 BIG adventure
Dirk.V.E. Neethling's trip to Kruger-Feb2011
Pumbaa's Tales from under the Marula tree February 2011
Hilda's Biyamiti - At Last .... KNP, Feb. '11

March '11
roaneric's Cricket @ Skukuza Mar 2011 Photo's / video's
michel367's WHAT IF.........................? Mar 2011
michel367's An alcohol free trip through the park Mar 2011
mposthumus's Unforgettable Adventures and Memories-Mar 2011
Sprocky's Club PIT-Mar 2011
Lowveldboy's Cricket 2011 Trip - Photographic TR
ColWD's From the Sabie to the Timbavati and beyond Mar 11
Crested Val's 3 crested barbets 2 honey badgers and a.. Mar 11
Dikkop's Round trip South Africa Mar 2011
annemarie's facts on a act II more than 2 months in KNP Mar 11
BluTuna's Another day (or 14) in paradise March 2011

April '11
Leander and Janine's Our test trip report . . .
Ashbash's The place we love best!-April 2011
Meerkitty's Kruger Report
Aat's New version of Tusker document available
Son godin's A tale of two camps:Tsendze and Biyamiti-Apr2011
Andreas_79's: Kruger Nationalpark 3rd - 15th of April,2011
cheetah2111's Spotted Species of Satara Apr 2011
Vann's April Trip to LS. Apr 2011
CaliforniaDreamer's Trip Report 4/20 - 4/26/2011
Bushbuddies's Luxury, Leopards and Lions KNP Weekend Apr 2011
Bronzemannekin's Goodbye Tension ... Kruger in April 2011
WELSH_ASH's Desperately seeking Leo-April 2011
Duke Ellieton's Here we go again April 2011
Bushbaby30's Lists, lists and more lists...-Apr 2011
Bushcraft's Browns in KNP - April 2011
Cape of Storms's Storming the Bushman Trail April 2011
KNP's Junkee-Easter getaway with a snake bite-Apr 2011
vlakvarksegat's Malalane to Mapungubwe via Bal and Sat Apr 11
Elzet's Say what??!! Prison Break IV from Alcatents Apr 2011
Oumie's Our 2 month stay in Kruger..... Winter 2011
G@mespotter's Mphongolo BP Trail, KNP, Apr '11
Shi's Thought for the day. KNP, Jan. '10 - April. '11

May '11
buffalo_soldier's Your own Picture NUMBER ONE!!!!!
big5spotter's 50 Hours of Kruger magic-May2011
wildjohn's Trip report May 2011
adw's trip to Satara May 2011.
Higgsie's From Waterbuck to White Rhino-May 2011
cptphotographer's South to North in 21 days-May/June 2011
Back to Nature's 11 days of relaxation and learning-May 2011
katydownunder's On the go once again - Katy & Francolin Kruger May 2011
ELSA's Autumn leaves & cool starry nights-May 2011
100ponder's Balule Safari May 2011
Imberbe's Memories in a Leadwood fire May 2011
pantera leo Magical Meanderings, Kruger Style May -June 2011

June '11
H. erectus's returns to Kruger! June 2011
w1tw0lf's Advice & report of the trip with few photos June 11
BerkiSA's Trip Report- June 2011
michel367's Another short trip too the zoo with friends Jun11
harrys's Quick trip to Skukuza-June 2011
Son godin's Escape from the Cold to Letaba June 2011
Doodles's *new photos* Trip report (warning: long)Jun 2011
PNF's in Mapungubwe and KNP-June 2011
Lions, Buffalo and Sable drama at Shimangwaneni dam-Jun2011
buffalo_soldier's A trip with incidents !!!-2009
BushKrazy's A Winter Wonderland - The Trip Report-June 2011
HawaiiNick's Flying Around the World to come HOME Jun 11
JEG's Day drives from Croc Bridge gate-June 2011
Bushbuddies's KNP: A Southerner's View of the North-June 2011
flying cheetah's some Kruger impressions and pics Jun 11

July '11
CharmaineN's Nearly saw a leopard kill
BushKrazy's Winter Wonderland-July 2011
gabihotz's Home away from Home (KNP 9-17 July)
Michael Borcherds's Photographic Summary - KNP 2007-2011
ihaveacrazymom's Walking in a Moms' footsteps, sort of. Jul 11
El-Bok's Finally convinced the missus...July 2011
cheetah2111's The Early Bird Spots the Cat!-June 2011
Touareg's KNP adventure! July 2011
lion queen's A wish for a fun trip in KNP........July 2011
tedredrum's Ah, But Your Land Is Beautiful July 2011
Ollie's Two parks, one trip..... July 2011
FlorisCathy's On a Wild Dog Mission in Kruger-July 2011
issi“KRUGER FEVER!”Highly contagious Handle with care!Jul11

August '11
MichaelWildtuin's My best sighting ever staying @Mopani Aug11
Gregor's Quest for the elusive Leopard... Kruger Tales 2011
Riaanf31's KNP the great escape
K10's The Bird's annual Kruger migration.
xinzele's Olifants Trail - Poachers On the Prowl Aug 11
xinzele's Shimuwini Bush Camp Aug 2011
Johannes van Niekerk's Prickly Breakfast 2008 (aug'11)
W™ and Laine and the girls in Southern Kruger Aug 2011
Noel's Ja, Well, No, Fine Aug 2011
Mlambane's Kruger Delivers Yet Again Aug 2011
steamtrainfan's 4 spend 5 nights and 6 days in KNP Aug 11
wildtuinmal Lower Sabie you proved me wrong Aug 2011
roaneric's 999 600 heartbeats in Kruger Aug 2011
Meerkattitude's WackoRhino and the call of the Veld Aug 11
john 'n poppy's slow start and a perfect sighting Aug 11
Bushcraft's Browns in KNP August 2011
Touareg's introduces Whackaroon to KNP! Aug 2011
carolv Kruger's the next generation Aug 2011
Kamadejo's Balm for the Soul August 2011
umtali1's Beginner's luck - Big 5 and 5 leopards-Aug 2011
Dikkes's Photos of our KNP trip in August 2011
Gemma's T A Bittersweet Return to Paradise Aug 2011
Mgoddard's From being bushwoman to Kruger with a few B's?Aug11
CoS So few years to give you wings to fly Aug 11
Magic Guarri Eyes and tracks behind the bush Aug 2011
Avoiding the Crowds: Northern Kruger August 2011
Rooies' TRs: A big thank you all Aug '11 - March '14

September '11
moggiedog's What does an Irishman, a.........Sep 2011
Digby's A night drive with a difference
Digby's The lion and the windmill
Rinkhals's Spitting Cobra in my car....
boogels's My favorite pics of September 2011 Kruger visit
Cheetah2111's Spotting Guineafowl with Tiger and Tamer-Sep2011
stelliegp123's Here we go.... FINALLY-Sep2011
Digby's Ambushed by a grumpy elephant!
Herman's Meeting Scipio and better luck Sep 2011
Cody's ***KrUger TalEs UndEr the AfriCan Sky*** Sep 2011
The Bushbuddies go back to the South Sep 2011
PetraJ's Surprises on low maintenance roads Sept 2011
Adw's Spring Tour of Satara Grasslands & Woodlands Sep 11
hilda's The long wait is over ......Sep 2011
Vlakvarkvrou's Sekhmet, Lady Warthog HomoSapiens in KNP Sep 11
WendyA's Questioning my “Confirmation” …???!!! September 2011
Ralph & Lenny's September trip to KNP
Mungos Mungo Malelane to Crooks Corner in 9 nights Sep 11

October '11
Divine7polo's October in KNP...
BluTuna's A long past evening in paradise
Aat's NEW Tusker ID documents (per region) now available
granjan's A butterfly bush in Punda Oct 2011
Bush Brat's Bratpacking for a week in Kruger......Oct 2011
Divine7polo's Annual October trip to Kruger-2011
Vlakvarkvrou's Pafuri to Phalaborwa in 2 days - 1 and 2 Oct 11
Flutterby's AFlutter from N to S aka Operation Ubhejane Oct 11
MaryMattMillie's Kruger Oct 2011
Bushbaby30's The Bushwhatsits go north Oct 11
Crested Val's Daily visits into Paradise pic of the day! Oct11
kittykat23uk's Wild Dogs to Whale Sharks Kruger and Tofo Oct11
BluTuna's More Days in Paradise (TR October/November 2011)
Puppy Caravelle Cruising in Kruger - October 2011
MeanderingMouse Meandering down a road less travelled Oct 11

November '11
Shirleymargate's Home in Kruger Part 2 November 2011
RayK's From Tranquil to Violent in KNP Nov 2011
Noel's Diversity Nov 2011
DinkyBird's Cape to Crooks Corner : a pilgrimage November 2011
Meerkitty's Kruger Tails and Tales Nov 2011
adw's Back On The Dust Road Again. Nov 2011
Crested Val's Three Days in Paradise! November 2011
sable's The leopard’s tale November 2011
JustNature Always great to be back in KNP November2011.
Nov 2011 - New Friends and Kruger Sightings!
Johan van Rensburg Balule Bash Nov 11
Scipio Roadtrippin'in Kruger:See you on the other side Oct11

