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Table Mountain NP - Activities

Agulhas, Bontebok, Table Mountain, Tankwa Karoo, West Coast
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Re: Which trail for climb up Table Mountain?

Unread post by Graham_5000 » Wed Oct 24, 2012 2:14 am

My favourites are Kasteelspoort, Skeleton gorge and Platteklip.

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Re: Which trail for climb up Table Mountain?

Unread post by jacquiandphil » Mon Nov 12, 2012 12:18 pm

Several years ago we booked and had a fantastic time on a 3 day 2 night walk. Started in harbour on first morning for a boat trip round harbour,guided walk through Cape Town, night at the Wash Houses, next morning a walk up Table Mountain and across to accommodation on top, next day a morning walk to look for frogs (our request) lunch then a walk down to Kirstenboch... only draw back is that was where it ended but we asked for a lift back into Cape Town. Hope this is still running as it was perfect, even walking up table Mountain in the rain and cloud didn't spoil it as we were able to admire the views that evening and the next day... roaring fire waiting to warm us when we reached the accommodation on top of Table Mountain. We booked it through SANParks by phone. Hope it's still running, if your from UK walking in rain is what you do on a British holiday.
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Re: Table Mountain NP - Activities

Unread post by DirkD » Sat Jun 10, 2017 1:29 pm

Yesterday the wife and I hiked the Smuts Track from Kirstenburg Gardens, with guidance from a local. Slow but steady going up the gorge and over the ladders. Lots of debris from the storm along the way. The well-marked trail ended abruptly shortly after the final ladder. We searched awhile for a path forward; but found none, and concluded the trail had been blocked by the obvious storm damage. So near the top, we reluctantly and laboriously reversed down the slippery ladders and rocks. Near the base we encountered a friendly local, who told us the "trail" follows the water before emerging on the opposite (right) bank. We saw no evidence of that and wonder whether he may be surprised at the storm damage. The water was gushing where the trail ended, and negotiating the stream at that point would have resulted in a soaking at the least, and rough going beyond our capabilities. If indeed the hiker is meant to leave the trail and slosh up the Gorge, there ought to be some signage or marking at that point, and would appreciate advance heads-up to wear boots and waterproof gear. We expected a rigorous walk but not a swim. High expectations and considerable effort; and then backing ignominiously down the mountain in disgust. The hiker we saw encouraged us to give it another go; but we were frustrated and it was getting later in the day. Next time I suppose we will shell out for the expensive map?

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