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Jackal brings down Sprinbock in KTP

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Jackal brings down Sprinbock in KTP

Unread post by Afkpuz » Fri Feb 03, 2012 11:15 am

Hi all,

i originally posted this topic in the Arid Park section, but i think i might be of interest here as well.

I returned from a trip to KTP on Friday and wanted to share an unusual sighting we had on January 23rd, just 8km south of the lower Dune Road.

We had stopped another car earlier and the driver told us that there was an injured springbock being harassed by a jackal further down the road, so went to have a look.

Upon arrival, we immediatly saw the springbock and the jackal that attacked him. The antelopes hind legs were all bloody, the jackal was circling its prey, trying to bite the legs.

After a while the springbock went to the ground and the jackal was on him and started feeding from the rear end immediatly.

Five minutes later he stopped and left the springbock alone, probably waiting for it to die. We stayed next to them for appr. 2 hrs and had to witness the death struggle. We then decided to take a break an went to the next waterhole. When we returned 30 minutes later, the jackal had dragged the poor thing further down into the riverbed and finally killed it.

The whole scene was a cruel thing to watch, but also quite interesting.

I took a lot of photos and some video footage which i´d like to share:


best regards from a very cold germany,


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Re: Jackal brings down Sprinbock in KTP

Unread post by vinkie » Sat Feb 04, 2012 3:27 am

WOW a very special sighting :dance:

Thank you so much for sharing. this :thumbs_up:
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