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Zebra’s Kruger trip : 4 & 5 April 2006

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Zebra’s Kruger trip : 4 & 5 April 2006

Unread post by Zebra » Tue Apr 11, 2006 5:17 pm

Hallo everybody :D

This is my first time to write ingles.
Please forgive mistake :wink:

Last week Wednesday we go Kruger early at Crocodile Bridge. The water was steel running over the bridge. Next to bridge we saw hippo to say hallo. We take some photo.

We start to in Kruger by driving S25. We see following animals and birds on this road.
Macacos - monkeys
African Jacana – fist time to mark in my book
White-faced duck
Pied kingfisher – also fist time.
We see blue wildebeest and when we look nice we see white rhino at back :shock:
Lots of vultures together
Girafas – giraffe
Slender mongoose
Baby Bateleur
Black stork

{Jumbo mode: A vegetarian Hamerkop… :lol: }


On S26 we had big fright from elephant. We not see them and when we drive past they scream. I thought I am almost dead! :big_eyes:
Also on S26 we see woodland kingfisher and lilac-breasted roller



On S102 see:
Water tortoise
Big snake we could not see what snake – was to fast
At Mpondo dam we see fish eagle and water buck
We see another small snake – name Schlegel’s Beaked Blind Snake
Later we see another blind Snake but is was dead :(


On H5 we see:
ZEBRA :dance:

At Renosterkoppies we see very special bird – Pearl-spotted owlet.


On S21 we see the big favour, 3 lions right next to the road. First time I am so close to lion. It was very special. :D :dance:

{Jumbo mode: not the best photo but a special moment..}


At small dam we see hipopotamos and elephant

At Lower Sabie we stay in tent number 16. It is very nice view – paradise :angel:



From our tent we see Egyptian Geese, hippo, baboon and crocodile.
That night we not sleep nice because hiena, hippo and baboon they scream.

Next day we had to go to Maputo early:
On S82 we get elephant. They had baby and one elephant had big teeth. They stay in road and we wait. :roll:


On H4-2 we see:
Burchell’s Coucal
Porco do mato – warthog
Slender mongoose
Grey-Headed Bush-Shrike
Fish eagle

Was very nice – I look forward to my next trip :D


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