December '11
Mads's How to hit the kruger jacpot in a weekend!! Dec 2011
Chris's TIA Under the summer sun December 2011
Rookie's Kruger-Tranquility needed, but excitement found Dec11
Mama Fariu's Some amazing sightings from Kruger Dec 2011
ossendryver's 6 Days On The Letaba River Dec 2011
Fotomaljohan's complete journey CT via Sun City to KNP Dec11
Cheetah2111's The Lion King Strikes Back!! Dec 2011
Tobieo's BnD, KNP 4 day Photo"shot" Dec 2011
twigga's Guess who's back, back again... Dec 2011
lovehyena's 6 weeks in Kruger Paradise! Nov/Dec 2012
Heksie On the stoep of the Kruger Dec 2011
Rino A Kruger Christmas Dec 2011
flying cheetah The spell of the Diderick December 2011
Duke Ellieton Still Driving Miss Sharifa Dec 11 Jan 12
Hotshot The Motherload - My December 2011 TR
Frieder & Michelle spend Xmas in Kruger Dec 2011
WendyA KNP - The Nat Geo Wild Moments! Dec 2011
Chickadee in KNP Dec/Jan 2011/2012
Ecojunkie's needed a (permanent?) fix so..... 2011
Sunset Dam - 2011
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Re: Index to Travel Tales

Unread post by hilda » Sun Apr 19, 2015 5:40 am

Kruger National Park

Travel Tales: 2012 - 2013


January '12
kittyhawk KNP VISIT TR 2011 (January 2012)
krokodille Our Happy place - KNP December 2011 Jan 2012
Aardvark's Trip Report : Kruger National Park Jan 2012
Philipdw's Kruger North to South Roadtrip January 2012
Toddy's From cold UK to Impalas, Rhinos & tiny cubs Jan12
avon vosloo's The 2012 Floods and the days that followed Jan12
Mel123's Pretoriuskop nostalgia Jan 2012
adw's Dust, wind, rain, floods, mud and cats Jan 2012
carolv's KNP – Packed Full of Christmas Presents January 2012
leachy's ants,elephant,turd,terrapin & other silly tails 01'12
Trrp-trrrrrrrr's Mixed Bag of Kruger Memories 2011/2012

February '12
lastpride's Lastpride and Xswazi back in KNP February 2012
Tulagi's couple Dolphin Trainers & Deaf Ground Hornbill Feb12
Tobieo's From sauna to shower KNP Feb 2012 photo journey Feb12
Buglette's Introducing a Rookie to the KNP February 2012
UKWAZI's THE RETURN: My journey back to sanity!!! Feb 12
spargish's Attack Of the Scorpions February 2012
Rookie's Slow boat to Kruger Deb 2012
AndreaB's Casspirs, Kudus and Pussy Cats....Feb '12
chirinda's A very green Kruger in Jan 2012 (feb '12)
Heksie's On the stoep of the Olifants Feb 2012
cheetah2111's Lazy Horses and Other Delights!!February 2012
Meandering Mouse's Gogo and the gremlins February 2012
Elsa's Hot Summer nights & all things Wild & Wonderful. Feb'12
Pumbaa's Sunsets with Tuskers at the Horizon February 2012
melph68's The webcams made me do it!
mlommies' Kruger visit - 09 Feb. 2012

March '12
roaneric's The Yellow Ribbon Invasion (cricket@skukuza)March12
Cricket@Skukuza 2012 travel and sightings blog
11ie's Surprise, surprise?! 2010 March'12
ils's 2day trips to Kruger this weekend March 2012
Canis Lupus's Confessions of a Kruger adict March 2012
hilda's The unpredictability of the KNP ....March 2012
Manovo-Gounda's-Punda to Berg en Dal - March 2011
UKWAZI's The "CLAN" is heading back to Kruger March 2012
Puppy's Taking Kids to Kruger - Another Caravelle Cruise Mar12
Weltenman's The good, the bad and the uninvited March 2012
Mant's Special sightings we saw on our trip March 2012
Vlakvarkvrou's Warthogs and Cricket March 2012
Mellory's Too good not to share! March 2012
Rookie2009's on honeymoon in Kruger March 2012
melph68's The webcams made me do it! KNP, March '12
Luislang's PLEASE!!! NO RHINOS IN TRs!!! KNP, March '12

April '12
Yusuf's KNP via Ngwenya Aprul 2012
UKWAZI's Exploring Kruger from North to South April 2012
Me Skarabee's Leaves and Grass – and Animals too Apr 12
Umar_Daya's Kruger Memoirs April 2012
Waterbuck's Kruger Quickie April 2012
Daffy's Thick bushes,lush green and big cats,kruger 'April 12'
Son godin's Whats hiding in the bush near Lower Sabie?April'12
harrys Our Lower Sabie adventures April 2012
noel's Kruger in a sombre mood in March (april 2012)
Bushbuddies's Biyamiti - A Mistake? April 2012
ossendryver's Wishlist too unrealistic? NEVER! (KNP) APRIL'12
WendyA's KNP-Devastation,Destruction,Beauty;Nature is Amazing
BluTuna's Three Weeks in Paradise (KNP TR) April/May 2012
katydownunder's KDU and Francolin- KNP April/May '12 (june'12)
cheetah2111's The Lion,The Witch,& The Long Lost Marbles 04/12
Magic Guarri's The Elephant Song April 2012
tedredrum's Cry (for) The Beloved Country
Jan van Wyk's Lake Panic sighting gallery

Leeukos's Trip Report 101: Paint-By-Numbers
Maddie88's Luck must be a Lady! May 2012
Stoffel's in the 2 K's May 2012
chirinda's A whole lot of bum shots.. May 2012
PNF's Base Camp - Shingwedzi May 2012
spargish's Brother & Sister Road Trip May 2012
roaneric's Counting the days May 2012
VicRob's Trip Report Vicrob. Our three weeks in heaven! May'12
Elsa's Here we go again! May 2012
Dunquixoting's Kruger, Northern Parts in May 2012, Dec'12

June '12
gb225450's Trip Report & Photos June 2012
adw's Letaba and Surrounding Areas trip. June 2012
gerharddb's Short but Oh so Sweet KNP trip..June 2012
Sharifa's Driven by/to/in Kruger June 2012
Henk's At Last!! Going to Kruger again. June 2012
Meerkitty's Magical Maroela! JUNE 2012
Bobby V's Gold in the bush June 2012
Radman's Three weeks in Paradise!!!! What awaits us ?JUNE'12
SurfCindy's Magical Moments in the KNP June '12
WendyA's (WendyA plays catch up!) KNP June 2012

July '12
Jan van Wyk's Lilac-breasted Roller and the Grasshopper Jul'12
ossendryver's Short, Sweet and Super (Skukuza, KNP)JULY '12
Massimo's KNP - A relaxing break! July 2012
PetraJ's On tour in 2011...July 2012
pnm's July 2012 trip report KNP - my first trip report Jul '12
Bushchild's and SO have landed July 2012
Leeukos's Is it a Bird in the Bush...? July 2012
kesheshe's Photo Journal 2012 - Kruger July 2012
Herman's Our usual winter trip (with unusual sightings)July'12
Sharifa's Special Surprise for Women’s (Birth)Day July'12
WendyA's A Spotty Easter in KNP! July 2012
Jack101's My first TR!! Kruger July 2012 (Sep'12)
Cape of Storms's Pilgrimage to Kruger : July 2012 (Aug '12)
Wildlife4ever's-Roy 47 days of fun July 2012
PetraJ's On tour again ..July 2012
Janeli's THE BEST EVER 38 DAYS IN KRUGER!!!July 2012
picnic's How to write a Travel Tale.....
Crested Val's In the North in Search of Cheetahs and Painted Dogs!!
Phokojwe's Virgin Backpackers - KNP July '12

August '12
noel's Flamingo in KNP? Aug. '12
jesica's Aug week in Kruger August 2012
Pinarelloman's few pics from an Aussies 12 nights in KNP Aug12
Regalrinkals & Papa Smurf head for Kruger! Aug'12
ossendryver's Berg en Dal - August 2012
spargish's F F F F F F F F F Freezing Maroela Aug '12
Sweni Trail is superb! Trip Report August 2012
noel's 2180 ... km later August 2012
canon's Dry and Dusty Kruger - August 2012
john n poppy's(Prequel)KNP trip Aug'12-Friends, Family & Bush.
pedro maia's NLIT and other sightings - KNP August 2012
peter_e_hall's Three weeks in Kruger – August 2012 Dec'12
kallis1786's northener search wild dogs in south Aug. '12

