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Concessions in Kruger

Discuss the different camps and roads of the Kruger National Park
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Re: Treat ourselves to 2 nights at one of the private reserves?

Unread post by DuQues » Tue May 12, 2009 9:04 am

Have a look at these lodges. They are in Kruger proper, so a very short drive, probably cheaper, and offer real luxury.
Not posting much here anymore, but the photo's you can follow here There is plenty there.

Feel free to use any of these additional letters to correct the spelling of words found in the above post: a-e-t-n-d-i-o-s-m-l-u-y-h-c

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Re: Treat ourselves to 2 nights at one of the private reserv

Unread post by DinkyBird » Sun Jul 12, 2009 12:15 pm

SANParks relies on income from the private concession areas within the parks.
As information about them is listed on this website, if people are looking for that type of accommodation, it would be preferable to encourage them to visit one of the concessions within SANParks.
- Dalene

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Imbali Safari Lodge

Unread post by Mant » Wed Jul 22, 2009 5:18 pm

Has anybody been to Imbali Safari Lodge in the Kruger before.

If you have, what is it like? :)
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Re: Imbali Safari Lodge

Unread post by Kicker Cat » Tue Jul 28, 2009 4:43 pm

I can give you a good rundown - stayed there in January.

The rooms are magnificent - just find a way to switch the jacuzzi off in the evening before you go to bed.
I found that quite was better than the hum of the pump

The people there were great but the service from the Restaurant staff was poor.
Quality of Food was great despite the fact that we could not get a proper breakfast on the last day.

When we were there it rained - but we were given really good Ponchos on the drive - when we were there the Landies did not go off road -
I believe that they are allowed to do so in their concession area.
Saw some fantastic sightings

I had a problem with the fact that a notice in the room advised not to drink the tap water - but they charged for drinking water - if you can't drink the tap water they must supply water free of charge. (Water is critical - so check that out.

We had some good viewing despite the rain - even had an elephant come right up to the deck to drink water out of the pool.

Enjoy it and let us have your comments when you get back.

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Anybody visited Pafuri Camp

Unread post by mschaa » Mon Aug 03, 2009 8:22 am

Anybody visited Pafuri private camp?
How did you like it?

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Re: Anybody visited Pafuri Camp

Unread post by o-dog » Mon Aug 03, 2009 1:31 pm

Hi not sure which came you are referring to, but if its the one om the Northern Bank of the Luvuvu close to Pafuri,
I was fortunate enough to stay there for 3 nights.
Saw some interesting game as well.
Some of the scenery in the Makuleke concession is the best I have ever seen, like the Fever Tree forests and large baobabs to spectacular views of Lanner Gorge etc and walking in the Limpopo down to Crooks Corner.
Its worth a once off visit for sure if you have the money.
I luckily got to go for free.
The area is great for Thicktailed Bushbaby, Bushpig, a large herd of Eland,
many birds, including Pels and Gorgeous Bushshrike and many more.
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Moderately upscale places to stay in or around KNP

Unread post by nick_shirley » Wed Oct 14, 2009 10:24 am

We're visiting the park for the first time in late November 2009 and will primarily be self-driving and sleeping at the rest camps.
But during our stay my wife will be having a major birthday (I'd tell you how many years but I'm too polite) and I'd like to spend a couple days at a really nice and spiffy lodge as a treat for her on the big day.
From what I've read, however, it seems that price-wise and facility-wise there isn't much in between the modest accommodations available at the rest camps and the over-the-top splendor of the private reserves. I love my wife dearly but ZAR 20,000 and up for the two of us each night would quickly bankrupt me.
Hell, it would bankrupt a lot of countries....

So what else is available either inside the park borders or in an adjoining reserve?
I'm looking for the "wow" factor with good food, decent game drives, intriguing decor, professional service, memorable views\atmosphere etc., etc., all packing a significant bang for the buck.
I wish I could say price is no object (alas, it's always an object for me) but I'm thinking something between ZAR 3,000 and 6,000 for two per night.
I think she would prefer leaning towards deluxe comfort rather than going for upscale safari tent style. Location is not an issue as we'll have a car and can drive anywhere in the area.

