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Share your great sightings in Kruger here

Discuss and find information on the Kruger National Park
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Re: Share your great sightings in Kruger here

Unread postby jb72 » Mon Feb 14, 2011 5:00 pm

This was a really cool sighting on Sunday. There were more than 20 of these baby crocodiles laying next to the water.



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Re: Share your great sightings in Kruger here

Unread postby jb72 » Mon Feb 14, 2011 5:05 pm

Last one for today. While driving along the S41 on Sunday we saw a juvenile Bateleur that had caught a scrub hare. He had just sat down on the road to start his feast when suddenly loads of vultures desended onto him. He did not even get one taste. It was incredible - in less than 2 minutes there were about 10 vultures on the scrub hare and the poor Bateleur had to watch from a nearby tree.



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Re: Share your great sightings in Kruger here

Unread postby ossendryver » Mon Feb 14, 2011 9:10 pm

yip they were.
i counted 17.
it was so cute the one was trying to catch a dragon fly. :lol:

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Re: "Windgat" Kidnapper

Unread postby Fankie » Mon Mar 07, 2011 7:22 pm

Hi Everybody

Thanks for all the positive comments - my take on the whole situation is still that the bobbo was doing what comes naturally - eliminating a future threat to himself and his troop. Sounds a bit callous, but that's nature for you.

BTW - Heard from another Mite that its not as uncommon as one thinks - something similar was seen and reported along the Sabie River Road not so long ago. I was just extremely fortunate to have been able to witness it way back then.

Hi Bennie

Sent you a PM to help remember - my grey matter is also of the opinion that your name (even if shortened) rings a bell - your Avatar is another positive ..

Cheers to all from Heidiland

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Re: The "whoow" sighting or event in KNP

Unread postby rich87 » Fri May 06, 2011 10:30 pm

I hope this can be considered as a "whoow" event.
It happened when I was young in the mid 60's.
We arrived at Skukuza to find lots people lined up along the fence overlooking the Sabie river.
My sister and i ran up to see what everyone was looking at and only saw a few impala way up the bank on the other side of the river.
Then we head people saying that a leopard was in the reeds on the left hand side on the opposite river bank.
After a long wait the impala very skittish moved down to drink.
By this time there must have been about 40+ people looking at the river bank.
By now a few impala had made it to the water to drink.
All of a sudden the leopard was out the reeds and made its kill and then dragged the impala back into the reeds out of site.
I remember people crying "o no shame" others going "whoow" and a few even clapping.

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Re: The "whoow" sighting or event in KNP

Unread postby jan&dave » Sat May 07, 2011 6:31 am

Back in the day when Tshokwane only had a kiosk I asked the guy there what happened to the dead elephant on the corner of H1-2 and H10. His reply was that elephant killed it! Ellie was walking just the other side toilet block, Satara end of picnic site! So close he could have popped his trunk through the window!!
Regards Janice

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Re: The "whoow" sighting or event in KNP

Unread postby bambazonke » Sat May 07, 2011 12:09 pm

Lots really. Difficult to choose.

Being charged by a male lion, came slowly round a blind corner on the road to Mingerhout dam,
lions mating in the road, he resented being disturbed :redface: and stopped low growl, mane raised
and charge about 30 metres. I think his nose was against the bull bar of the landy, he then walked back to his lady, pride restored and they moved to the side of the road and continued.

On the road to Phalaborwa gate the tar one, a martial eagle taking a vervet, straight out of a tree.

Discovering how really. really long an elephants eyelashes are, when one decided to investigate the landy (I think) when he/she sneaked up from behind when i was watching vultures in a tree on the
river road between Letaba and Olifants.

A hyena kill of an injured buffalo close to Mopani camp.

A large tawny eagle taking a new born impala lamb and then being too exhausted to carry it sitting
guarding the kill by spreading its wings over it, while it recovered enough to take the kill to a tree.

These were not all in one trip of course.
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Re: The "whoow" sighting or event in KNP

Unread postby DASSIEDELIGHT » Mon May 09, 2011 3:00 pm

Hi all,

Just back from 16 nights in KNP which was our 6th visit and every time there has been 'wow' events.
This time:
2 Genets on our patio at Berg en dal. We resisted the temptation to feed them but it was lovely to see them so close.
On the S83 near Skukuza 2 huge male lions walking towards us on the road. We just pulled to one side and they passed by with hardly a look. I could have reached out the window and stroked them!!
In the Matembeni Hide watching a magnificent Fish Eagle land on the rock in front of us and then he swooped into the water and carried off a large fish. Amazing!
The joy of seeing herds of 25 or more elis going to and from the Letaba River.
Right in front of the Letaba restaurant, 4 very large crocs took a baby hippo off the bank and tore it apart. NOT a nice sight but I have never seen (in real life - only on tv) crocs doing their 'thing' of twisting and rolling to dismember their prey.
And not for everyone, my SO (Peregrine Falcon) going hunting for scorpions in Letaba camp after dark and finding a huge one in a crack in a tree!!