September '12
stu's long wait nearly over September '12
MichaelWildtuin's Some pics of last week trip to north Sep'12
Divine7polo's Countdown to our October Trip! September '12
Dupacc's Looking for them Tigers near Skoo-Ka-Zoo Sep'12
esto's Kruger satara september 2012
t-bal's Cloggy Kruger Highlights September 2012
Chad Wright's Kruger Sep 2012
Heksie's Binocs and Broomsticks September 2012
SurfCindy's Moms and 'Mites on a Mission in KNP Sep '12
barryel's 11 Lucky Packets,Forumites & Crazy People–KNP visit
ossendryver's The Record Breaking Trip! (KNP)Sep '12
kallis1786's A northener in search of wild dogs in the south
RichardJ - KNP to KNP in September 2012
ritad's One day @ Kruger. Sept. '12

October '12
Graham_5000's 4 day taste of KNP, left us hungry 4 more 10/12
leopard74's My Personal Benchmark Oct '12
bustergirl's A Super SA Self-Safari! From U.S.A. - S.A. Oct'12
Koen Family NZ Long Road to Eden:14 Days in Paradise Oct'12
DeeSmith's Kruger Park - October 2012
Yusuf Pictorial TR which includes a lion kill Oct'12
Leaping Lizards Bliksem!!!October 2012
BushBaby_Shing's Pics from the Kruger
gb225450's Kruger Oct12 Trip Report Oct '12
Super Mongoose's At last it's time to go Kruger!Oct 2012
Hélène's Kruger trip August 12 - 28, Oct '2012
Timbits's Memories of.....Kruger - Oct '2012
Bushbuddies's Northern KNP... are we converting? Oct 2012
ice's Kruger delivers - yet again Oct '12
spargish's Green,Green Grass of Home Oct '12
Sparrow's Through the Eyes of a Sparrow October 2012
leachy's lotsadonta africana & ruminant blues singers Oct'12
mel123's Where the river flows - Olifants October 2012
Super Mongoose's At last it's time to go Kruger 2 - photo edition.
Sleepyowl: Absence makes the heart grow fonder: KNP Oct '12
Heksie's It's raining cats and dogs in KNP
Normana & Torticats's Northern Exposure - KNP 2012
WendyA's KNP Oct 2012 - Out of Sync!
Divine7polo's Buffalo Soldier...stolen... KNP, Oct '12
Granjan's Just another winter's tale. KNP, Oct. '12
Dream weaver's Things Wild and Wonderful .... KNP, Oct. '12
Divine7polo's Save The Rhino. KNP, Oct. '12

November '12
Aat&Elly's Story 70-Farewell Party & Goodbye(last story)Nov'10
Divine7polo's Save The Rhino
BluTuna's Escape from Rat Race Another live TT from BT Nov'12
Welshboy's Family visit to Kruger
WendyA's KNP Oct 2012 - Out of Sync!
Cheetah2111's ♪♫ ♪♫ Somewhere Over The Rainbow♪♫ ♪♫ Nov. '12
Dream Weaver's Things Wild and Wonderful; Creatures Great and Small
Crested ValIn the North in Search of Cheetahs and Painted Dogs!! - through to Feb 2013
Porridge's Stink mouse dogs, etc., KNP Nov. 2012
A&E's Story 19 - Who let the DOGS out - (p 35) KNP, Nov. '12
Heksie's Brownie in Kruger... Nevah! Nov./Dec. '12

December '12
A tale of long drives, hot days and high expectations Dec'12
PNF's Here a 'mite, there a 'mite, everywhere a 'mite Dec '12
Bosfotograaf's Careless visitors to Kruger Park Dec'12
adw's If it's November, I must be in Satara. Dec '12
gb225450's Your top/most memorable 2012 sightings Dec'12
Andre & Ursela's 10 days in Heaven. December 2012
Vlakvarkvrou's To Write or Not to Write .....Dec '12
Oumie's Our 5 nights in Kruger Dec2012
Aat's A&E Story 09 BC Diary -The Kings -
coisjvr's KNP 15-20 December 2012
Wildkyker - My Kruger trip December 2012
coisjvr's KNP 15-20 December 2012
leachy's the solifugid, snails and storm clouds. Dec '12
Kaapsedraai's Kruger: from south-to-north .... Dec. 2012
naomi c's A Tale of Two Waterholes - Dec. '12
Rookie Slow boat to Kruger Dec. 2012
Mads & VVV's 2 trips in 6 months ... KNP Dec '12/May '13
carolv's Critical Care for the Soul - KNP Nov-Dec 2012
Bewilderd's visit to Kruger Park - Dec. '12
Ecojunkie's needed a (permanent?) fix so..... 2012
Sunset Dam - 2012
Lake Panic sighting gallery: 2012


January '13
Andre & Urselab's 10 Days in Heaven TR Jan'13
ossendryver's My longest trip to Kruger! Jan'13
Aquilla's KNP - Saturday 19th Jan 2013
spargish's Fun in the Summer Sun
LarissaVW's The Therapeutic Trip to Tamboti...
roaneric's Share your video / youtube clips taken within SANParks
yoda's The Empire Strikes Back - Yoda in Kruger Again
Porridge's Stink mouse dogs, shongololos, vicious attacks ...
leachy's the solifugid, the snails and the storm clouds
Noel - B.B.B.B.B.B - KNP January 2013
Nico's Videotrip KNP Wildlife and floods Dec. '12/Jan. '13
Heksie's Searching for the Kitty Kats of Kruger - Jan. '13
Dijo's Three Aussie Girls go to Kruger. Jan. '13
Roaneric's Share video/youtube clips taken within SANParks. Jan. '13.

February '13
Pawps's First timer, beginner's luck
DinkyBird's Golden Oldies - memories created over time
AdrianFW's Healing my spirit in South Africa
pietert's lephant Brothers Playing dead-dead. (video)
Wildkyker's My Kruger trip December 2012
Bushbuddies's The First 48...
BluTuna's A Short Long Weekend in the Kruger.
AndreaB's A brand new page....more tales from KNP
noel's B.B.B.B.B.B
Nico's Videotrip Krugerpark Wildlife and floods 2012/13 by Nico
Kaapsedraai's Kruger: from south-to-north-and-back
Elsa's Fun, Friendship and Kruger - Feb 2013.
Pumbaa's Joyride with the Bateleurs
AndreaB: A brand new page....more tales from KNP - Feb 2013
Elsa - Fun, Friendship and Kruger - Feb 2013
Bushbuddies' The First 48... KNP Feb. 2013
melissa's Summer in Kruger - updated! Feb. '13
Bushbuddies' Investigation Continues: Satara, KNP, Feb. '13
Pumbaa's Joyride with the Bateleurs. KNP, Feb. '13
DinkyBird's Golden Oldies - memories created over time. KNP.

March '13
rufie's Honeymoon trip 11th of March to 17th 2013
Mars's Skukuza trip 21 - 24 march 2013
avon vosloo's TR 21 days - a few moments
Heksie's Searching for the Kitty Kats of Kruger
Super Mongoose's First time at Tsendze
naomi c's A Tale of Two Waterholes
Sky's Satara sightings 21 March to 7 April
avon vosloo - TR 21 days - a few moments
BluTuna's Short Long Weekend in the Kruger: March 2013
kesheshe's KNP March 2013 Visit
Gatita's KNP - will we visit a green park again? March 2013
Heksie's MMC mornings and KPA days... March '13
Melrockson's Story of two Aussies in Kruger... March '13
Super Mongoose's First time at Tsendze. KNP, March '13

April '13
Jyeatbvg's Orpen the best gate - first experience at Kruger
Luren's A Family Trip
DinkyBird's Kruger live! DB & Hawk report'in
gatita's KNP in march – will we ever visit a green park again?
Jyeatbvg - Orpen the best gate - first experience at Kruger
Sky's Satara sightings 21 March to 7 April
AndyT's Trip report April 2013 - KNP
isinkwe's Kruger- only heard about it!!!! April 2013
1Yusuf's April in the park - KNP, April 2013
Mant's Biyamiti Trip - 16-19th April 2013
Sparrow's Random Big Five with Dogs. KNP Apr. '13
DB & Hawk's Kruger live! DB & Hawk report'in. KNP, Apr '13
Katydownunder & Francolin's Green Kruger - April/May '13

May '13
Luren's Family Trip - KNP, May 2013
Carol g's May trip to Kruger, what .... : May 2013
Albert's What was, what is and what .... KNP, May 2013
adw's AT LAST, NOT ONE BUT TWO.... KNP, May 2013
Meandering Mouse's Kats, kugels .... KNP, May '13
Shushin's First visit to Kruger WOW!!!! May '13
Dupacc's Bushmedicine: untold stories .... May '13
Roger the Dodger's Yo Ho here we go!!! KNP, May '13
Oumie's Annual trip to Kruger… May '13
Leeukos's Walking With Jock. KNP, May '13
Elsa's Fun and family in Kruger - May/June 2013

June '13
SAF's Pictures and Tales from Many Visits To KNP June '13
Tobieo's A 2 day photographic excursion to KNP, June '13
1Yusuf's Short but sweet (Kruger National Park). June 2013.
Isinkwe's Unplanned Krugerparking - June 2013.
BushKrazy's June Juant - A trip of Firsts. KNP, June 2013
UKWAZI's Me and the Blonde in Kruger, June 2013
Waterbuck's Quickies are BACK! KNP - June '13
Chad Wright's Pics from our recent trip .... - KNP June '13
spargish's Slumming it at Balule - KNP June '13
Cape of Storms' Photographs and Memories - June 2013 Kruger
Gunner's I am one with Nature. KNP, June '13

