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Unread post by GavinW » Mon Oct 15, 2012 3:19 pm

Isidima in Xhosa means Dignity

Here are some pics of two leopards we saw near Leeudril on the evenong of 21 May 2012. I believe the one leopard is Kagiso, which we first spotted at the start of our holiday,(and had the hoNour of naming) and that the other is a new female, yet to be named :P

I can't tell the difference, so here are a whole lot of pics, and hopefully we can get a positive id.

@wanderw: Isidima left in front and Kagiso behind right.







@wonderw: Isidima in front and Kagiso in the back.



Matthew, If you need more pics please let me know
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Unread post by wanderw » Mon Oct 15, 2012 10:36 pm

Thanx for posting Gavin! :thumbs_up:

Your pix with 2 leos - Kagiso is the leopard furthest from the camera. Your pix of the single leopard - I believe that this is a new female. She looks an older leopard and, going by the pix I would hazard a guess that she could be Kagiso's mom(can't see any flirting going on here, and Kagiso obviously knows her). (New female is Isidima)

Another African name coming up Gavin? :wink:
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Re: Kgalagadi leopard identification

Unread post by AstroMatt » Wed Jun 05, 2013 6:34 pm

@ are right that it is interesting that these two males were around but haven't been seen since. Maybe they were checking out the river from the Bots side? :hmz:

@Anne-marie...there maybe more ahead ;)

So to continue the updates here is a sighting from Manus Coetzee. He saw Isidima near Leeuwdril on 4th April 2013.
KG also got a camera trap photo of Isidima back in December 2011. So she has been around for a while now.
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