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Kalahari Summer by Robert Grogan

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Kalahari Summer by Robert Grogan

Unread post by RichardJ » Tue Dec 24, 2013 5:38 pm

Having been Bob and Lee's neighbour at Grootkolk a number of years ago and subsequently crossing paths with them a number of times in KTP, I am honoured and proud to have an autographed copy of Kalahari Summer by Robert Grogan

This book covers some of their adventures, experiences and unique sightings in KTP, expertly captured pics as well as oil paintings capturing landscapes and clouds that most of us who visit the KTP are mesmerized by.

When we last crossed paths with them in KTP, Bob was intent on capturing the amazing flower display...but he kept getting Lions and Leopards with little ones spoiling his view 8)

Bob is a quiet forum member quannah

Proud to have a copy as a 'own Christmas present'

Available here

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