July '13
Heksie's Camping... a pocket full of special - KNP, July '13
Wildkyker's The Enslins July Kruger visit. July 2013
southerngal4eveh's ALL the Big Five - KNP, July '13
Roaneric's annual KNP visit - July 2013
Dupacc's Darrrlin' lets go to Kruugha!!! July '13
Mvuvu's Silver Safarians.... KNP, July 2013
Cheetahlady's Water, water everywhere ... KNP, July '13
Goronta's On my way to Pafuri - KNP July '13
KNP-Junkee's Belated 2013 July TR to Kruger
Vinkie and Apex Predator back in the bushveld. KNP, July '13

August '13
UKWAZI's Me, Kruger and I - August '13
Jennet's August Kruger trip, August 2013
Nkulu's My trip was hijacked - KNP Aug. '13.
harrys's TSENDZE..A new adventure...... KNP Aug. '13
Graham_5000's A week in KNP, August 2013
Isinkwe's A bit more Krugerparking - Aug. '13
Tobieo's Double trouble .... KNP, Aug. '13
Wildkyker's The Enslins Skukuza 21km weekend, Aug. '13
PetraJ's 2013... What a year! KNP, Aug. '13
steamtrainfan's 13 DAY TRIP TO KRUGER PARK, Aug. '13
john n poppy's Saved by two sunset drives. Kruger August '13
Dupacc and others' Photos not making it into TRs. Open Gallery. KNP Aug. '13
Fotomaljohan's B&D TO PAFURI IN 30 DAYS! KNP, Aug/Sept '13
impyim's Australia to Kruger, Aug. '13

Sept. '13
fee's Wonderful World of the Wild .... KNP, Sept. '13
esto's SATARA 2013/09/13-19 PICS - KNP, Sept. '13
PietSkiet's Operation Cheetah hunt - KNP, Sept. '13
cptphotographer's The boys are back..... DV. KNP Sept. '13
leachy's under the weeping boer bean tree. KNP, Sept. '13
lousyd's Sept 2013 Trip, KNP
Phokojwe's First Timer…Old Timers… KNP, Sept. '13
Garyd73's Always learning in Kruger - KNP Report, Sept. '13

Oct. '13
Elephantears' From South to North and back. KNP Oct. '13
Ilytel & Others' Animal close calls, KNP and KTP, Oct. '13
barryels' Ebbs and Flows of our Oct 2013 Kruger Visit
umtali1's Nuggets from a trip to Mokala and KNP, Oct. '13.
Dijo's Five Aussies go to Kruger. Oct. '13

Nov. '13
DerikNel's Skukuza: Nov 15, 2013
lemonbalm's Botanist Family Steals 3 Nights in KNP. Nov. '13
Jay Bird's Birthday Trip to Kruger. Nov. '13
kallis1786's It's a Nice Bird! OK! KNP, Nov. '13
ligt55's Walking with.. rhino! KNP, Nov. '13
wildcatzoo's Both KTP and KNP in a month. Oct/Nov '13
Johan van Rensburg's Balule Bash, November 2013

Dec. '13
carolv's Courtship Dancing in KNP. Nov-Dec '13
Nkulu's The circle of life. KNP, Dec. '13
Mars' Trip Report 23 - 30 Dec 2013. KNP
Mant's Biyamiti Trip (KNP) 30 Nov. - 3 Dec. '13
moobox's few nights in Skukuza. Dec. '13
The Enslin Boertjie & Engelsman's visit to KNP Dec '13
Sparrow's Sable Hide and other places. KNP, Dec. '13
Crested Val's Crested Chick Flies Home!!! KNP, Dec. '13
SurfCindy's Diagnosed a Kruger Addict. KNP, Dec. '13
Yoda's Is this the Place I've Been Dreaming Of... KNP, Dec. '13
Kaapsedraai's 'Original' 18 days trip (recovered) KNP - Dec '13
Heksie's Krugertripping this Summer... KNP, Dec. '13
Ecojunkie's needed a (permanent?) fix so..... 2013
Sunset Dam - 2013
Lake Panic sighting gallery: 2013
PetraJ's 4 Weeks in Satara. KNP, December 2013
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Re: Index to Travel Tales

Unread post by hilda » Sun Apr 19, 2015 5:44 am

Kruger National Park

Travel Tales: 2014 - 2015


January 2014
Wild about cats' Exploring Letaba: .... Jan. '14.
barryels' awful start to a wonderful KNP trip: Jan. '14
MGoddard's Amazing 50th Birthday Celebrations in Kruger, Jan. '14
avon vosloo's Three weeks in Satara - Jan. '14
AndreaB's Severe Case of Bush Fever.... KNP, Jan. '14

February 2014
K-4S's Feb 2014 Trip report. KNP, Feb. '14
Guinea Pig's Never say Never.... KNP, Feb. 2014
suebfly's FIRST EVER SOLO TRIP TO KNP. Feb. '14
anzac_cookie's 1st Ever African Safari. KNP, Feb./March '14
Kaapsedraai's Lone Ranger on recovery trip. KNP, Jan/Feb '14
Elsa, Klystron with Val, Dungy and the Chick Kruger Feb '14.
Viking's In search of Wild dogs. KNP Feb. 24 - March 6 2014
Dijo's Two Aussie Chicks visit Kruger in Feb. '14
Wild@Heart & Afafa's trip - KNP, Feb. '14
Pumbaa's Braaiing with Wild Cats. KNP, Feb. 2014

March 2014
Rooies' TRs: A big thank you all Aug '11 - March '14
PietSkiet's Having a beer at Talamati. KNP, March '14
Porridge's Suicidal honey badger and .... KNP, March '14
Lion Queen's how much rain can a Kalahari .... KNP, Mar '14
Annapangolin's Cricket, Or Not To Cricket... KNP, March '14
barryels' "Road Runner" visit to the Cricket, KNP, March '14
Viking's Next KNP visit .... March '14
1Yusuf's March in Kruger. March '14
Timbits' We Were Invited..... KNP, March '13
Isinkwe's Surprise Weekend of Krugerparking, March '14
Chirinda & MM's The grass is so long .... KNP, March '14
Dupacc and Darrrlinn saw birdies and kitties. KNP, March '14
RichardJ's smashing trip to KNP, March 2014
tedredrum's Meeting Mites and Making Memories - May '14, Solo Kruger Trip

April 2014
ils' Easter weekend in the park. KNP April '14
Aardvark's Anyone keen for a trip report? KNP, April '14
john n poppy's 'Muggy and Green' .... KNP, April '14
Jan v Wyk's .... best Wild Dogs sighting ever. KNP Apr '14
ballcm's Finding Kruger. April '14
KNP-Junkee's Laid back Letaba. KNP, Apr. '14
KDU & Francolin's Green Kruger April/May 2014
Cape of Storms' Kruger Family Adventure. KNP, April '14
SurfCindy's Bundu Bashing with a Brit. KNP, Apr. '14
Oumie's Annual Holiday count down...... KNP, Apr./May '14

May 2014
Westy's two weeks in may in paradise. KNP, May '14
Marakele, Kruger - Tedredrum's reunion trip. May '14
Nkulu's Which is more scary .... KNP, May '14
NJVermaak's wonderful week in Kruger, May '14
Nkulu's Moments in Time. KNP, May '14
AndreaB's 60 Shades of Kruger..... May '14
Trrp-trrrrrrrr's "Born to be Wild". KNP, May '14
Toddelelfe's I`ll be back - 50th birthday, KNP, May '14

June 2014
esto's 10 pics of our weekend in Satara. KNP, June '14

July 2014
Jaxi' Dean's experience, KNP, July '14
Tusk's travel tales. KNP, July '14
spargish's A mid-Winter Warm up. KNP, July '14.
Jan van Wyk's Flash report: Day before .... KNP, July '14
PetraJ's Healing time in Skukuza - July '14
Baffers' little Satara Trip. KNP, July '14
Jan v Wyk's Creating memories - Bushman Trail. Jul '14
Jaxi's and Porridge's 4th Adventure. KNP, July '14
Flip&Elmien's From Punda Maria to Berg-en-Dal with a few stops in between. KNP, July '14
T-bal's The return of the Cloggy Kruger highlights. KNP, July '14
Manovo-Gounda's Winter-trip to KNP. July 2014.
Tokmino's travels. KNP, July 2014.

