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Webcam etiquette - a guide

Discuss the Orpen (KNP), Satara (KNP), Addo and Nossob (KTP) webcams
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Webcam etiquette - a guide

Unread post by MATTHYS » Fri Dec 09, 2011 8:16 am

Webcam etiquette

The following guidelines are a result of a poll held amongst forum members. The moderators would like to encourage all members to please follow these suggestions. They are however a guide and not rules.

What should be posted @cam highlights ?
(Orpen, Satara, Nossob and Addo cam highlights in the webcam forum)
* Only rare/unusual/exeptional/unique/close up/amazing sightings.
(88% voted in favour)

Who should post pics @cam highlights ?
* Any member but, should mention all viewers of such a sighting.
(58% voted in favour)

Should pics be posted at cam highlights directly ?
* Pics should be posted in the daily sighting threads before being posted @Cam Highlights.
(86% voted in favour)

Should the cam chat thread to be restricted to webcam discussions only ?
* It is acceptable to have general chit chat chat in this thread.
(86% voted in favour)

Should short on topic/ID discussions be allowed in the daily sightings thread ?
* Yes.
( 81%% voted in favour)

Should the pictures of the same animal/sighting be limited ?
* Common sense should prevail.
( 84% voted in favour )

Should there be a restriction regarding posts allowed per member within a certain time frame ?
* 44% voted in favour of no restrictions regarding posts per member.
33% voted that it should be restricted and 22% voted that it should only be restricted when other members are posting too.

Not voted on but included :

* Double postings are removed by the mods once per day and it would be appreciated if the posters would remove or edit double posts by replacing the pic with a smiley ( doubles are easier to spot this way).
Please note that if your post is the last one to go up and the picture has already been posted, you can delete that post yourself.

* Up to a maximum of 4 pictures (posted below each other) should be posted, per post/frame.
More than 4 pics per frame is a problem for members with slower connections and all posters are requested to please take this into consideration.

Most important is that members have fun here - and enjoy the cam experience! Please respect the outcome of the poll, but also show tolerance towards members who might slip up and not follow the guidelines to the letter at times.
The Webcam etiquette should be regarded as a guideline and is intended to create sharing and a friendly environment on the cam forums .

If the webcams are down, the moderators invite you to :
- Have a look around our forums, there is a host of wonderful Trip Reports and information on SANParks.
- Take part in the Chit Chat Forum where we greet, meet and chat.

Happy Camming!! :D
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