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Monkeys & Baboons in Camps/picnic Sites etc.

Discuss and find information on the Kruger National Park
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Re: Warning for Afsaal Picnic Spot KNP

Unread post by Mfezi » Tue Jul 09, 2013 8:26 pm

A couple of years ago, at Nwamanzi uitkyk punt (close to Olifants), some Vervet monkeys appeared out of the blue. They certainly were not in sight when we arrived at the view point. As we turned around, there was a Vervet in my car :big_eyes: and snatched the Stimorols!! Two chews, and he would spit it out and then try a new one...

One afternoon when I arrived in Berg and Dal camp at the camping area, the Vervets were busy raiding a camp site. They were not even scared off by the fact I arrived... :hmz:

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Re: Warning for Afsaal Picnic Spot KNP

Unread post by spargish » Wed Jul 10, 2013 10:13 am

That is their modus Operandi at that look out point. Same thing happened to us a month ago not a monkey in sight, out of the blue the come running towards us, turn around and there was already a vervet in the car :shock: Luckily all our snack were secure and the monkey was chased out with out getting any thing.

Im sure the catch a lot of people with that trick :rtm:
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Re: Warning for Afsaal Picnic Spot KNP

Unread post by Carol g » Wed Jul 10, 2013 12:27 pm

Rooies wrote:
Carol g wrote:
Rooies wrote:We experienced problems with monkeys and then someone produced a coffee table book with the face of a leopard on the cover. When the monkeys saw that, they scattered in all direction.

:lol: :lol: are you serious Rooies :lol:

I am very serious. The monkeys were watching us, waiting for the right opportunity to raid the tables. My friend said "watch this" He went to fetch the book and as soon as he lifted it, the monkeys scattered and started barking alarm calls. Try it for yourself.

Maybe the picnic spots should have some plastic table cloths made with leopard faces printed on them :hmz: :hmz:
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Re: Warning for Afsaal Picnic Spot KNP

Unread post by pops » Wed Jul 10, 2013 3:11 pm

WE too had a vervet jump onto our table. SO saw it and hit it with the roller towel which she happened to have in her hand. The vervet and its family stayed away and we ate in peace.

Now when we go to picnic spots SO will take our catapult out and pretend to shoot at the beasties and then put the catapult on the table. Result we braai and eat in peace. Never had any problems since then except that some other peeps get very annoyed when they see our catapult and mutter amongst themselves :naughty: regarding the catapult. As I said we eat in peace and they don't. :P

Staff at Nkulu have borrowed my catapult from time to time.
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Re: Warning for Afsaal Picnic Spot KNP

Unread post by Mfezi » Wed Jul 10, 2013 8:13 pm

I am wondering... :hmz: How about putting a rubber snake on your table? If the face of a leopard on a book cover can work, surely a rubber snake can also work. Every now and then, just pull the snake to move into a "different position." :hmz:

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Re: Warning for Afsaal Picnic Spot KNP

Unread post by Riverrat » Wed Jul 10, 2013 8:55 pm

Often over the years I have seen shop staff at Nkhulu and Tshokwane take out a catapult and after two or three stones directed into the trees very close (unintentionally as they were aimed to hit), the creatures backed off high into the tree canopy. Nkhulu staff started wrapping their catapults in bright yellow bungie rubber, and shooting didn't even become necessary....just the sight of bright colours got the message across. Even I started resorting to this subtle warning for a while.


I'd like to hear the opinion of a spokesperson of SAN Parks as to whether they would approve of the use of catapults. Clearly they are a buffer and deterrent before lethal lead injection becomes necessary, but so often young kids are likely take after their folks lead and "hunting" anything that moves in the picnic spots will become a problem.

There is nothing specific about catapults in the permits, other than instructions not to harm or interfere with wildlife.
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Re: Warning for Afsaal Picnic Spot KNP

Unread post by Yoda » Thu Jul 11, 2013 9:02 am

I had problems with Vervets at B & D this past December.
A few came to sit on the edge of the roof of our bungalow and watched us while we ate lunch.
Obviously waiting for an opening to come and steal something to eat.

I stood up and shouted and waved my arms. The monkeys must have realised that they weren't going to get anytihng from us, so they moved off eventually.

I suppose it is a difficult situation.
Even if people don't purposefully feed monkeys or baboons, they are intelligent and probably realise quickly that
humans = easy meal.

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Re: Warning for Afsaal Picnic Spot KNP

Unread post by Bush Baptist » Thu Jul 11, 2013 9:43 am

About 10 years ago there was an attendant at Nkuhlu, who seemed to run the site, called Eric. He had a catty and he used it on the vervets when his profanity in Shangaan didn't work. He never aimed at them or hit them, but when old Eric emerged with catty in hand using 'choice' words they would also disappear up to the canopy. Sadly, he was bitten by a snake and I never saw him after that. A true loyal Kruger Icon.
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Re: Warning for Afsaal Picnic Spot KNP

Unread post by wilmaw » Thu Jul 11, 2013 5:35 pm

LOL the photo of a leopard... I wouldn't have thought it!
I think we are going to adopt the water pistol philosophy.