Does such a place exist?
And if so, is booking directly with the lodge the best way to go?

Many thanks for your help and my apologies in advance if this has been discussed to death already in the forum.


Nick in California

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Re: Moderately upscale places to stay in or around KNP

Unread post by DinkyBird » Wed Oct 14, 2009 10:32 am

Hi Nick, have you considered on of the luxury lodges in Kruger - scroll down the page to links to them.

Anyone with info and help for Nick that is non SANParks, pls PM Nick.
- Dalene

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Re: Moderately upscale places to stay in or around KNP

Unread post by ndloti » Wed Oct 14, 2009 10:51 am

Rhino Walking Safaris gets my vote , not that I have been there , but upmarket enough and more affordeable , I hear it is a more "authentique bush" destination , perhaps allowing you to stay an extra night ..
KNP is sacred. I am opposed to the modernisation of Kruger and from the depths of my soul long for the Kruger of yesteryear! 1000+km on foot in KNP incl 56 wild trails.200+ nights in the wildernessndloti-indigenous name for serval.

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Re: Moderately upscale places to stay in or around KNP

Unread post by p@m » Mon Oct 19, 2009 5:05 pm

We have stayed at Lukimbi lodge (between Malelane and Croc Bridge -- close to Biyamiti) and thoroughly enjoyed it.

It was also a short stay for a special occasion. They also often have specials and reduced rates. Their contact details are on the Kruger home page.

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Re: Tinga or Imbali?

Unread post by JacoPietersen » Mon Nov 16, 2009 11:19 am

I've done Imbali and Tinga before and trust me after a few days of lazing around it can get very boring. The only time you go out is with guided drives.

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Re: Tinga or Imbali?

Unread post by varknek » Wed Nov 18, 2009 12:48 pm

I have been to both Tinga and Imbali Lodge.

Most definitely Tinga Lodge, the only thing about Tinga they do not allow children.
If you want to spoil yourself, go to Tinga.
We landed at The Skukuza landing strip and where welcomed with Biltong, snacks, drinks the works,
We saw the big 5 in the first day.
The Luxury units are very private and the quality of the finishes outstanding, brings back to much memories :roll: .
they treat you like a king, in the mornings before going on a game drive you get Rusks, Coffee or tea, we made a joke with the staff and told them we want a chocolate cake, and the next morning we got one, awesome service.

Imbali is also good. if i can rate the rooms, i will give Tinga 10/10 and Imbali 7/10.

Even the Dining, lounge reception for Tinga is better.

If i had the money i will Go to Tinga every time. they are the best.

Hope this help.
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Unread post by michelevictoria » Wed Jan 20, 2010 8:24 am

We just spent 4 nights in Pafuri in early December.
It was wonderful.
The camp is great and the fever tree forest is amazing.
We also saw a Pel's fishing owl.
A first for me!
In April we are going back to Kruger and will spend 2 nights in the tents at Punda.
Went there 2 years ago and can't wait to go back.
The tents are magic!

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Unread post by Mant » Sun Jan 24, 2010 8:59 pm


We stayed at Pafuri for 3 nights and absolutely loved it.

The Fever Tree Forest is something that you must see and also Lanner Gorge.

There isn't a lot of game up there but lots of birds.

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Unread post by Betelgeuse » Mon Jan 25, 2010 4:53 pm

North of the Levuvhu river is the Makuleke Concession which entails that Punda Maria is the northernmost SANParks camp in KNP.
However; there are private camps in the Makuleke concession and I assume that it is through one of these camps which are not part of SANParks, that some of the forumites organized to visit Lanner Gorge, because Punda Maria doesn't organize trips to Lanner Gorge as far as I know -
only when you go on a Nyalaland Wilderness Trail can a trip to Lanner Gorge be organized with the Trails Guide and Section Ranger's consent?

I love the North of the Park; don't go there expecting loads of animal sightings - go for the birds and you'll be pleasantly surprised by what other jewels you discover and drink in the scenery. :thumbs_up:
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