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Civility and Respect on the Forums

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Civility and Respect on the Forums

Unread post by SANParks » Mon May 16, 2011 9:29 am

Dear all,

Please maintain respect and civility towards each other at all times on the forums.

We will be very strict with the forum rules and once again we need to draw your attention to Rule #8:

8. We are striving to create a friendly forum that is open to people of all ages and convictions. Keep the tone of your message or personal message (PM) civil. Personal attacks, cursing, abrasive, rude or vulgar language, pornography, adult jokes, hate speech, racism, sexism, insulting or generalizing about other cultures, provoking mudslinging, religious or political exchange, scolding, bullying, berating, making fun of, or otherwise harassing of other members online will not be tolerated! In addition, if you have nothing good to say, don't say it!

Likewise, please note that any abuse directed at the forum Moderators, or SANParks personnel, will not be tolerated.

For anyone who is treated with disrespect from a Moderator, please email me immediately at and we will investigate further.

If you have issues with other forum members, please raise them with the Moderators directly.

When you post, always bear in mind: Diverse opinions are welcome. Attacks are not!
Nedret Saidova
Senior Manager: E-Business, SANParks

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