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Bateleur Bushveld Camp

Discuss the different camps and roads of the Kruger National Park
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Unread post by Kingfisha » Wed Sep 12, 2007 12:22 pm

Hi Naomi
I was in Bateleur last year, but it is also one of my favourites. Will be there again in January.

There are only 3 X 6 sleepers, no 1, 4 and no 7. No 7 is the only 6 bed with wheelchair access, so make sure they have booked you in there. You can speak to Lazarus (camp manager) at 013 7356843 about a week before your trip.

No 1 is closest (next to) the bird hide - but no wheelchair access.
The walking trail is not really geared for wheelchairs because it is just a sand / gravel path.
The hide has a ramp so it may be worth it to drive to the hide for a sun downer.

In the dry times the waterhole does dry up, but maybe with some rain in Oct or Nov you may be lucky.

You are right it is VERY hot in November and you can expect minimum averages of 19 and maximum of 33 (which can go to 38).
Airconditioners only in the main bedroom of each chalet - you will have to offer the main bedroom to mom!

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Unread post by Wild-doc » Wed Sep 12, 2007 5:51 pm

The waterhole in front of the hide is dry at the moment, but there is however an artificial hole about 15 meters further on that gets filled.
During our recent stay there, we just strolled up to the hide one night as we had heard some animals in the bush along the fence.
Put my torch on the waterhole and found quite a-lot of buffs in and around the hole.
Only to be followed by a pair of Side striped jackals.
You also don't need to spend your whole day in the car.
Early morning and late afternoon drives up to Rooibosrand and silwervis dams can be very productive. Rooibosrand has some stunning sunsets and Roan, Sable, Eland, plus most of the big five bar the Rhino can be seen there.
Also lovely waterbirds.
Only drawback is that the far bank of the dam is some distance away, so don't leave without bino's (as we did one arvie :redface: I was too busy packing the cooler).
Sliwervis does give a bit more of a secluded feeling but also some lovely sightings.

Both are less than 30 min's from camp.

Just the sunset at Rooibosrand to water your lips.

naomi c
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Unread post by naomi c » Tue Nov 27, 2007 9:27 am

Bravo Bateleur!
Congratulations to Lazarus and his team for winning the award for best Bush Camp.
We stayed there for four nights recently - our first visit to this camp.
I can easily understand why it was chosen as the best Bush Camp - everything is kept spotlessly neat and clean, but a very discreet way.
The personnel is friendly and extremely helpful.
And then there are little things that make the stay there very special.
Every night our camp attendant, Pepu, lit a lantern on the stoep.
Turn off all the lights and it creates a real "out of Africa" atmosphere.
She cleaned the braai every morning, washed and scrubbed it until spotless, including our own braai-grid.
In front of every chalet there is a bird bath.
These are also cleaned every morning and filled with fresh water - first time that I have seen that.
It seems that all the birdbaths are kept clean and filled, regardless of the amount of occupied chalets.
I followed the advice of placing a few ice cubes in the water and it worked like a charm.
We spent a lot of time in camp and had an endless parade of birds visiting the bird bath.
I will post under "Birds" at a later stage, got two lifers by just sitting on the stoep!
The areas around the chalets are swept regularly, but it was never done while we were there.
As I have said, everything is done with the least disturbance to the visitors.
The camp was so quiet you get the feeling of being all alone in the bush.
The few times that we went out for a drive we hardly encountered another car.
And the other nice thing is the two dams exclusively for Bateleur visitors. Rooibosrant is awesome for water birds and the scenery around Silvervis is just beautiful.
I can definitely recommend this camp - it is an experience not to be missed.

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Unread post by Freda » Fri Jan 04, 2008 5:16 pm

My last visit was Nov 2006, the camp and camp manager are excellent, the birding and hide are unbelievable :D
Always something to see at Silwervis Dam and lots of great drives in the area, I am sure you will see plenty 8)
We visited Rooibosrant about 8.30 one morning and found this leopard
Image went back about 4pm and there it was in the tree and not another car in sight - magic.
Have a fantastic trip!
I am so :mrgreen:

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Bateleur bird hide fire

Unread post by pamelajane » Sat Aug 16, 2008 4:51 pm

We were staying at Bateleur Bush Camp (07/08/2008)when a bush burn jumped the dry river bed and set fire to the grass beneath the bird hide.
Moments later the hide caught fire and before long was a raging inferno - all we could do was prevent it from spreading further into the camp.
By the time the firefighters arrived it was all over and the hide was burnt to the ground.
Very sad but nevertheless a lovely camp to visit.

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Re: Bateleur bird hide fire

Unread post by leelee » Mon Oct 27, 2008 4:04 pm

I have phoned Bateleur and spoke to Stephen. According to him they are rebuilding the hide and will finish within the next week or two. They have also made some changes to the 'conference' area. Thanks to all at Bateleur and the Parks Board for all the renovations and re-building of the hide! :clap:
God, please bless our wilderness!


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Re: Bataleur Bushveld Camp

Unread post by francoisd » Mon Jan 19, 2009 8:46 am

Bushmad we were in Batleur at the end of January 2008 for the birding weekend. It was hot but not unbearable (but then again I like the heat) and the units do have aircon.

It is a long drive from Johannesburg and entering at Punda Maria is maybe best.