August 2014
Pedro maia's Can Kruger deliver in 10 minutes? Aug. '14
Graeme & Nicky's STOP!!!! Go back a little... KNP, Aug. '14
Isinkwe's Chilled Out Krugerparking, Aug. '14
Canon's Kruger feeds the soul......again. KNP, Aug. '14
Welshboy's tale of 5 waterholes. KNP, Aug. '14

September 2014
tusk's September '14 40th anniversary trip to Kruger
SeanP's Trolls and Hornbills! KNP, Sept. '14
Waterbuck's Come with MEEEEEEEEEE!! KNP, Sept. '14
PietSkiet's Welcome to Kruger my son. KNP, Sept. '14
Garyd73's Cats-a-Plenty in Magical Kruger: Sept 2014
Normana53's In search of creatures great and small! KNP, Sept. '14
Maxbullough's My Year in the Kruger. Sept. 2014
PJL's KNP Phototale. KNP, Sept/Oct. 2014

October 2014
Divine7polo's Picnicing across the KNP. Oct. '14
WayneLourens' Down the lonely trail. KNP, Oct. '14
Nkulu's Sniffles, coughs and broken ribs. KNP, Oct. '14'
Hippotragus's Random observations, comments etc. KNP, Oct. 14
esto's One day in kruger 2014/10/21
WELSH_ASH's Kalmer Kruger - BnD & LS Oct Nov 2014
Hippotragus' Raining cats and dogs. KNP, Oct. '14
Barryels' Life throws us a curve ball. KNP, Oct. '14
DinkyBird's Under Kruger Skies. KNP, Oct. '14
Leervis' The Campers Initiation Trip. KNP, Oct. 2014.

November 2014
SeanP's The Trolls Biggest Bush Bash Cubed - and my BIG FOUR OH YES! KNP, Nov. '14
Johan van Rensburg's Balule (birding) Bash 2014. KNP, Nov. '14
Carolv's Always a reason to smile – Our Nov. 2014 KNP Trip
ekoppen and SO's November 2014 Kruger adventures
MarijeNL's My first TR: KNP Oct/Nov 2014
agraham's trip 8/11/2014. KNP, November 2014

December 2014
Bewilderd's Mpumalanga Lowveld holiday - KNP, Dec. '14
Nkulu's Batty Blonde goes camping. KNP, Dec. '14
Son godin's Painted, spotted and striped animals of the Koppies. KNP, Dec. '14
Spargish's December Delights. KNP, Dec. '14
Ecojunkie's needed a (permanent?) fix so..... 2014
Sunset Dam - 2014
Lake Panic sighting gallery: 2014
PetraJ's Living on Kruger's Doorstep. KNP, Dec. '14.
Heksie's My 2014 Kruger Highlights. KNP, 2013/Dec. 2014.
Tessa and Dave's 11 Days back home in Kruger. Dec. 2014/Jan. 2015
Kaapsedraai's 14 days appreciation of nature & wild company. KNP, Dec. 2014

January 2015
Kallis1786's The Curse has Ended. KNP, Jan. '15
Wild about cats' Letaba Ladies, 3rd Edition. KNP, Jan. '15
Sparrow's North - Central - South. KNP, Jan. 2015
PietSkiet's Where are the dogs???? KNP, Dec. '14/Jan. '15
Meandering Mouse's Good bye dear friend and rustling in the Rambling Rodent. KNP, Jan. '15
RemiE's KNP Dawn to Dusk Jan/Feb 2015

February 2015
DinkyBird's Like a Cricket 'fast ball' through Kruger. Feb. '15
Karin Mitton's 5 Magical days – Kruger, Feb. 2015
Hugh's Monty's memorable moments in Kruger. Feb. '15
teddy_rsa's Sad and Strange Sighting in KNP in Feb 2015
Elsa's Our Short and Sweet Kruger visit. KNP, Feb. '15
teddy_rsa's Visit to KNP instead of KTP in Feb 2015
Cecilec's Addicted to the Kruger NP, Feb. 2015
Pumbaa's And then the Fish Eagle started to call..... KNP, February 2015

March 2015
barryels' Our Crazy 15½ Hour trip to Kruger and back - 8 March 2015
Nkulu's Don’t follow, I’ll get you lost. KNP, March '15
Isinkwe's Sombre drive to Kruger???? March '15
Trrp’s special moments - shared with kindred spirit. KNP, March '15
Sparrow's Cricket 2015 with added benefits. KNP, March '15
Spargish's Cricket days and the last nights of Summer. KNP, March '15
Gatita's visiting a green park again – Kruger NP March 2015
Johan van Rensburg - Crocbridge to Pafuri to add some common birds. KNP, March 2015

April 2015
Garyd73's It's raining Lions and Birds - KNP April 2015
Baffers' Taking two Brits to the park. KNP, Apr. '15
Mems' Nyarhi - There was excitement in the air....KNP, Apr. '15
carolv's A Mini Box of Delights - KNP April 2015
Albert's The B.O.F gets wet and goes birding in the KNP. April 2015
BrawlerO's Mint Imperials and Mopani. KNP, April 2015
roaneric's Back again. KNP, April 2015
PietSkiet's Easter in Skukuza. KNP, April 2015
Spargish's Just when you think you have seen it all.... KNP, April 2015
SurfCindy's Footprints in the sands of Kruger. KNP, April 2015

May 2015
teddy_rsa's Agressive and Cheeky Vervet Monkeys at Tshokwane Picnic Site. KNP, May 2015
Jesscan1's Journal - “The Merry Month of May” - Lower Sabie May 2015
Karin Mitton's My 2015 Kruger quicky. KNP, May 2015.

June 2015
Baffers' Two weekends in Kruger. June 2015
Leervis' First you learn....then enjoy. KNP, June 2015
Nkulu's Wandering through Autumn shades of Gold. KNP, June 2015.
Albert's The B.O.F gets delayed and goes to Kruger (again). KNP, June 2015.
Karin Mitton's One Night in Skukuza. KNP, June 2015.
Meandering Mouse's Running for Rhinos... do, or die. KNP, June 2015.
Jesscan’s Journal – June Jaunt Kruger. KNP, June 2015.
carolv's Seeing Spots Before Our Eyes - KNP, June 2015
Waterbuck's Punda to Paradise. KNP, June 2015.
Cheetahlady & Ollie's Kruger family gathering. KNP, June 2015.
harrys' Kruger is calling...... KNP, June 2015
jjames04's On The Trail in Kruger. KNP, June 2015
RondaGreen's 12 days in southern Kruger. KNP, June 2015
Bushbuddies' 2 Amazing Weeks in KNP, June 2015

July 2015
Divine7polo's anticipation of Kruger Fix, July 2015.
John n poppy's Is 5 weeks too long or not long enough? KNP, July/Aug. 2015
Waterbuck's Guilty Conscience - Unfinished TR. KNP, July 2015.
Jesscan’s July Jolly - Kruger 2015
Mgoddard's 28 Glorious Days in Kruger! KNP, July 2015.
Tobieo's Winter Northern Kruger bliss. KNP, July 2015.
Son Godin's Winter Holiday at Tsendze Rustic Camp. KNP, July 2015.
Jan v Wyk's Searching for Cheetahs. KNP, July 2015
roaneric's Bonding in the bush. KNP, July 2015
Cape of Storms' African sky blue, will you bless my life? KNP, July 2015
john n poppy's A thirst for Kruger......5 weeks in KNP, July-Aug. 2015

August 2015
esto's mazithi dam near tshokwane on monday. KNP, August 2015.
Delene D's 38 Days in KNP, August 2015
Nico's Video trip, Kgalagadi and Kruger in one trip! July/August 2015
PNF's Oupa, there are no Lions in the Kruger Park. KNP, August 2015

September 2015
leervis' Still Learning & Still Enjoying. KNP, Sept. 2015.
jpmeiring's Seven days of September - KNP, Sept. 2015
Chapple's First visit to Kruger! KNP, Sept. 2015
AndreaB's Close Encounters of a Curious Kind..... KNP, Sept. 2015
Sigmund's Pic Report Kruger National Park, September 2015
Papadoc's A Split Journey (part 2). Marakele & KNP, September 2015

October 2015
Garyd73's Crooks to Malelane and Big Birds on Tsessebe Street. KNP, Oct. 2015
Fanta's Heading up on a mountain. KNP, Oct. 2015
Merlin11's Our Kruger holiday full of firsts. KNP, October 2015
Barry & Hilda's KNP Trip: Everything but........KNP, October 2015
Vlakvarksegat's A 2700km round trip to wedding 300 km away. KNP, October 2015.
Salva's Kruger NP - October 2015

November 2015
Leervis' Another Solo Trip. KNP, Nov. 2015
Jesscan1's Journal - Lower Sabie. KNP, November 2015
leon_'s To KNP for a few days - Nov. '15
Johan van Rensburg's Balule Bash 2015. KNP, November 2015..
Porridge's The Geriatric Jaunt around RoodeMariaWedzi. KNP, November 2015
Timbits' Kruger in November Means ..... KNP, November 2015
Skywalker2251's A Belated Trip Report. KNP, November/December 2015

December 2015
Lake Panic sighting gallery: 2015
Kallis1786's THE CHRISTMAS MIRACLE. KNP, December 2015
Wrm's Wouter and Tanya, KNP, December 2015
Leo21's Exciting times with a toddler. KNP, December 2015
Mafuta B's 26 days of work :) KNP, December 2015
Nkulu's “I am not a photographer , I am a canon owner !!!” Dec. 2015/Jan. 2016
Kaapsedraai's Rock fig, rock breakers - heart touching moments. Kruger NP - Dec. ’15
Oumie's Trip countdown has started.... KNP, Dec. 2015
Sparrow's A Sparrows Tale. KNP, December 2015
Jan v Wyk goes Raptor hunting. KNP, December 2015
carolv's Something Old, Something New – KNP, Augrabies, KTP, Mokala. December 2015
"There can be no friendship without confidence, and no confidence without integrity". - Samuel Johnson.

