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Elephant Footprints

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Nicola Schwim
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Elephant Footprints

Unread post by Nicola Schwim » Sat Aug 16, 2008 4:16 pm

Elephant Footprints Book:
A Photographic Journal of the Gorah Elephant Camp in the Addo Elephant National Park

Possibly the best available account of the story and History of the Gorah Elephant Camp and the Addo Elephant National Park to date along with the beautiful account of spirituality associated with the Park. Elephant Footprints is the personal journey of Nicola Schwim who lived at the parks private Gorah Elephant Camp for nearly six years and was so obviously and deeply touched by the history and the essence of the old farm and the story of the Addo National Park and what it is today. Nicola’s stories and deep involvement with the Gorah and Addo Park will captivate the reader for hours as the book takes one on a journey through secrets, myths, legends and factual stories all associated with Addo, the old Gorah Farm and all the creatures who abide in the Park today and the road these elements have all traveled together in the past 150 years of Eastern Cape History.

Enhancing the book is a beautiful selection of photographs, and drawings all taken within the Park. Anyone who has been to Gorah or the Addo National Park should surely be in touch with the deeply loving stories of its unique elephants and remarkably different essence. The pride of the Eastern Cape. The book is a high quality 286pg coffee table book richly deserving a space in a superb collectors range of books.

(Advertising by Author edited by Imberbe.)

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