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Using Flickr on the forums for your photos.

Useful info, FAQs and tutorials on how the forum works
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Using Flickr on the forums for your photos.

Unread post by DuQues » Wed Aug 11, 2010 2:29 pm

Posting photo's using Flickr

So you have photos you would like to share on the forums, and you want to use Flickr to do that. Flickr can be a puzzler to use on the forums, so a little tutorial.
You are going to have to make a little decision, are you going to pay for Flickr or not? Aside from the fact that the free account will only allow 200 photos at any time, there are other little quircks.
If you haven't paid this means that the largest size you can show on these forums is 640 wide as we do not allow any photos larger than 800 pixels to a side. It's a little small then, but will work. (We have a trick though. ;) )
You are also going to break the Flickr rules, which state that you are not allowed to hotlink.
The direct link to a photo file is no longer shown on the page. Per the Flickr Community Guidelines "pages on other websites that display content hosted on must provide a link from each photo or video back to its page on Flickr." Linking directly to the photo file doesn't do this.

First of course you need to do to your photo what you want to do, like adding copyright information, correcting colours, and such. For this tutorial I'm assuming you did all that, and resized the photo to 800 pixels wide or high. I have done so with my example photo, which is totally different from what's normally posted, which I think makes a nice change. This is the one:
It's in a location I can find back easily, so I can browse to it without a problem.

So you're all set, now what?

Step 1
Hit the New post or New topic button, and type the text you want to accompany your photo. Open a new tab or browser window, and log in to your Flickr account.
Why two windows open at the same time? It saves hassle. Especially when you are doing a trip report or other post with more then one photo.

Hit the Upload Photos in the Flickr window. There are several ways to do that, if you click the Choose photos you'll get a window like this:
You can select more than one photo in one go by holding down the Ctrl key, but for the purpose of this tutorial I'll do just one at a time.
Make your choice and click Open. The page refreshes and you will see something similar to this:
If you added the wrong file you can remove it by clicking on the trashcan on the right. At this point not a byte has been uploaded, so if that second file was a letter to your loved one, not to worry, your prose is still safe...
For photos to be visible on the forums they need to be Public, so do not set them to Private! It's rather unlikely that all the visitors to the fotums are friends or family.
Check if you have the right file(s) and click Upload Photos. You'll see a progress bar appear where the Upload button used to be.
This should be followed with this:
Descriptions are very handy for people, so why not? Click the link, and fill in the relevant information, and hit the Save button. You are transported to your page, and will see something like this:
(Let's forget where this photo was taken, it's not a SANParks. :wink: )

Now how to continue?
This is a little obscure, there is no obvious link.... But if you click the photo you are brought to a page where you can do lots of things. Have a look around, but that is not for this tutorial, we want to post this photo on the forums remember?
The thing we need is the link to the photo, so we can put it in our post.
Above the photo is a button Share this:
The Grab the link option is not going to work here at all, it redirects the people to the page the photo is on. Very unhandy.
The Actions button does give you another option (you can play with the other options yourself).
Click on the View all sizes option and you're taken to a new page with all sizes, your photo in the original size, which as non-paying member you won't be able to click.

If you are only going to post 1 photo

As it's not allowed by Flickr to hotlink without a link back to them they make it difficult to get the link to your image. It's easy to get if you know what to do though. You can see the photo you uploaded on the page you're on at this moment.
Do a right mouse click on the photo you see, and copy the Image Location. (The options on your screen will be different, but it will be there.)
You now have the link to your photo on the clipboard. Switch to the window or tab where you are creating the post on the forums. Paste the link in the place where you want it to appear, select it again, and hit the button marked Img.
There should be two tags around the text you had selected, called [img]and[/img].
Finish your post, Preview and Submit. You're done!

If you are going to post many photos

As you saw the photo I'm using is about 125 KB. The forum resizes the view of the photo when posted, but not the size! So if you write a trip report or other post with quite a few photos in it that page will become very heavy.
In that case we request you to follow the route I'll explain to you now.
Like in the one post option we're going to copy links, but to save you going crisscross around Flickr a little extra step is needed. You can choose not to, but it'll take extra time and navigating, so...
Open a textdocument. Use Word, a teksteditor, a new mailwindow, whatever, it's like a little yellow Post-it note. Copy the link to the large photo, and paste it into it.
Now on the page with all the different sizes choose the Thumbnail option, in this case (100 x 67) pixels. Just like in the 1 photo option copy and paste the link into your post, and put the Img tags around it.
Go to the end of the line and put a Space there.
Now go to the little document where you parked the link to the large version. Copy it, and head back to your post. Make sure that the insertion point is correct, and press the URL button above the post. It asks for an URL, so paste it there and press OK.
You now get another little window, with the same url in it. That's a little bug, just clear it and type something like Larger version or such.
You end up with a line like this:
[url=flickr-address]Link to large size[/url]. Lets see a screenshot, that may show it better:
If you preview that it should look like this, different photo though:
If it does you succeeded! And can go to the next photo, and on, and on.
The people viewing your post can see what the photo looks like, and click to see the larger version. The thumbnail however is less then 5 KB though, so the page will load very fast.
Not posting much here anymore, but the photo's you can follow here There is plenty there.

Feel free to use any of these additional letters to correct the spelling of words found in the above post: a-e-t-n-d-i-o-s-m-l-u-y-h-c

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