We were recently at Tamboti and they (vervets) didn't like when we threw stuff at them, even when we just pretended to throw them with something (I had to go and pick up all our "litter" afterwards!). The shouting was less effective.

At Letaba I saw a woman biting a chunk off a carrot to feed it to a bushbuck. It boiled my blood! Now I regret not taking a photo (which I'm sure would've shamed her immediately?) and reported her to the staff. Even if the buck are inside the camp, they should still be considered wild.

Re Afsaal, I have also never encountered baboons or monkeys there but did encounter a hyena (it used to be after hours only but that time it was during picnic hours) and since we have small children it was a worry. There was someone checking the perimeter but he also explained that the hyena was a regular visitor (den apparently nearby) and getting more used to people i.e. a bigger danger. Not sure if this has stopped... I know hyenas move den from time to time but again, certain animals will go for easy food as we know.

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Re: Warning for Afsaal Picnic Spot KNP

Unread post by Cerberus » Fri Jul 12, 2013 11:24 am

Quite some time ago we stayed at Malelane, where the little vervet monkeys were a pain.
Staff there actively encouraged us to throw small stones at them as they were becoming very aggressive and raiding visitors' belongings and the homes of the staff too.

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Re: Warning for Afsaal Picnic Spot KNP

Unread post by Rooies » Fri Jul 12, 2013 11:40 am

Talking about ketties, we stayed north gate, Moremi in Botswana and the monkeys there have learned how to avoid being hit by a pellet from a kettie. As soon as you pick up the kettie, they hide behind the trunk of the tree. When you walk to the other side, they just move to this side. Give them just enough time and they will figure out another way of stealing. (Makes me think about some of our fellow human citizens)
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Re: Warning for Afsaal Picnic Spot KNP

Unread post by Tieroog » Sun Jul 14, 2013 6:46 pm

In August 2012 my sister, myself and her 2 year old grandchild visited the Kruger. We were having lunch at BnD when the monkeys grabbed the unused sugar from the table next to us where a few older women were having tea. They are very fast. Did it a second time as soon as everybody carried on with their normal activities.

At Nkulu a monkey was trying to steal some tourist's bag, but it was too heavy to pick up so it started looking to see what was in the bag. The uhmmmm :big_eyes: lady used some choice ( I think it was Italian) words, but the monkey did not run away. Her male companions were hiding behind her - not doing much to chase the little bugger away.

I (boere tannie) walked over and clapped my hands and told the monkey in Afrikaans to take a hike. I am not sure who got the bigger fright: the tourists or the monkey when I made my presence known, but at least the monkey did not get anything valuable. I would hate to know what she told her friends back home about the wild life and females of South Africa :redface:
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Re: Warning for Afsaal Picnic Spot KNP

Unread post by LeslieW » Tue Jul 23, 2013 9:32 pm

On Jul 21 at Nkuhlu picnic area a monkey came at me whildst I was eating at a picnic table. We screamed at him and eventually he ran off. The next day also at Nkuhlu an extremely large male baboon stole an ice cream from a lady seated behind me. The poor lady was about to take a bite of the ice cream when the baboon grabbed it from her and ran off. There was a uniformed employee standing around with a gun but he did not respond to the baboon problem. Today, Jul 23 at Tshokwane a bird stole a chip off my plate while I was eating. I've decided to avoid the picnic areas for the remainder of this trip. Too many robbers!

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Re: Warning for Afsaal Picnic Spot KNP

Unread post by melissal » Wed Jul 24, 2013 5:31 am

Similar thing happened to me at Tshokwane in March this year: had a toasted cheese sandwich on the table in front of me, as I reached out to pick up a piece I felt something grab my left leg, and turned to find a vervet on the ground to my left with its paw on my leg. While I was distracted, another vervet landed on the chair on my right and took half the sandwich. Apparently they work in teams now :D I'm only grabbing takeaway from the picnic spots from now on.
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Re: Warning for Afsaal Picnic Spot KNP

Unread post by AndreaB » Tue Jul 30, 2013 1:05 pm

Here is a story from my last Trip Report:

"We pulled in to Tshokwane for more of that yummy carrot cake - I was watching 2 baboons sizing up the early morning trade and watched them climb one tree whose branches were directly over our heads.

Seeing them creep along the branches staring at our food it was obvious they were on a reccy mission.

Suddenly they dropped to the ground and ran straight to the table next to us where an old lady with a stick and her daughter and granddaughter had a lovely brekkie spread out.

The blighters had spotted the weakest link and went straight for the kill. They hadn’t however reckoned with a gungho Dutchman (My SO) who leaped to his feet and started screamng and shouting at them.

One of the cheeky beggars still stuck his paw in the cooler box and was frantically rooting around before deciding it probably wasn’t worth getting a size 12 boot up his backside and running for the hills..."

Seems like nothing much has changed :-)

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