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Re: Index to Travel Tales

Unread post by hilda » Sun Apr 19, 2015 6:22 am

"There can be no friendship without confidence, and no confidence without integrity". - Samuel Johnson.

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Re: Index to Travel Tales

Unread post by hilda » Sun Apr 19, 2015 6:26 am

Arid Parks


Elpaco's report August 05
Caroline & Craig's report August 2005
Mashona's report November 05
Jay's sister report December 05

DinkyBird's report March 06
Penni's report March 06
Markw's report April 06
Peterpiper's report May 06
Katydownunder's report May 06
A & C's report June 06
Upalisu's report July 06
Ruth & Andrew's report August 06
Nicksteroonie's report August 06
Jumbo's report September 06
Penny's report September 06
Luisbyter's report September 06
Herman's report September 06
Dreamer's report September 06
BB's Kgalagadi Invasion September 06
Restio's report October 06
Elsa & Klystron's report November 06
Christelsabine's report November 06
Peter Piper's report November 06
Zypresse's report November 06
Sable's report November 06
Tamara's report November 2006
Doug Taylor's report December 2006

lovehyena’s report February 2007
AfricanDreams' report March 2007
wanderw's March 2007
jb72's report April 2007
Sharifa's report April 2007
anne-marie in April 2007
Madach's report April 2007
Madach's report AWC April 2007
Red dune's report May 2007
Peterbee's report May 2007
oradba69's report May 2007
jekalo's report June 2007
skopsie's report June 2007
Candy's Style report June 2007
Michele and Doug's report June 2007
Johan van Rensburg's report July 2007
seris7’s report August 2007
Dreamer’s report September 2007
Bucky’s report September 2007
Suej’s report September 2007
Obelix’s report September 2007
wanderw’s report September 2007
arks’s report September 2007
Craig & Caroline’s report September 2007
Madach’s report October 2007
Sarah_007’s report October 2007
Toddelelfe's report October 2007
Mashona’s report November 2007
Peterpiper’s report November
Jumbo’s report November 2007
Katydownunder’s report November 2007
JoelR’s report December 2007
Michele Nel’s report December 2007
jb72’s report December 2007
Safarigirl’s report December 2007

Africat’s report January 2008: Just another day in Paradise
Peterbee’s report January 2008: Peterbee in the KTP
Ingrid60’s report January 2008: Grootkolk-Africat-lions!
Madach’s report January 2008: KTP trip report
Pikasso’s report January 2008: Kgalagadi January 19 to 29 2008
Propolis's report March 2008: Just returned from a very wet KTP
Dreamer & SO's report April 2008: The Kgalagadi has called.. again
African Dream's report April 2008: Returning to KTP
Wanderw's report April 2008: Shaken .. and Stirred!
Lirritma's report April 2008: Father and son trip to "Green" Kalahari
Nats's report April 2008: Nats & Ingala – 007Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park
Salva's report April 2008: Salva in KTP
Wanderw-Augrabies Falls National Park - April 2008
Wannabe Nerd's report May 2008: How Green is my Valley
Suej's report May 2008: KTP Wheat Fields
Icurrie's report May 2008: Kalahari Dreamin'
Ietermagogs' report May 2008: Die Ietermagogs gaan Kgalagadi toe
Nyala's 1st KTP trip. May - June 2008
Delboysafa-Kalahari, or should I say, THE SERENGETI-June 2008
ndoto's Bushwoman Diaries. Different Parks, July '08
Blue Wildebeest to the Kgalagadi August 2008
Ndoto, the Bushwoman, writes her Diary from Kgalagadi - August 2008
Ndoto, the Bushwoman, writes her Diary from KTP - the Botswana side - August 2008
Caracal-Trailer Trash in KTP !!!! August 2008
Tigerlilli's 18 great days in KTP !!! September 2008
Scipio-Been forced into a trip report-KTP here we come…September 2008
Tony T-9 glorious days in in KTP-September 2008
Restio reports from KTP. Sept. '08
Wild Man-3 Kaapies and 2 Joburgians in the KTP October 2008
P@m-Kalahari Re-Visited-October 2008
A Moose wandering around the KTP-November 2008
Ingrid 60-KTP! That is the place to be-November 2008
The Long Trip - Katydownunder & Francolin in KTP November 2008
Senyetse gets hot - an arid parks trip December 2008
RayK-Four Hours in KTP-December 2008
Bush Baptist becomes Desert Baptist-December 2008
Sharifa & Duke KTP and Augrabies Revisited-December 2008
Lisa & Mark's amazing first trip to KTP! December 2008
Caracal In Search of a Cure....December 2008
A Pathfinder in the Kalahari - December 2008
Wanderw-Just a few tails about some Kalahari bums! December 2008
Johannes van Niekerk Prickly Breakfast 2008
Salva in KTP - April 2008

Mybs' January trip to KTP January 2009
A-J-We left our hearts (and a burned out4X4) in the KTP-January 2009
Munchkin is Hooked on KTP! January 2009
ctmole-Cooling off in the Kalahari, January 2009
Jo is Sizzling in KTP! January 2009
Sandsquirrel -January 2009
Mashona - The "Boys?" make a dash ( Here Kitty Kitty ) February 2009
Pumbaa’s + Timon’s first KTP / Augrabies Adventures February 2009
Astaztou-First trip to the Kgalagadi-Feb 2009
patries-Junkfood for KTP lovers Feb/March 2009
Caracal & Dreamer-2 Footloose & Fancy-Free Female Forumites ....March 2009
Vlekkie-A Newbie's account of KTP!-March 2009
Fugs-First Trip To KTP-March 2009
P@m-March Madness – the Mob in the Kalahari-March 2009
Mybs returns to KTP-April 2009
Caracal's 2 Footloose & Fancy-Free .... KTP, Apr. '09
DB & Hawk-KTP-May 2009
kaaiman-Off to KTP-May 2009
GavinW-Kalahari Skylines-May 2009
Tony T-Our yearly autumn jaunt to KTP-May 2009
Rieks-Beautiful world - low & high ... nature and her creatures-May 2009
Janelli-Beautiful, Beautiful Kgalagadi May 2009......
Moose-It's time to go back... KTP June 2009
Caracal-Trailer Trash returns to KTP-June 2009
A Warthog Visits KTP-June 2009
Fotomaljohan Our 'Hot' Very Cold June 2009 Trip
RichardJ-We will be back-KTP-July 2009
Mybs-KTP trip-July 2009
BasDutch in KTP July 2009
deirdrej-KTP Trip Cheetahs, caracals and cubs....August 2009
Coala in KTP & Augrabies-August 2009
Droopy-First timers-KTP-August 2009
Sable..back in the Red Dunes-August 2009
Oumie-Our short KTP trip…August 2009
sable-Sand Lover Diary-Aug/Sep 2009
Penny, Bob the Builder, Snake Lady & the Boss do KTP again-Sept 2009
Cape of Storms -KTP Hook Line & Sinker-Sep 2009
Jo-Dorsland Trek (Thirstland Trip) - KTP Sept 09
Joubie-KGALAGADI: Signed, sealed and did she deliver!-Sept 2009
Morkel777-My FIRST KTP trip in 13 years!!! Shame on me…Sept 2009
anne-marie-The Paradise... where English is not "under controle"…Sept 2009
Lusitano-16 days of images- Sep2009
sventer's Recent trip to KTP. Sept. '09
Dreamer-Arrived excited, departed on a high ....October 2009
FlyPast-Kgalagadi - Photo Trip Report-October 2009
Mooses, Millipedes & a VERY Cute Stove KTP Oct09
KDU & Francolin in KTP-Nov 2009
DeirdreJ-Foxes, Cheetahs and a Friendly Lion - KTP November 09
Mybs returns to KTP: November 2009
Mashona's Kgalagadi November 2009
Caracal-Hijackers in the KTP !!!- December 2009

