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Addo: Camping

Addo, Camdeboo, Karoo, Mountain Zebra
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Re: "Overtime!"

Unread post by PNF » Fri Mar 28, 2014 7:35 am

Unfortunately this does seem to be happening more and more often. One excuse that we've heard is that they want to go out for a game drive early before leaving and don't have time to break down until they get back. Fair enough but why can't the breaking down of camp start the day before? or take your tent/trailer/caravan with you on a drive?
Just goes to prove that it takes all sorts to make the world ............. and inconsiderate people are one of them!
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Roberto Betta
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Re: "Overtime!"

Unread post by Roberto Betta » Fri Apr 25, 2014 8:07 am

This past Easter W/end we booked in Friday at around 2pm (usual time) till Monday at MZNP and a family came in with no booking nothing demanding an overnight stay. I overheard the receptionist mention that the reserve was fully booked yet he still had the cheek to ask for a patch of grass anywhere. I was also informed that there were many overnight stayers over that w/end which I find rather unfair to people who would like to stay there over the entire week-end. I myself struggled to find accommodation all because of people that just pass by and I spoke to a gent from JHB that had to stay in 2 different cottages and at the camp site just to be able to stay there over the Easter w/end. Maybe there should be a minimum nights stays over the holiday seasons.

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Re: Rustic camp site(s) in Addo?

Unread post by mariek » Tue Apr 29, 2014 9:27 pm

If you are happy to use a pre erected tent and leave yours in the car, then I cannot recommend Spekboom enough. Tiny tiny camp offering simple and affordable but well equipped tents - no staff on site in the evening so it's just you, a braai and the ellies walking by. We stayed 3 nights and I would gladly have stayed much longer.

If you go - pick a tent on the perimeter for seclusion and wildlife as company :)

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Re: Rustic camp site(s) in Addo?

Unread post by FrontierPR » Mon May 26, 2014 1:17 pm

You could also give the Narina bush camp a try if you're willing to shack up in a tent:

It offers you a secluded experience in a magical forest, where you'll spend some time at the foot of the Zuurberg Mountains and on the banks of the Wit River.

The road to Narina is a gravel road of approximately 25 kilometres and even though it is not necessary to have a 4x4, a high clearance vehicle is needed to travel this road.

It consists of four tents with two single beds in each, and a central kitchen and ablutions. Upon booking, the entire camp is yours to enjoy.

Have a look: ... camp_id=75

Bookings are made directly with the Park on (042) 233 8617.

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