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Birding: Wilderness NP

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Birding: Wilderness NP

Unread post by Batmad » Mon Aug 17, 2009 3:44 pm

we set off early that morning in search of some awesome lifers to come!

Our goal was to complete the half colored kingfisher trail, enjoy the day and get as much lifers as possible! :dance: :dance:

We paid at reception, had a look around, and then we where off!!

We where met with freindly faces at the beggining of the Trail and knew where were going to have a splendid day!

our first birds presented themselves in the shape of a Terrestriol Brownbul. They where busy searching the leaves on the ground.

We then moved on and where greated by Knysna Turaco's flying over the first picnic spot :dance:

Sombre Greenbul's where abundant and there calls echoed through the forest canopy.

Cape batis presented itself just after the pontoon river crossing. Its familiar "phrrrrrrrrrp" of its wings flapping where always heard at this spot and further on.

The Lessor double colored sunbirds where busy doing there courtship displays! very beautiful with there yellow shoulder patches! :D

I was also lucky enough to see a breif sighting of a Swee waxbill. i flushed it as i walked past a reedbed and i saw there diognostic red rump :D

We made our way back on the trail ending our day off in wilderness but had one last sighting of a Purple heron which flew past us at the same picnic site we saw the turacos at.

all in all a great day at wilderness NP! 8)
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Re: Birding Wilderness NP

Unread post by Caracal » Sun Sep 20, 2009 9:43 am

Definitely a great place for birding..well done Batmad :thumbs_up:
Thanks for sharing !

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