Barrydalers KTP Trip-Dec09-Jan 10
Sharifa & Duke - Discovering the ABC of the KTP-Jan 2010
AFRICAT-KTP: From A to Z…Jan 2010
RichardJ-Augrabies, KTP-Feb 2010
Jo-A celebration in KTP-Feb 2010
Dreamer and SO's Visit to KTP- Feb 2010
Touareg and Mattanator-Are we there yet!! KTP March 2010
Lionspoon-Surfing the colours of the Kalahari-March 2010
Switchback-Switching OFF to KTP - April 2010
Cape of Storms-Sandy and the Silver Bird: City Slickers in the Wild-April 2010
fenwickh-Caravelle in search of Caracal in KTP-April 2010
GavinW-Of Lions and Leafsprings.............KTP May 2010
Caracal-Slaves to the Kalahari-July 2010
KTF Hooked's Most Anticipated Adventure-Aug 2010
Truly Blessed: Bushbuddies go to KTP and KNP July/Aug 2010
lion queen 4 LEAF CLOVER IN KTP Oct 2010
Catriona back in the KTP - a very overdue report Oct 10
madach-KTP Photographic trip report-October 2010
Morkel777 KTP Blitzkrieg: In and Out in 5 days,Oct '10
Katydownunder & Francolin-KTP Adventures Nov 2010
GavinW Into the Lion's Den KTP November 2010
Graham Dyer-Kgalagadi, Nov 2010, Trip Photos
KTF Hooked's Most Anticipated Adventure-Nov 2010
Jo KTP Highlights - Dec 2010
Caracal The Kalahari will reveal itself .... Dec 2010
mybs11 'cool' December days in KTP Dec 2010
Touareg KTP heat, dust and antihistamine. Dec 2010
Fotomaljohan Our Very 'Cool' Hot December 2010 Trip
padlopertjie My visit to Rooiputs in December 2010

Michael Borcherds-in Love with the Kalahari-Dec/Jan2011
Barrydalers TR - KTP - 2010/2011
Scouter-How green was my valley - KTP Jan 2011
wanderw-KTP Whooping Reflections!Dec/Jan 2011
ELSA-Our Wet, wonderful trip to Augrabies and KTP-Jan 2011
Bush Baptist KTP - a river runs through it! Feb 2011
Caracal An Experimental Excuse of a Trip Feb 2011
Dreamer Floods, Flower Carpets& River Roads Feb 11
anne-marie-few facts on a very uncertain travel tale-Feb2011
KTF Hooked's Most Anticipated Adventure-Mar 2011
Tony T Kgalagadi - one of the best trips! Mar 2011
winston879-Peter Pipers' ongoing KTP adventures-Mar 2011
Dikkop Round trip South Africa Mar 2011
granjan-A WINTER'S TALE-Jan to Mar 2011
Lionspoon & Spots hunting the colours again April 2011
Tobieo-Escape to Kgalagadi - Apr 2011
lovehyena-The greenest Longest grass-Kalahari in April 2011
bosticbudgie-KTP Kids in Parks – April 2011
JohnGore-Our first trip to KTP-April 2011
Dreamer My Captured Experience Stars & Diamante Apr 11
Scouter-Scouter and Elf escape to Twee Rivieren-Apr 2011
Touareg: KTP April 2011 - Solo effort
Mads & Vlakvarkvrou Gemmies, Gommies and PCG's - April 2011
ruthp-First timers KTP Adventure (Apr/May 2011)
Blackie What Kgalagadi shared with us in May 2011
GavinW-Prides of grass, hyenas KTP May 2011
Caracal 47 hrs 45 mins and 24 secs in the KTP May 11
norms-Kgalagadi - The Thirstland In Winter-May 2011
icurrie-Just What the Doctor Ordered KTP-May 2011
WillemK trips - let the photos tell the stories May-Sep 2011
First trip to Kgalagadi - June 2011
Jo-Faraway in Feb - KTP-June 2011
Fotomaljohan Surprise! Unplanned! Visit coming up! Jun 11
Mybs 11 nights and a moon eclipse in KTP Jun 2011
Ollie Two parks, one trip..... July 2011
madach KTP - July 2011
Rothdigga Californian's visit to KTP and Augrabies Sep 11
canon-Dancing with the Stars - KTP trip report_Aug 2011
Jo Windy Winter - KTP Aug 2011
canon Dancing with the Stars - KTP & Mokala -Aug 2011
Rooies' TRs: A big thank you all Aug '11 - March '14
Tony T Our Sept 2011 Kgalagadi trip
kesheshe-Extended Visit to KTP-Sep 2011
Morkel777(A Simply Epic Kgalagadi Adventure-June 2010)Sep11
Crested Val Namaqua flowers and call of the Kalahari. Sep11
Lionspoon The colour hunt is on again - KTP October 2011
Johan van Rensburg Visits 6 National Parks in 2 weeks Oct11
Duke Ellieton In and Between the Ephemeral Rivers Oct 11
Chickadee in KTP October 2011
lion queen From you to me in KTP 2011 Nov 2011
Kgalagadi November 2011- Katydownunder & Francolin
jaykay A Difficult KTP Trip December 2011
Bush Baptist Barcud&BB in KTP 2011–A promise fulfilled.Dec12
Bush Baptist Forum Nossob 4x4 Eco trail 2011 (november 2011)
Tobieo From dust to thunder KTP a wonder Nov/Dec 2011
WillemK: Let the photos tell the story-KTP weekend Dec 11
Mashona Photographs of the November Kgalagadi trip Dec 2011
ArnePurves Our December Trip to the Kgalagadi TNP. Dec 2011
Rookie Sun, Sand and Cicada! Dec 2011
oddesy Dream of land of The Camel Thorn:Magic of KTPDec11
forestgump Kgalagadi & Augrabies, Dec 2011.
RichardJ KTP February 2011, RichardJ's highlights Dec 2011
Touareg's Dec 2011 KTP TR- Hit and miss, a matter of minutes
Duke Ellieton Still Driving Miss Sharifa Dec 11 Jan 12
SheldonandAiri's No longer a KTP virgin. KTP, October 2011

silvia(almost)all the Kgalagadi in 11 days Dec 2011 Jan2012
Bush Baptist Sex in the desert January 2012
Caracal My Mosaic of the KTP January 2012
Panekoek Kalahari Jan 2012, 5 days to remember Jan 2012
Son godin What Xmas presents did we get at KTP? Jan 2012
Michael Borcherd Falling in Love with the Kalahari-2nd Trip
Jan van Wyk visit to the Kgalagadi 'Feb 12'
Miros’ (ongoing) Trip Report: KTP Feb-July ‘12
AristocatKgalagadi Here We Come-Our March 2012 TR April 2012
Buglette What I Miss About KTP April 2012
Oumie Kgalagadi trip...cannot wait! April 2012
Report and photos: Kgalagadi - Nossob 4x4 Eco Trail Apr 2012
Touareg's March '12 KTP Extreme highs and lows April 2012
lion queen Take a guess at what we saw in KTP April 2012
inado's Kgalagadi: Trip report in photos - Apr/May '12
GavinW Christmas Trees in the Kalahari - KTP May 2012
Blackie The KTP trip that almost did not take place! May '12
Tobieo Searching in a dusty KTP!!! May 2012
Suej KTP May'12-Green Dunes,hungry mice & frozen toothpaste!
canon Magical Kgalagadi May 2012
WillieV Fourth time "lucky" in Kgalagadi - May 2012 (06/12)
Morkel777's Pilgrims to the Green Kalahari - March 2012
mariek Trip report - Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, June 2012
SandyS An 'older' perspective on Kgalagadi-July 2012 Aug'12
WackoRhino Red sand on the soles of our shoes AUG '12
WillieV Fourth time "lucky" in Kgalagadi - May 2012 (06/12)
Timbits Memories of.......Red Sand - October 2012
PetraJ How am I going to cope in KTP without a hairdryer '12
anne-marie An eventful trip... to Kgalagadi November 2012
AlisonR Kgalagadi via Mabuasehube trip report-Aug/Sept 2012
Cape of Storms Sandy & Silver Bird:City Slickers... Sept '12
gatita's It is almost time to go back to KTP. Sept '12
wanderw's KTP! Oct/Nov. 2012
WillemK: Let the photos tell the story - Kgalagadi Nov 2012
katydownunder's Travelling the Red Dunes - Oct/Nov '12
Jan van Wyk's Kgalagadi December 2012: Heat, Dust and Rain
Shane's Through the eyes of a couple: KTP won. Dec. '12
ctv's LUCKY 13th or LUCKY 1st? Christmas in KTP! Dec. '12
Morkel777's Epic Eland Exodus - KTP Nov 2012
lionfish's Last 2 days in Kgalagadi - hooked to come back again! KTP, June 2012

