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Roberts Bird Software...Questions

Identify and index birds in Southern Africa
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Roberts Bird Software...Questions

Unread post by abbo » Sun Oct 03, 2010 9:00 am

Hi All

I having been wanting to get the Roberts software from 'SA Birding' for awhile now and need a bit of help doing so.If anyone can answer my questions it will be greatly appreciated.

1.Is the software (for a PDA) extremely helpful or just a cool 'toy' to have in the bush?
2.Can one still purchase PDA's anywhere or is it just worth getting a cell phone that can run windows and has a touch screen?
3. I have looked at the HTC T3333 phone, does anyone know if this is compatable with the software?Im a little technologically challenged!
4.Is there anything I may need to know about the entire setup before I go ahead and spend money I dont have? :lol:

Thanks is advance for any help offered.

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Re: Roberts Bird Software...Questions

Unread post by gmlsmit » Sun Oct 03, 2010 11:01 am

I am fortunate to have a HP PDA.

I have the Roberts PDA version loaded and find it extremely helpful while in the Parks.

It gives a few pictures, the territorial map, text about the species and then it also has the sounds which make it very interesting.

Of course you can also comiple your own sightings lists for the different areas.

I spend a lot of leizure time at home with my PDA and the Roberts, also while waiting for the coals in the braai to settle and having a cold beer and the family around and of course listening to the real thing in Pafuri or Punda Maria or Sirheni or Bateleur or Shingwedzi or Mopani or Shimuwini or Letaba or Olifants or Satara or Orpen or Talamati or Skukuza or Lower Sabie or Mbiyamiti . . . . .

All in all I thoroughly enjoy mine.
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Re: Roberts Bird Software...Questions

Unread post by abbo » Sun Oct 03, 2010 12:09 pm

Thanks for the reply, have the same idea....Im currently working in the middle east and get 8 weeks at home each year.Also though it would be great to listen to the birds and 'play' abit during leisure time sitting here in the desert :x

Thanks for the advice.

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