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Papop's Kruger Trip Report : March 2006

Tell us about your breathtaking experiences in the parks
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Papop's Kruger Trip Report : March 2006

Unread post by papop » Mon Mar 27, 2006 8:55 am

Hello everybody,

Back home now, after a fantastic trip in the Great North.
I am going to give you a short report because it would be too difficult for me to write a long one in my poor English.
The whether had never been with us all along the trip. When it was not raining it was cloudy or partly cloudy. We had maybe 5 full sunny days in 17 days! But anyway, we enjoyed.

First part: Kruger
Entered Kruger by Orpen gate. The first 15 km were good in game viewing because we were going across an open land: Zebras, giraffes, elephants…it was a good beginning. But as we were going to the North as we found a dense bush and a so tall grass. Very difficult to check and spot anything.
We stayed our first night in Shimuwini. Only a few people there and a wonderful view from the bungalows. The staff was very nice and helpful.
In the morning we have been on a short drive before breakfast and spent a long time with a Pygmy Mongoose family. Nothing else.
The second night was booked in Bataleur. The road to the camp was amazing even if we did not meet a lot of animals. The camp is a nice place and we where the only guests. We spent all the evening at the bird hide.
The day after we went on another short morning drive up to the Rooibosrand Dam. On the way we met a big bull Buffalo and ground Hornbills.
Our last 2 nights were in Punda Maria. We had safari tents (N°2&3). They are comfortable, beautiful with an open view.
We booked for night drive. It was a good drive: Leopard but he was a little bit far, plenty elephants, and a lion family lying down on the road. We heard the lion roaring during the night and in the early morning. It was amazing.
The day after we booked the Thulamela excursion, I must recommend this tour because it is not only historically interesting but it is also a sort of come back to our origins. The place is so remote, quiet and beautiful with a lot of huge baobabs. You have the feeling to be in harmony with the past and people who was living here. Our guide, Barnaby was enthusiastic about the place and had a very good knowledge of the site.
In the afternoon we have been again on the Mahonie loop and saw: Elephants again, Nyalas, buffalos, Kudus and 2 Tawny eagles eating just under ours heads in a tree. And we enjoyed our last braai and night in the Kruger.
The last day we drove up to crooks corner, green and lush with the red Luvuvhu River meeting the grey Limpopo River.
A breakfast stop at Pafuri PS and bye-bye Kruger. On the way out I carefully checked for Crested Guineafolws and spotted them. I was very happy for that!

Even if we did not see plenty and rare animals we enjoyed this first time in the kruger, especially the Northern part. Very remote, wild, amazing landscape and not a lot of people.

Second part: Mapungubwe coming soon…

P-S I don’t know if my report is at the right place. Please move it if necessary.
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The great feeling to come back home every time I am in South Africa

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Unread post by papop » Tue Mar 28, 2006 8:40 am

I already put few pictures of our trip here.
The great feeling to come back home every time I am in South Africa

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