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Mikhail best Kruger trip ever : Jul '06

Tell us about your breathtaking experiences in the parks
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Mikhail best Kruger trip ever : Jul '06

Unread post by Mikhail » Sun Jul 09, 2006 12:04 pm

I got back from the Kruger Park this last Friday, from the most amazing experiance ever. Our first day we had a great lion sighting it was amazing. The following night, I went on a nightdrive to see 10 hippo,and just before getting back to Lower Sabie camp,in the distance the golden glow of a big black manned male lion strolling down the road towards us,walking right pass us,with a slight glare. The following night I went on another nightdrive in Skukuza, about 30 mins into the drive, a leopard sighting, in very dense bush, very hard to see. Then about 15 mins later another leopard!This time right next to the road,not phased at all by our presence. Normally leopards would move off to the sight and sounds of a car,but instead the fully grown beautiful leopard edged closer and closer to the car.Of course my camera was taking hundreds of shots as she was some what posing. She then lay down 2m form the car. We watched her for about 20-25 mins as she didnt move! Then we moved off to allow other game viewers to observe this some what friendly and non shy leopard. Ofcourse this had made the drive already so whether or not we saw anything else it wouldnt matter. About 20mins later, a pride of lions right next to the road,I couldnt believe my luck, I was stunned. 2 Huge male brothers,(coallition)and a few females,the one female was massive,she was really built with a huge head. Nearlly back at camp now and a hyena pops out of nowhere and checks us out before moving on. The photographs I got of this leopard are just purely amazing. She did all the hard work. We continued our trip with lion sightings just about every day. The day we were leaving we were head out the Numbi gate,which is on the way to PretoriusKop,I was so sad I was leaving,but it wasnt over yet! 3 Male cheetahs come walking down the road towards us in our camper!Ofcourse seeing Cheetah in the park is so rare,with and estimated number of only 200 in the park. So now I was really in shock as I saw these 3 cheetah walk past my window. Once they had moved off into the thicket,we were told 2 lions were at transport dam about a Km back. We really needed to get out of the park to get to JHB,but we went to see the 2 lions in the road,about to mate. We watched them for a while then headed back to where we were,then the 3 cheetah were back in the ROAD on the turnoff to transport dam. Now i was really just baffled at our luck! So I left the park feeling really satisfied!

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