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Thinusb's KNP Trip : July 2006

Tell us about your breathtaking experiences in the parks
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Thinusb's KNP Trip : July 2006

Unread post by Thinusb » Wed Sep 06, 2006 2:38 pm

We were touring through all of kruger camps in duration of 14 days and only saw elephant and buffalo up north and oh ya two lions at shingwedzi! The only camp I would love to go back to is shingwedzi, but ya...

Down south we managed to see the Big Five Four times in 6 days time! The best sightings was the leopards of course! We saw one lying right next to duke pan while all the cars just drove by without seeing it!

The second one we saw in the beginning of the S30 at Croc Bridge stalking an Impala!

Then the third and fourth one was at Berg en Dal where we also saw an Leopard stalking an Impala but he was squeezing through between our car and another car and the lied still next to ours for about 14 minutes or so, but the gate was closing so we had to get back
The next day we saw another one crossing the road!!

Another great sighting was when a snake eagle caught a bunny right in front of us in the road and other eagles came to try and steal the prey {we assume}!

And oh ya at punda maria's bird hide I saw two male lions 5:30 in the morning walking by and taking a sip of the muddy water! Apparently they were there before as well!

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