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Kruger Residence Speed Limit

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Kruger Residence Speed Limit

Unread post by Riaanf31 » Tue Jan 21, 2014 10:46 am

When in the park recently I overheard that people who are resident (they have a Kudu disc in the car windscreen) within Sanparks, may drive at 65kmh on the tar roads. This was a bit of a surprise to me.

The speed limits for tourists is very clear and well known: 40kph max on dirt roads and 50kph max on tar roads.

Could somebody clarify this for me. :hmz: :hmz: :hmz: :hmz: :hmz:
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Re: Kruger Residence Speed Limit

Unread post by saraf » Tue Jan 21, 2014 10:52 am

Only if they are on official SANParks business and have the appropriate training. That's my understanding.
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Re: Kruger Residence Speed Limit

Unread post by Elsa » Tue Jan 21, 2014 11:05 am

Also as far as I know they have to have the official SANParks decal on the side of the door and be on official business.

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Re: Kruger Residence Speed Limit

Unread post by Wild@Heart » Tue Jan 21, 2014 11:38 am

Hi Riaanf31,

KNP staff are allowed to drive at 15km/h above the speed limit. No training is needed thou, but here is an extract of an official clarification a while back

KNP Spokesman wrote:Just to clear up any confusion about the speed at which staff may drive, it is 65km/h on tar roads and 40km/h on gravel roads. However, there are certain restrictions to this speed (ie slow down when passing a tourist's vehicle or in the vicinity of game, drive with caution if the shoulder alongside the road has high levels of vegetation etc). This is applicable to anyone with a "kudukop" (disc on windscreen) and the reason for its implementation is so that staff members can realistically go about their duties and functions. Please think realistically here: "Sorry boss, I couldn't catch those poachers because I was chugging along at 50km/h ..." or "Sorry Mr Tourist, I see you were in an accident and are dying of your injuries, but I had to drive at 50km/h to get here ...".

Also, if staff are caught speeding they penalties are a bit heavier than tourist i.t.o the following

KNP Spokesman wrote:YES! Staff are most definitely punished for speeding in the park. And it happens in the following way:
* The ranger, traffic cop or law enforcement officer writes out a ticket for the offence and - just like visitors to the KNP - they are fined;
* A list of staff "offenders" is compiled and tabled at the monthly KNP Executive Committee meeting. The KNP EXCO (as it is called) is the highest decision-making body of the KNP and includes HODs, Regional Managers and the Executive Director. The HODs and Regional Managers then take the list and identifies the people who report to him/her and initiates disciplinary proceedures. These procedures are standard South African Labour Law procedures (ie written warnings, disciplinary hearings, dismissal etc - depending on the seriousness of the charge).

And on another occasion this was what was said as well

KNP Spokesman wrote:Regarding the staff members who speed, this is regarded in a very serious light as the person caught not only has to follow the legal proceedure (ie pay admission of guilt fine or go to court, like everyone else) but he or she is also disciplined internally according to our Code of Conduct.
Incidentally all KNP Offical Vehicles (ie fleet vehicles) are fitted with "black boxes" which record speeds, violent braking etc and this evidence is also used during disciplinary procedures.

So, staff members get a "double whammy" if they are caught speeding!

Hope this clears it up a bit ..

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Re: Kruger Residence Speed Limit

Unread post by johanrebel » Wed Jan 22, 2014 8:54 pm

Wild@Heart wrote:KNP staff are allowed to drive at 15km/h above the speed limit. No training is needed.
Staff at the private lodges in the concessions within the KNP can also get a koedoekop, so the requirement seems to be residency/employment within the park, not being KNP staff. Researchers etc. also have koedoekoppe.


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