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DSLR + Android = AWSOME!

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mr wildguy
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DSLR + Android = AWSOME!

Unread post by mr wildguy » Fri Dec 06, 2013 1:17 am

I was playing around with my new camera(Canon 650d :D ) and the idea hit me to try connect my camera to my phone (Galaxy S4).
the phone recognized the camera, and allowed me to view all my photos taken on my camera, as well as transfer them to my phone :).
This is very cool, as I can now send my pics back home while I'm in Kruger (cell reception permitting)

what you will need:
1 USB OTG( on the go ) cable
the usb cable that came with your camera

thats it! that all you need.

also if you have a phone with an IR blaster (Galaxy S4, HTC ONE and a couple others) there is an app (DSLR Remote) on the android market that will allow you to control your shutter from your phone... more awesomeness!

using the USB method mentioned above there is also an app (DSLR Controller) that pretty much enables you to take full control of your camera!

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Virtual Ranger
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Re: DSLR + Android = AWSOME!

Unread post by spargish » Mon Dec 09, 2013 11:25 am

Hi Mr Wild Guy

Thanks for the tip. I got myself a USB OTG cable this week end, and connected my camera! Really simple an easy, I used to connect my SD card to my iPad but had to download all the pics before I could view them. Now with my S4 and OTG connector I can view the pics with out downloading them. Also really easy to upload to FlickR
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Re: DSLR + Android = AWSOME!

Unread post by Switchback » Wed Mar 12, 2014 7:29 am

There's even more AWESOME available with your connection.

There's an even better app: DSLR Dashboard. Like many other apps, it allows you to take control of your camera, but this app has a secret weapon: It has a plugin to LRTimelapse. With this plugin, you can take even better star trail photos, time lapse photos and holy grail time lapses.

If you do a holy grail timelapse (when you take consecutive photos over a long period of time of a sunrise or sunset and convert it to a video) of a very scenic landscape for instance. You most likely have an intervalometer connected to your camera which tells your camera to take a photo every 30 seconds for the next 4 hours as an example. After the 4 hours, you will have around 480 photos which you will convert to a movie.

But, seeing that you are making a timelapse of a sunset, you will have to adjust your exposure constantly as the light changes. You can shoot in aperture priority, but that causes a lot of "flicker" in your video. You will most likely have to shoot in full manual, but that will mean you will have to manually adjust your exposure as the sun goes down.

With the DSLR Dashboard app and the LRTimelapse plugin - the app uses your first photo as reference, you tell it whether you are shooting a sunrise or sunset, give it some ISO limits and for the rest of the 4 hour shoot, it adjusts your camera's exposure automatically by comparing each new histogram of each new shot with the previous one! This ia a VERY cool app to use!
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