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RULES for posting on the SANParks Forums

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RULES for posting on the SANParks Forums

Unread postby SANParks » Thu Jan 03, 2008 1:33 pm

Dear Forum Members,

Welcome to the SANParks Forums!

To maximise your enjoyment and that of your fellow forumites we request that you get familiar with the rules. Members must at all times abide these rules, and respect and adhere to the directions given by Forum Administrators, including the Forums Moderators.

1. This is a website dedicated to Nature Conservation and travel, in the South African National Parks. All postings must relate to this purpose. For specific rules applicable to the birding environment please refer to Birding in Southern Africaand Stiffnecks, forum birding club.

2. Your posting should make a positive or constructive contribution to SANParks, the SANParks Forums, its visitors and potential park visitors.

3. The Forums' language is English. If you post something or link to any article or video in any other language, it should be accompanied by a complete translation into English within the post.

4. Members must keep up to date with the Forums Netiquette and follow the relevant instructions.

5. Membership rules:

6. Registering with a user name that contains park, camp names, picnic spot names or names associated with the SANParks trademark is prohibited.

7. Do not register with multiple usernames. This undermines the trust in communication and the integrity of the Kudu ranking. Members who are suspected of posting with/or having multiple names will face a warning or a ban. Any member, who registers with a second user name while banned, will be permanently banned from the forums. Permanently banned members, who register again without prior approval from the SANParks E-Business Manager, will be removed immediately.

8. Do not share a username with someone else. Unless the username clearly implies 2 members being an entity, e.g. Jill&John, there should be no confusion or ambiguity about the member's profile. Ask the moderators to help create a new email account for the other person, if necessary, and register separately.

9. If a member allows any banned member to use his/her username while banned, to post or send PM’s on the forums, both the member who allowed the use of his/her username, as well as the banned member will be permanently banned from the forums.

10. Posting on behalf of banned members is not allowed and will result in an immediate ban.

11. Publishing a PM (private message) sent from within this forum may only be done after acquiring a prior permission from the sender, unless you are requested to do so by Forums Administration. The publishing of a PM (private message) from another forum will not be allowed.

12. One of the draw cards of the Forums is the anonymity of the members, who by choice usually operate under a selected Forums username. Under no circumstances may members reveal the identity of or post photographs of other members without their express consent, or pressurize other members to reveal their identity. During organized events such as meets and greets, cricket outings etc., all participants will be deemed to have expressed consent for revealing their identity or posting of photographs, except when a member informs the organizers in advance of his/her intend not to have their identity or posting of photographs being revealed.

13. We are striving to create a friendly forum that is open to people of all ages and convictions. Keep the tone of your message, personal message (PM) or post report civil. Personal attacks, cursing, abrasive, rude or vulgar language, pornography, adult jokes, hate speech, racism, sarcasm, sexism, insulting or generalizing about other cultures, provoking mudslinging, religious or political exchange, scolding, bullying, berating, making fun of, or otherwise harassing of other members online will not be tolerated! In other words, if you have nothing good to say, don't say it! Likewise, note that any abuse directed at the forum Moderators, or SANParks personnel, will not be tolerated. For anyone who feels they have been treated with disrespect by a Moderator, please email and it will be investigated further. If you have issues with other forum members, please raise them with the Moderators via PM or a Report. When you post, always bear in mind: Diverse opinions are welcome. Attacks are not!

14. Swearing, the use of symbols to indicate swearing and bad or foul language will not be tolerated.

15. Trolling, feeding the trolls, speculation, flaming or toxic behaviour (toxic behaviour is when members don't break rules in an obvious manner, but insinuate and provoke with vague statements that sound polite and well intended) will not be tolerated.

16. No advertising is allowed in any of the forums or via PM.

17. No forum member may request donations or start projects or groups on behalf of the SANParks Forums or SANParks. If you would like to raise or donate funds please make use of the E-Commerce facility on the site or work through a legitimate SANParks endorsed fund raising body such as the Honorary Rangers, who are a registered Public Benefit Organisation.

18. Only causes that are endorsed and supported by the SANParks' Forum Management may be promoted. Any fundraising initiatives need to be directed to the Virtual Honorary Rangers ( - the only legally recognized body to conduct such projects on the SANParks Forums.

19. The posting of spam, phishing, malware and porn will result in an immediate permanent ban. SANParks has the right to block entire countries which are known to spam heavily.

20. Once a topic is locked, the topic/issue may not be reopened for discussion or continued in another topic without permission from the forum administrators. The reason for locking will be posted in the topic. Breaking this rule will result in an instant 2 month ban the first time, and a permanent ban the second time you break it.

21. Posts made by members on this Forum become the property of the Forums and will not be deleted should a member leave the Forums. Active members who initiate an intentional widespread deletion of content will be banned without prior notice.

22. No user may speak on behalf of the SANParks Forums, or create the impression that he / she represents the Forums or SANParks. Only the Forums Administration (including the Forums Moderators) may act on behalf of the Forums.

23. The production of any promotional material relating to SANParks or the SANParks Forums (logo, names, events, addresses, etc.), without official approval from SANParks Marketing and Forums Administration, is strictly forbidden!

24. Posting children's mugshots is not allowed. Family photos within trip reports are welcome, but the publishing of close shots of children may open this forum to the risk of attracting web "predators". Please help us keep this forum as safe as possible for its participants.

25. Plagiarism is strictly forbidden. When copying materials from other sources, strict citation guidelines apply. (Refer this Manual). When referencing from social networks like Facebook, Twitter, etc. screenshot of the original source must be embedded within the post. In addition, linking to smilies or images hosted by a third-party website is not allowed, unless the members have a prior permission to do so.

26. It is prohibited for members to start research/naming topics on species. Such projects may only be conducted with the approval of SANParks Interpretive Officers. For services relating to tuskers naming and identification, refer to the tuskers project website.

27. In case of a member continuously breaking the rules within a short space of time, the perpetrator may be banned for 28 day cooling period awaiting an official warning/suitable ban. Members who violate the rules repetitively, members that are deemed to be guilty of gross misbehaviour and banned immediately without any notification.

28. When an account is deactivated, either on request of a member, or by the Forum Administrators, the deactivation is permanent.

Transgression of any of the forum rules will result in the following process (except under special circumstances where the Moderators may use their discretion at changing the order and timing of these steps):

- A warning
- A temporary ban
- Second and final warning
- A permanent ban

Warnings can be given on the forums, or via PM. A request by a moderator on the topic to abide by the forum rules constitutes a warning. The length of the temporary ban will be determined by the moderators at the time. There is no time limit between warnings and bans.

Posts that appear on these Forums do not necessarily reflect the views or policy of SANParks and the Forums Administrators.

SANParks reserves the right to terminate any forum membership at any given time.

This Forum is the property of SANParks and all who participate in this Forum must do so within the rules as laid down by SANParks. SANParks retain the right to change and amend the rules as they see fit, and without prior notice. With further queries, please contact SANParks Moderator ( or the Senior Manager: E-Business (

South African legislation and its provisions, e.g. the constitution and the bill of rights prevails on this website.

Welcome to the SANParks Forums! Have fun!
Nedret Saidova
Senior Manager: E-Business, SANParks

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