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Nossob hide and lions fighting - what really happened?

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Nossob hide and lions fighting - what really happened?

Unread post by jayefe » Thu Jan 07, 2016 1:20 pm

Does anyone know what really happened?

source : Kgalagadi sightings in FB

‎"Hendrik Pretorius‎ to Kgalagadi Sightings
3 hrs ·
The damage done to the walkway to the hide during the big fight between the blonde male intruder lion and the rest of the pride. The hide was full of people during the altercation including some silly people standing in that damaged walkway trying to get photos of the fight, there were even some young children without their parents in the hide.
Hendrik Pretorius's photo.
Hendrik Pretorius's photo.
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Gerda Nobbs
Gerda Nobbs Wow, this is hectic!!!!
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Hendrik Pretorius
Hendrik Pretorius One incident and that magnificent pride is no more. People ignored the rangers with disrespect.
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DeVilliers Botha
DeVilliers Botha There is much more to this story than what you read here. I had to go and call the park officials from their beds to come and do something. Then ranger Aubrey irresponsibly stormed that temporary fence with his white bakkie with screeching tyres, not thinking of the safety of tourists some 15 metres behind him. That was before the officials exited the camp and went on the rampage with their vehicles next to the hide and into the river. Then I also overheard the conversation between Mark and Aubrey a few days later regarding the fact they know the true story and will manage the media. The lions never moved from the fence voluntarily, they were chased by officials. The fence at the old gate was also strengthened the next day by adding another wooden pole. Before taking their positions at the hide the two Nossob pride males ran right against the fence, between the non-operational electric wire and the fence from the campsite all the way down to the hide. The rangers were not in sight!
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Sheleph Burger
Sheleph Burger
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Hendrik Pretorius
Hendrik Pretorius The rangers are normally not on duty after hours. The rangers also cannot control irresponsible parents who allowed under age children after hours in the hide. Aubrey used their vehicles and the air horn to separate and chase off the fighting lions and to defuse a possible life threatening situation. People in close proximity to lions fighting should get out of there by their own and not try to aggravate the situation by trying to get close-up photos with a flimsy fence separating them from an enraged bundle of fury weighing more than 200kg.
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DeVilliers Botha
DeVilliers Botha Exactly Hendrik Pretorius. That's why I immediately reverted to calling the rangers when I reached the gate from my campsite.
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Sheleph Burger
Sheleph Burger like emoticon
Sheleph Burger's photo.
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Hendrik Pretorius
Hendrik Pretorius There is a sign up in the Mata Mata hide that states.... "No not accompanied by parents allowed" Cannot recall such sign at Nossob.
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Charmaine Pypers
Charmaine Pypers There is a sign at the entrance to the hide at Nossob. I went to check because I had to chase three giggling, noisy young girls out
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Hendrik Pretorius
Hendrik Pretorius Thank you, Our children are grown up, we are not focused on signs like this anymore. What was really funny though was the family with lenses that look like massive water bottles were sitting in the hide and their three children sitting on the rear bench playing games on their tablets when the little one won his game and the drum roll fanfare played. Reactions of people in the hide was priceless!!!!!!!
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Jota Efe

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Hendrik Pretorius
Hendrik Pretorius Then again, a sign like above should not be necessary, parents should have the common sense to properly educate ethics and responsibly ensure their children are safe.
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Mark Hinrichsen
Mark Hinrichsen On our previous visit to KTP we found three small children ( 8 - 12 yrs) playing at the family campsite at Rooiputs. When we asked them where the parents were, the answer was Mama en Papa het gaan Leeu's kyk ! Sadly a sign cannot replace common sense !
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Hendrik Pretorius
Hendrik Pretorius That is plain scary!!!!!
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Jota Efe

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Mark Hinrichsen
Mark Hinrichsen Had the same report by numerous other people who were in the hide that night ! The aim by the rangers was to drive the fighting males apart and to give the solitary male an escape route to avoid a fence intrusion as what happened at Mata Mata a few months ago. Unfortunately in a panic situation it is human nature to act irrationally hence people tried to break out the hide back into the camp by removing poles etc. With respect Aubrey is a seasoned field ranger with many years of experience who was only trying to protect the public. I suppose if he did not respond he would have been vilified as well !
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DeVilliers Botha
DeVilliers Botha The sign is there. In your picture. Good thing my kids were tucked in their beds on top of the trailer by then! wink emoticon
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Gerda Nobbs
Gerda Nobbs Hendrik Pretorius, I returned from Mata Mata two days ago, and trust me that sign does not rectify the problem. Just normal silence in a hide is a thing of the past. As one enter the gate at Twee Rivieren we all have to sign the rules of the park - ve...See More
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Leon Basson
Leon Basson The more social media excells, the more visitors, the more the problem; only the animals will suffer. Time to consolidate, in need for further solutions.
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Gerda Nobbs
Gerda Nobbs Agree 100%"

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