RichardJ - More than Cricket@Kgalagadi March 2013
barryels: Maiden "trek" to KTP and Augrabies: March '13
Scouter's KTP Cricket Memories - Kgalagadi, March 2013
Tobieo's Cubitje Quap and other battles in KTP March 2013
Bush Baptist's Leopards please.....KTP March 2013
Mgoddard's Virgin Visit to KTP.... March 2013
Anne-marie's KGALAGADI … cricket 15+16.3.2013
Lionspoon's .... the time of my life... KTP March '13
Anne-marie's Kgalagadi 2013, cricket and... wow!!! March '13
Canon's The Kalahari Unplugged - April '13
RichardJ's And now KTP in living colour - March '13.
Sandmal's KTP - June 2013
gb225450's KTP April/May 2013
Oumie's Kgalagadi...the countdown begins... April '13
Kyknetta's Kgalagadi Adventure: April 2013
WillieV's Less animals, few great sightings - KTP, May '13
BluTuna goes West - KTP June 2013
Charbel's Kgalagadi: The Big and Small. KTP, June '13
Kyknetta's Kgalagadi : July 2013 @ OomDaan & Kyknetta
WillemK's Kgalagadi Aug 2013 (another long weekend edition)
wendzh's Year of amazing sightings. KTFP Sept. '13
Timbits' Rare Antelope, Red Dust .... Arid Parks, Sept. '13
shane's !XAUS Lodge: A brief story. KTP, Sept. '13
gatita's In search of honey badger .... KTP, Sept. '13
teddy_rsa's Return to the Kgalagadi after 50 years Break. KTP, Sept. '13
Ilytel & Others' Animal close calls, KNP and KTP, Oct. '13
wanderw's A Crazy Wallop of a KTP Trip! Oct. '13
PF & DD's Game of patience in KTP. Oct. '13
Tobieo's Kgalagadi - not for sissies!! Nov. '13
wildcatzoo's Both KTP and KNP in a month. Oct/Nov '13
Kesheshe's Exploring KTP In October '13
Cheetah80's Kgalagadi & Mabuasehube '13 trip report
KDU & Francolin's Thirstland Trip - KTP: Nov. '13
Bushbuddies' Warm Welcome to a Green Kgalagadi. Dec. '13
MxM's solo photographic and birding tour. KTP, Oct/Nov. '13
Farida & Mems' KTP Photo Tale. KTP, Dec. '13

Panekoek's Kgalagadi 2014, From a students eyes (Lens)
GavinW's Kalahari Reflections: KTP March '14
Shaheen's 5 nights in Twee Rivieren. Apr. '14
Gryskat's Update - KTP 3/05/2014
OomDaan's Kgalagadi Trip Report - April '14
ghostdogg's First trip to the Kgalagadi Apr. '14
WillieV's Lion vs Leopard and the "Love Birds". KTP, May '14
Sky's Only 3 nights in KTP. July '14
WillieV's short trip to Kgalagadi. August 2014.
Oumie's Kgalagadi trip, Sept. 2014.
Penolva's amazing time, we will be back! KTP, Sept. '14
Nico's Kgalagadi trip 2014 Lion Trip! KTP, Aug./Sept. '14
Gatita's Going to the Northern Cape - KTP, Sept. 2014.
Timbits' It`s a small world - even in KTP! Nov. '14
anne-marie's The Return. KTP, Oct./Nov. '14
Bush Baptist's best place in the world to see wild cheetah. KTP, Dec. '14/Jan. '15
GavinW's Wannabe Larnies in the KTP: Dec. '14/ Jan '15
Katydownunder's Waiting for the rain - KDU and Francolin KTP Nov. '14
Sigmund's Kgalagadi Trip report in Pics. KTP, 2014

Imvubu's Dust, sweat and lions! KTP, Feb. '15
barryels' Our first real experience of KTP - Feb. 2015
Tobieo's KTP Pensioner's long awaited trip through my lense. KTP, March 2015
Son Godin's TT of Three Arid Parks near Namibia in April 2015: KTP at last
Hippotragus' Better late than never - KTP May 2015.
WillieV's KGALAGADI May 2015
Klamb's "Kgalagadi July 2015"
Mez's Finally in Kgalagadi! KTP, July 2015
Stewymac's My Travelers Tale in Video - 30 days. Kgalagadi to KNP, Oct. 2015
Canon's Richtersveld, Namibia and Kgalagadi - an experience to treasure. August 2015.
RichardJ's Dusty November 2015 in KTP
Nico's Video trip, Kgalagadi and Kruger in one trip! July/August 2015
Goronta's Heart-warming Kgalagadi but frozen bodies. KTP, July 2015
WillieV's The Hunter became the Hunted. Kgalagadi, August 2015.
Robbert's Close encounters with lions, snakes and more (2 SA addicts from Holland). KTP, October 2015.
umtali1's A Land of Much Thirst - (pt 5 of CT to Namibia- Kgalagadi) KTP, October 2015.
Robbert's 8 parks in 6 weeks, 2 SA addicts from Holland (from Kalahari to Wilderness). KTP, February 2015
carolv's Something Old, Something New – KNP, Augrabies, KTP, Mokala. December 2015
GavinW's Blown away by (in) the Kgalagadi - November 2015

Thiefbadger's Our green Kgalagadi trip. KTP, March 2016
GavinW's Camping with Petronella: KTP, May 2016
"There can be no friendship without confidence, and no confidence without integrity". - Samuel Johnson.

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Re: Index to Travel Tales

Unread post by hilda » Sun Apr 19, 2015 6:29 am

Arid Parks


Stoffel's Day in Mokala-Jan 2009
Mant-Mokala National Park: Mosu Lodge-March 2009
Siobain-2 Day trip to MOKALA.....Sept 2009
moggiedog Donkeys in Pajamas and Super Goats Sep 2009

Naomi c-Wish we could have stayed longer-April 2010

canon Quick visit to Mokala Feb 2011
Duke Ellieton Rest, Relaxation and Rare Antelopes Mar 2011
Boorgatspook-Camel Thorn Dreams...June 2011
canon Dancing with the Stars - KTP & Mokala -Aug 2011
WillemK: Let the photos tell the story - Mokala Nov 2011
DinkyBird Cape to Crooks Corner : a pilgrimage November 2011
Buglette Red Dust and Diamonds Dec 2011

Duke Ellieton Still Driving Miss Sharifa Dec 11 Jan 12
Canon Mokala Magic Feb 2012
avon vosloo TR - Mokala – Lilydale March 2012
WillemK's Let the photos tell the story: Mokala Sept 2012

Great Dane: Mokala NP March/Apr 2013 - Aardvark and more
Wildkyker's Mokala Park Day Visit - April 2013.
WillemK's Mokala weekend edition
lemonbalm's Wayward Circumnavigation of Lesotho. May '13
Timbits' Rare Antelope, Red Dust .... Arid Parks, Sept. '13
umtali1's Nuggets from a trip to Mokala and KNP, Oct. '13.

Sky's Mokala Magic - June/July '14
Trrp-trrrrrrrr's 2 Night Stopover: Mokala. June '14

umtali1's Return to a Little Gem (pt 3 of CT to Namibia). Mokala, July 2015.
Kaapsedraai's Relaxing under the shade of the Camel Thorn. Mokala NP, Dec. 2015
Jesscan's September Sojourn - Mokala to Mountain Zebra via 8 parks. September 2015.
RichardS' Road Tripping For Christmas 2015. Mokala, December 2015.
"There can be no friendship without confidence, and no confidence without integrity". - Samuel Johnson.

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Re: Index to Travel Tales

Unread post by hilda » Sun Apr 19, 2015 6:31 am

"There can be no friendship without confidence, and no confidence without integrity". - Samuel Johnson.

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Cape Parks

Table Mountain

Wild@Heart's report September 2005: Table Mountain

Arks' report April 2006: Table Mountain National Park
Arks' report April 2006: Cape Point
Arks' report April 2006: Boulders Penguin Colony
Kdu & Francolin's report November 2006: Cape Point and Penguins
Diannet's report December 2006: Hoerikwaggo: Mountain in the Sea

Craig & Caroline's report March 2007: at Boulders
Brummie’s report July 2007: Ezio Fan and Brummie go wild (card) in Africa
Toddelelfe's report September 2007: About Mountain At Land And In The Sea
Baffers's report December 2007: A visit to Cape Peninsula

Fullthrottle’s report January 2008: Dias Point Cave - Cape Point Nature Reserve
Sable’s report February 2008: Amongst ants and jackass penguins
Michele Nel’s report March 2008: Serious Cabin Fever
Micetta-SOUTH AFRICAN MAGIC.-December 2008

WackoRhino-Seven SANParks for Easter-2009
Ribuck's family Adventure - PE to CT- August 2009

buffalo_soldier-Table Mountain National Park-Oct 2010
KTF Hooked's Most Anticipated Adventure-Aug 2010

granjan-A WINTER'S TALE-Jan to Mar 2011
KTF Hooked's Most Anticipated Adventure-Feb 2011
icurrie-Just What the Doctor Ordered KTP-May 2011
Salva Karoo,Camdeboo,Addo Elephant and Table Mountain June11
Hawk & DB - Table Mountain National Park-Aug 2011
Rino-Snakes and Ladders-Aug 2011
Caracal- blows the whistle on SANParks !!!-Aug 2011
Rino A Perfect Sunday Winter 2011
Crested Barbet Time to fly south again November 2011

Caracal A Woman has to do what a Woman has to do Aug 2012

sable's Table With A View. Table Mountain, Dec. '13

404-504's My backyard ain't half bad: TMNP, March '14
Dijo's Five Aussies 'do' Table Mountain NP. July '14
Kaapsedraai - Table Mountain: the mood today - 2014

isinkwe's Anything can happen while Krugerparking. TMNP, Feb. '15
Kaapsedraai - Table Mountain: the mood today - 2015
Guinea Pig's Ant to Whale and everything else inbetween. Table Mountain, Sept. 2015
umtali1 & inyanga 1's "Cape Town to Namibia border". Table Mountain, April 2015

Caracal's A Wandering Migrant visits Cape Point NP. May 2016
Tessa's The Different Faces of Cape Point. TMNP, April 2016
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