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Eagle and Tersa's trip in KNP : 05/06/06 to 14/06/06

Tell us about your breathtaking experiences in the parks
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Eagle and Tersa's trip in KNP : 05/06/06 to 14/06/06

Unread post by eagle » Thu Jun 22, 2006 7:01 am

We have been going there for so long that there is no more "rare" animals for us, only rare to find some years, like the two ostriches we found near Satara. This year was a real pleasure in that section of our trip though. The obvious animals-impala;elephant;kudu;wildebeest,zebra;hippos, crocs;waterbuck;duikers;baboons;vervetmonkeys etc. were in abundance and seen everyday, although the condition of the impala and kudus were magnificent this year, and they were plentiful. Maybe too many impala rams though.
On the S89 a leopard was lying right next to our bakkie, and he stayed a long time, and on the H1-4 a leopard lying lazy on a treebranch. Twice we found single male lions right in the road, and twice also two lionesses together. On the way to B&D four lions - 3 male and 1 female in the road on their way after a buffalo herd. They tried their luck but the herd was too alert already. At Balule a hyena pair having a family gathering with their 3 cubs, and on the S1 a single hyena mom with two cubs. At Nkuhlu picnic spot a visitor was attacked by an agrresive baboon which tried to steal food, but he managed to fend it off with a chair and a lot of noise from all of us. Although he was not hurt, this was more dangerous than I think he realized. My wife is a ardent birder and she entered a lot of birds like brown snake eagle,storks,bateleur,marabou,kingfishers, and a lot I don't know the english names of, into her bird program.
It would be an understatement if I said it was a very "productive" tour for us this year. Some advice for those who had experienced the abhorrent prices in the park. Afsaal, the very nice picnic spot near B&D, also has a shop and restaurant apart from the usual gasbraai facilities. The shop stocks the same stuff as those in the camps at the same ridiculous prices, but their full breakfast at R 32 is big and exellent !

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