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Yaninaz - Marakele 1 day trip report - Oct 2011

Tell us about your breathtaking experiences in the parks
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Yaninaz - Marakele 1 day trip report - Oct 2011

Unread post by yaninaz » Mon Oct 31, 2011 12:10 pm

We are back from our family trip to South Africa. Marakele was our first national park (and our first safri in africa ever) and turned out to be a very successful one.
We stayed one night on October 2011 and got to see a lot of animals.

Some of our pictures can be seen in

And some impressions can be read in my blog

Some recomendation :
(We are newbes in game watching, and some of it sounds obvious, but hopefully other first timer may gain something of it)
- One day is not enough! Try to stay at least 2 days. There are a lot of animals that can be seen especially in the 2 hours before/after the sun is up/down.
- the map that is given in the reception is a bit misleading in regard to the location of the vulture colony. There is a small icon of a vulture on the map, which might lead people to think that it where the location is. It is not. This road leads to the end of the park. I suggest asking in the reception for the location and marking it on the map. We did get explanations on the park roads and sections, but we haven't wrote it down on the map.
- The stay at the tlopi camp is great. You can see a lot of birds, monkeys, and animals just sitting on the deck in front of the
- Don't leave food un attended. The monkeys are waiting. Our neighbors left bread on the table just for a few moments. That was all the monkey needed - a few jumps and the bread was stolen!
- The 3 hours game drive with the ranger is recommended. The rangers are knowledgeable and tell a lot of interesting fact about the animals, their behaviour, and the relations between them.

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Re: Marakele 1 day trip report

Unread post by yaninaz » Tue Nov 01, 2011 7:06 am

Thank you Mellory for naming the Wildebeest.
We saw black Wildebeest as well in MZNP.
My eldest daughter is 13.5. The rest are younger.
It was an amazing experience for all of them: to stay and sleep in a place where big animals roam .
It was beyond imagination.

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