I am hoping to finally suss out how to do a trip report and post photos of the above some time soon.

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Re: The "whoow" sighting or event in KNP

Unread postby Bush Baptist » Mon May 09, 2011 7:21 pm

My biggest 'woohoo' sighting was not in Kruger but in Addo, where I saw a red hartebeest being born.

Otherwise my serval in a tree on the H10 takes the cake.

The 4 big animal kills are hardly woohoo because I was so entranced I couldn't take photos or anything, just watched. (Lion, cheetah & wild dog x2).

Lions on a kill at Tshok, last time gave an adrenalin rush, because they were 25 metres away with no fence!
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Re: The "whoow" sighting or event in KNP

Unread postby mattmillielibby » Tue May 10, 2011 2:58 pm

Wild dog kill up against the fence at Berg-en-Dal :D
November 2012 trip
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2 Nights Satara
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1 EXTRA night Skukuza

3 nights sabie river bungalows

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Re: Share your great sightings in Kruger here

Unread postby issi » Wed May 25, 2011 5:45 pm

Mauxie, what 'n sighting!!!! Have traveled that dusty road 10000 times and no leopard, as a matter of fact.... NO CATS!!!

I don’t know if it was our best sighting ever but it was quite interesting. March 2003 midday Leeupan… lions “can you believe it” at the waterhole. The lions were doing what lions do best sleeping…. Along comes Mr Elephant and drank some water right in front of the lions. Waiting in the background to come on stage was 2 buffalos. The cow had an injured leg and the handsome dugged boy was protecting her. They were standing with their hind legs in a “gwarriebos”. As Mr elephant finished drinking he walk right at the buffalos and as if irritated sprayed the last of the water from his trunk! At the same time the lions started the ambush… moving into position for attack. The elephant kept on walking right threw the gwarriebos were the buffalos were standing. He and flushed them from the bush and the fight was on. The lions went for the injured buffalo and at that time every thing was in slowmo… the bull kept between the lions and the cow and charged them and they re-grouped and started stalking the buffalos again. This went on for quit some time. The 4 lions could not catch the injured cow and we watched until they left the area. The two buffalos followed by the 4 lions. What happened later we do not know, maybe the lions caught the cow that night, who knows. Its like watching a move and it stops just at the climax.
Sorry I can post the photos, it was in the days of the film cameras, and my scanner is broken….

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Re: Share your great sightings in Kruger here

Unread postby joekin » Thu May 26, 2011 9:20 am

My fav moment....good old duke Taken: 2008:08:27 09:21:03

2 days before he broke his 2nd tusk.

i believe these were the last photos taken of duke with 1 tusk


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Luckiest day ever!

Unread postby Bundi » Mon Aug 01, 2011 9:54 am

Maybe mites can tell us of there luckiest day in the park ever. That one day that stands out because of amazing sightings. One of the reasons we all go is to see that amazing sighting that comes around only once or twice in a lifetime. Sometimes these sightings happens within the same day or within the same hour.

Tell us about that day.

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Re: Luckiest day ever!

Unread postby mizzbee » Mon Aug 01, 2011 11:49 am

On the 8th may 2010, the Crocodile bridge gate was closed to normal vehicles due to damage sustained during previous heavy rain. As I live in Durban, I like to leave the Park early to get home while it is still daylight. However we were forced to use the S25 and exit at the Malelane gate. In 2 hours 17 minutes we managed to see the Big 5 on this road. Definitely a worthwhile detour in my opinion.
We also managed to spot the infamous ecojunkie near the Timfenheni Loop, but only realised it was her once we had gone past.
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Re: Luckiest day ever!

Unread postby Bush Baptist » Mon Aug 01, 2011 1:25 pm

Also S25, but I am not big 5 verskrik. (Besotted).

Heard of 2 lions on a kill at the Biyamiti causeway in the evening, so we set iff to look for them. On the way we ha a hyena ran in front of us with an impala head in its jaws, trailing gibblets. Then we had wild dogs, a leopard a km further, a breeding herd of eles with youngsters, before we got to the sleeping lions, then to cap it off, a magnificent close pair of African hawk eagles. All in 2 hours or so.
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