This is a great camp
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Re: Bataleur Bushveld Camp

Unread post by G@mespotter » Mon Jan 19, 2009 2:39 pm

Bateleur is an AMAZING camp, especially for birders!
If possible, ask for unit 7, it has the best view.
I was there to celebrate the first day of 2009!
Will discuss the camp extensively in my trip report (this week still) and post a few pics.
The service was beyond expectation!
It has a new birdhide, with an awesome setting.
Do yourself a favour, and book at least 2 nights here :D
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Re: Bateleur bird hide fire

Unread post by Cees » Fri Feb 27, 2009 9:30 pm

Phalaborwa Bird Club provides Bateleur Bird hide with new poster displays.

After a bushfire destroyed the Bird hide at Bateleur Bushcamp in August of last year, SAN-Parks and the camp Manager Lazarus Lekhuleni, have been very committed to rebuild it as soon as possible.
They managed to build a beautiful new hide, but unfortunately, in the fire, the poster displays and information boards with photographs and narratives of birds were also lost.

These original displays were made and put up in January 2001 by the Phalaborwa Bird Club, who have maintained them ever since.
The Club, which also provided the Bird Hides of Shimuwini and Sirheni with displays and information for birders and other interested people, thought it to be their duty (and pleasure) to give the Bateleur Hide new displays.
The Phalaborwa Bird Club ‘s objective in this is to try and educate people about birds, their identification and their way of life.

With donations from The Palabora Foundation and private persons, they were able to buy material to make new boards, bring them to Bateleur, install them and provide them with new posters, photographs and narratives for all interested people to read and look at.
New photographs were donated by members of the Bird Club and photographs donated originally by well known Wild Life photographers Nigel Dennis and Albert Froneman were used again.

The construction team spend the weekend in Bateleur Bush Camp, making sure everything was properly installed and stocked with all kinds of interesting information.
The staff at the camp were all very appreciative and looked after us well.
Thanks to Mr. Ben van Eeden en Mr. Lazarus Lekhuleni of SAN-Parks for supporting us.

It is hoped that the guests staying in Bateleur will appreciate this wonderful initiative and will enjoy it for years to come.

Herewith some pictures :cam: of the new hide with and without posters (and construction team :whistle: )
Image The new (still empty) hide

Image2 of the new poster displays and information boards with photographs and narratives of birds

ImageThe hide @ a different angle :lol:

ImageSome members of the Phalaborwa Bird Club construction team

On behalf of the Phalaborwa Bird Club,
Cees 8)
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Finally home now!!!
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Re: Bateleur bird hide fire

Unread post by p@m » Fri Feb 27, 2009 10:10 pm

Well done Phalaborwa Bird Club :clap: :clap: :clap:

And thanks for the update Cees :thumbs_up:

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Re: Bateleur bird hide fire

Unread post by saraf » Sat Feb 28, 2009 10:27 am

Congratulations Phalaborwa Bird Club - it looks fantastic.

I must say when I heard about the fire at Bateleur I was dismayed, we'd booked for the New Year and I never thought they'd have it back in time.

Lazarus worked a small miracle to get the new one built in such a short time, especially when you think how remote Bateluer is. An amzing effort all round. :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
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Re: Bataleur Bushveld Camp

Unread post by enrico » Fri Jun 25, 2010 1:42 pm

Stayed at Bateleur in early June.
Great camp. Quiet.
There were only three of the seven chalets occupied.
There is no shop, no cell phones.
No pool,at this stage but Lazarus says he is being asked by guests to put one in.

IMHO it would be an asset,especially in summer.
After all there are only seven chalets.

The accommodation is spacious, clean and our chalet overlooked a river bed with a few pools of water.
The chalet came fully equipped.
The only suggestion is take a torch/spotlight.
The braai is a little distance from the chalet and you need a light to ensure your meat is done to your liking.
Also the spotlight comes in handy at the hide and around the camp at night.
Lots of birdlife and we had a Genet visit us nightly.

I really like the fact that by staying at Bateleur you can get to the Shingwedzi loops and Red Rocks before the crowds from Shingwedzi.

I must agree that I prefer Sirheni to Bateleur after staying at both this trip.

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Re: Bateleur Bushveld Camp

Unread post by gwendolen » Sun Jun 27, 2010 6:08 pm

Pumbaa wrote:Must say that we were quite impressed from the friendlyness of the staff and the accommodation itself. The verandah is huge and we had a bird bath right in front I filled same up with water and soon plenty of birds came for a bath.

There are some walking trails in the camp, a hide which can be illuminated by darkness and a lantern will be provided by the staff when it becomes dark which is just fantastic - Just like at Punda.

The bird bath and lantern sound lovely. We had a little bird bath at Biyamiti, it also served as squirrel & vervet drinking hole. :lol:

Barcud wrote:Stierling's Wren-warbler are in the bushes on the way down to the hide, Side-striped Jackal on the night drive and Genets in the tree next to the hide itself. Magical place.

Thanks! I'm off to check out your trip report.

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Re: Bateleur Bushveld Camp

Unread post by saraf » Sat Jul 10, 2010 9:04 am

Not all the bungalows have a bird bath so it might be best to request one that has, if you really want one.
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Re: Bateleur Bushveld Camp

Unread post by Jumbo » Sat Jul 10, 2010 2:21 pm

If your are booked in a 4-sleeper, request #6…the best 6 sleeper IMHO is #7…both these units have sort of a view towards the riverbed (others not)
#6 has a birdbath that is VERY popular among the birds (in the shade) ….in December, treat the birds a bit by adding ice to the water.
A very nice sighting we had here during our last visit, was the Greater Honeyguide (and from other reports on this forum, it appears to be a regular).

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