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Orpen Cam Sightings recorded in February 2006

Discuss the Orpen (KNP), Satara (KNP), Addo and Nossob (KTP) webcams
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Unread post by Tabs » Wed Feb 15, 2006 12:04 am

Jose wrote:
Wild@Heart wrote:Let me play Devil's Advocate here ...

I'm saying that all the pics are of Lions. The 1st being a female followed by a male (mating pair?) ...<...>

...followed by (at least one) other female. Agree with W@H. All lions. 8)
Nice capture!

If it helps, I also agree with W@H and Jose.

Unless it was taken by surprise, no self-respecting cheetah would stay in the area for more than a nano-second if there were lions nearby - and the lions would have been going full-pelt after the cheetah, not strolling through the bush as if they had all day :)

Lions (and other large predators) will attack any other smaller/weaker predator that they come across as they cannot afford to have 'competition' for their food sources or have their hunting spoiled by an interloper. The smaller predator will beat a hasty retreat if it senses a larger or stronger one nearby because it knows that it's life will be at risk, and that it cannot compete for the prey.

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Unread post by LittleLeopard » Wed Feb 15, 2006 12:08 am

GoofyPEST wrote:Just guessing here.

Me too. :? The second pic looks to me like it could be a buff, but the last one makes me think it's a blue wildebeest. :? :?

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