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Best route - OR Tambo to Kruger

Discuss and find information on the Kruger National Park
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Re: Driving from JHB International to Kruger - Directions

Unread post by GeorgeM13 » Mon Feb 17, 2014 1:57 am

Arriving back in S.A. and Kruger next month, just wondering what the state of play is with the e-tolls around JNB and if anyone knows how hire cars are being affected by this.
Are the cars being fitted with tags and you are billed later for the tolls?
Or is there something else?
I like to think that when I leave the car at ORT there is nothing left to pay.
One of the companies once charged me for topping the fuel tank up even though I had it filled to the brim at the airport filling station.

Re Phalaborwa always used to use the R 71 from Polokwane after spending the night there though did stay once in Phalaborwa which made for a quick and easy entrance.
Have entered through Pafuri and Punda Maria without any problems, it's only when you go into Google Earth that you realise how many people live on the outskirts of the park.

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Re: Driving from JHB International to Kruger - Directions

Unread post by carolv » Mon Feb 17, 2014 4:06 pm

Whilst I cannot help you with the condition of the roads, I can tell you about the hire cars and e-tolling as we were out Nov/Dec 2013.
Rental cars are now fitted with tags and you are billed for the relevant roads after the vehicle has been returned.
This means that (a) you do not know how much it is costing and (b) you are billed for it some time after you have returned home (or returned the car).
To be honest we did not even know about the new tolling as had only encountered the toll plazas we passed through on the way to Kruger and paid in cash as needed.
We did get an e-mail from the rental company on our return to explain about the tags and that we would be charged on return.
Like you, we like to have everything paid up before we get home but can't fathom how else the rental companies could do other than they are doing.
In fact, I don't even know on which roads you get e-tolling.
Hopefully the South Africans living in country can give you more info on that part.

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Re: Driving from JHB International to Kruger - Directions

Unread post by Kicker Cat » Mon Apr 07, 2014 4:27 pm

Quote from Above
Kruger & Phabeni Gates
Take the
White River
/ NOT Nelspruit - the road to Nelspruit has a slipway to the left - you don't take that - carry on along the highway - the first road you can exit is for White River take that off ramp and follow till you get the stop street (Please stop - cops watch there often) Turn Right at that stop and go round the first circle and then into the second circle and take the first exit - that is left - you will drive down to the main road - Madiba or Nelson Mandela drive and here you will turn LEFT - go along the R40 to White river and if it is daylight don't exceed the 80 KM hr speed limit

Once in White river Take a left turn at the 1st traffic lights (Toyota Dealer on the opposite Right hand corner) and right turn at the next lights
Stay on this road till you see the big shopping centre on your left and turn left (Caltex Garage on the Right hand corner)
Stay on this road - you will come to a new circle at the Caterbridge Centre - on the Left is the Bagdad Centre) Take the R40 to Hazyview - when you reach Hazyview you reach a T junction just outside Hazyview


Turn left and go into the town of Hazyview - You will have several stop streets and TWO traffic lights the first at an Engen Garage and the second at the Blue Haze Mall ( if you need fuel I suggest fill up at the Shell Garage on the left (just where you need to turn right - and then go out along the road Portia Shabangu Drive)
At the Pick 'n Pay (Actually Blue Haze Mall) centre turn right... There is also a KFC on this corner
For Phabeni gate you will have to make a right turn about 10 KM drive out the town

For Kruger gate. Stay on this road until you reach the gate, Be careful of speed limits, stray farm animals and people on this road. Personally I prefer to go in at Phabeni as it takes the same time to get to Skukuza as it would on the road outside the park, with the added benefit of the possibility of a great sighting

Tips - Fuel is available in KP - Total only and it is normally more expensive than the Shell Garage outside
Good Butcher at the Four Way stop just after the Pick and Pay Centre - Oom Kallie se Slaghuis
If you need provisions and want a first class shop - stop over at the Super Spar in Nelspruit - world class store

Have a safe trip.

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Re: Driving from JHB International to Kruger - Directions

Unread post by Pjw » Sat Jun 21, 2014 12:57 pm

The construction of the highways and e-toll route around Johannesburg is now completed, so here is an update on the route from O.R Tambo to the Southern gates in Kruger.
When leaving the Airport, follow the signs to the R21 south/ Boksburg.
Once on the R21, take the 2nd exit to the N12 east/ Benoni/ eMalhleni.
The roadworks are now complete, and other than the controversial etoll system, the road is now pleasure to use.
Stay on the N12 until it joins the N4 near eMahlaleni.
Continue on the N4 through the Middelburg and Machadadorp Toll plazas.
Once through the Machadadorp plaza, you can choose either the left or right hand fork .
The left hand fork will take you down Schoemans Kloof pass, which for me, is the more scenic route and has slightly fewer trucks.
The right hand route takes you through the tunnel and past the smelly Ngodwana paper mill.
The road is in good condition, I just hate the smelly paper mill.
These routes join again at the bottom of the passes- choice is yours!
Last time I went to Nelspruit, there were some roadworks nearer the town, but that was some months ago.
If you are going to Malelane or Crocodile Bridge gates, stay on the N4 to Malelane/ Maputo.
There were also road works with stop/go delays on the other side of Nelspruit and I'm not sure when that construction will be complete.
Follow the signs to your gate of choice once you have past the toll Plaza and the town of Malelane.
There was also construction near Komatipoort when I was last there (May2014) and they were diverting the Crocodile Bridge traffic via the Ngwenya road.
If you are going to Numbi, Phabeni or Kruger gates, take the White River off ramp and follow the signs.
I am not familiar enough with this area to give exact directions, but follow the signs.
For Numbi gate you will turn right once through the town of White river.
For Phabeni and Kruger gates continue to the town of Hazyview and turn right at the Spar shopping complex and follow the signs from there.
My personal preference is to always use Phabeni gate as the road from there to Kruger has many speed restrictions and goats, donkeys and cows on the road.
The route through Phabeni gate exposes you to the "risk" of an elephant or rhino traffic jam :lol:
It does not take much longer to get to Skukuza than the Kruger gate route and is much more fun!
Travel safe :D
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