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Marakele: ADVICE

Golden Gate, Mapungubwe, Marakele
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Bontle campsite

Unread post by Natura » Sun Dec 03, 2006 9:28 pm

Hi All

Can anyone give me some info or pics on the Bontle campsite at Marakele? Is it shady stands, grassed? Planning a trip for December and can only seem to find lots of pics and detailed info regarding Tlopi camp.

Any help will be much appreciated!
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Unread post by gwendolen » Mon Dec 04, 2006 10:47 am

Hi Natura,

I found info about Bontle is this thread: Camping @ Marakele

No pictures in the thread, but people do mention the sites are grassed.

Perhaps someone has been there lately and could provide us with some photos?

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Andreas Cierpka
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Unread post by Andreas Cierpka » Wed Dec 06, 2006 1:04 pm

Here are some pictures (taken 2004) ... 005_1.html

start at bild_0201 till bild_0216

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Unread post by Blyde » Thu Jan 04, 2007 3:41 pm

We’re planning a quick break away at Marakele (first time) soon and will be staying in Tlopi. I’ve been unable to find a map for Tlopi. Can anybody recommend a tent please or point me in the direction of a camp map?
At reservations, “fish eagle” was recommended.

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Unread post by Blyde » Mon Jan 22, 2007 8:33 am

Thanks for the answer Papop. You’re right about the last tent. Unfortunately it was already booked.
The tent we stayed in, would be perfect in winter because it’s got no shade :shock: but never the less
it was an awesome experience.
The scenery is spectacular! We’ll go back just for that.
Saw very little game and none of the big five but boy oh boy the rest was pure magic. :D
(For my nits I’ll complete the standard feedback form :)
This park could become a real jewel with a little TLC. :?

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Unread post by Blyde » Fri Mar 02, 2007 8:58 am

Kimberly, we were there with a 2x4. The first road on the left as you leave Thlopi, takes you to the tar road that goes up to the towers. I think it’s supposed to be a 4x4 route but we were sure that if you drive slowly and carefully a normal car can do it easily. Maybe somebody else knows better?

As for the wild dogs, they were released half an hour before we booked in but we failed to find them :redface: and we did spend a lot of time trying to find them (mostly because of the aircon in the car :lol: )

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Marakele info required

Unread post by vhurly » Sun Mar 25, 2007 6:01 pm

We will be visiting Tlopi camp next week. Can you tell me whether the two beds are double beds or single? I assume single.

We have heard that there are cycads in the area, could anyone confirm this. If so, where are they to be found and what type of encephalartos are they?

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Unread post by Shidzidzii » Mon Mar 26, 2007 8:28 am

Encephalartos eugene-maraisii , up to 5m high , are found in the park.

Doug Taylor
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Marakele - some general comments

Unread post by Doug Taylor » Tue May 01, 2007 5:23 pm

We spent a very pleasant 4 nights in Tlopi at the beginning of April. We saw very little game in either part of the park, but saw 75 birds (some lifers) and identified a number of trees - which was all rather fun. Some of the 4x4 tracks were quite serious (we had to use low range) and I wouldn't try them in a 2Xanything but good luck if you like walking in the great outdoors. Everything about the park and Tlopi was great with one exception - the floors SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK all the time and because the tents are quite close together you hear all the midnight toilet visits, etc.! Those who are looking for a romantic time away would best be advised to try elsewhere.

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Josh. W
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Unread post by Josh. W » Thu May 03, 2007 4:39 pm

I was just wondering if anyone has experienced the gravel roads, east of Tlopi Camp, they are the worst roads I have ever been on, and I have been on some shockers!! It was absolutely fantastic!!! If you want to test your 4X4 out, this is the place to do it, if it doesn't cope, it can't be called a 4X4. Hopefully they haven't fixed the road, that would be a pity. :(
Other than that it's an exquisitely beautiful park.

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Unread post by Fhatuwani » Thu May 03, 2007 10:57 pm

Hi Josh

The road east of Tlopi camp is currently under construction with big machinery on site converting it into normal sedan road. And hopefully the project will be completed end of May 07.


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Unread post by Fhatuwani » Mon May 07, 2007 11:56 am

Besides the road east of Tlopi tented camp which is currently under constraction there are other 4x4 roads which are still open and i really enjoy the ride. see you next time in Marakele

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Marakele and game drives?

Unread post by wmi » Sun May 13, 2007 10:30 pm

Hello I'm new at the forum.

We’ve traveled many times in groups to Africa. This time we are going to do a self drive. We are going to travel with a regular sedan. Most off the time that’s not going to be a problem. Only in Marakele it a little problem because most of the roads are only accessible by 4x4. This trip we want to visit Marakele. With groups Marakele is never in the program list. If I’m well informed there are options to book night drives and 4x4 drives at the park: Reception Office, Bontle Camping Site or Tlopi tented camp.

On this site of sanparks I don't see the options to book this.
Can anybody who has bin there tell me some more and conform if I’m right. Maybe someone knows the tariffs as well.
Who can tell me more?
Kind regards,

An African Wildlife fan

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Unread post by Imberbe » Mon May 14, 2007 11:36 pm

Hi wmi

We visited Marakele this weekend. We did not have much time to spend there, but I noted that many of the roads have been upgraded and are now quite accessible by ordinary sedan. You will thus have no problem driving yourselves around.

The road to the "Towers" is tarred, and is definitely the highlight of the visit. It takes you to the top of the mountain and there are some brilliant scenery. We also saw plenty of klipspringer, peregrine falcon and of course the breeding colony of vultures

Night drives and day drives can be booked at reception, though I do not know what the price is.

Enjoy your visit! It is a small but beautiful park.
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