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1Yusuf's April in the park - KNP, April 2013

Tell us about your breathtaking experiences in the parks
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1Yusuf's April in the park - KNP, April 2013

Unread post by 1Yusuf » Mon Jun 03, 2013 9:29 pm

Ill add pictures when i get them

1 April 2013
We arrived at Numbi gate at 8am.We needed to make a long journey towards Lower Sabi, where we were to stay for the next 6 nights. At 8:30 the Kruger journey began. The Pretoriuskop grass is very long and the bush is extremely thick during the summer time. This made it hard to spot. The first thing we got was kudus eating and just after that we hit the jackpot. 2km on the S8 we got a mother Leopard playing with her 3 cubs. We sat there for an hour and then we continued towards Lower Sabi. On the road we saw a lot of general game elephants, rhino and buffalo. We decided to take the S21 to Lower Sabi, but when we got there we found out that the road was closed; due to the floods. At the Renosterkoppies waterhole we got 2 female lions sleeping under a tree. We only stayed there for few minutes because we were all tired from the long journey. We then had to drive the long way toward Lower Sabi. On the H4-1 we got a lot of elephant and buffalo. And 10km before Lower Sabi we got another female lion sleeping on the riverbanks. We checked in at 3pm and at 4pm we went out for an afternoon drive. We drove the H4-2 and half the S28 and got a lot of general game. When we got back we still had 15 min to gate close so we decided to take the H10. We drove for about 3km and took a U-turn. 1 kam later we got a pregnant female leopard walking on the road. She walked with us for five minutes and then she went back into the bush. We just made it back to camp in time for gate closed.

2 April
We left early in the morning for a drive. We decided to go down the H10. On the road we go a civil trying to kill a bird; it all happen so fast we never even get a picture. The rest of the morning was quiet. We drove up and on the S83 (Maroola Loop) we got a male lion with 3 females and a cub sleeping under a tree in the dry riverbed. We stayed with them for an hour. As we drove down the H4-2 back to Lower Sabi, we got wild dogs sleeping on the road, a Black Rhino drinking water from a buddle and a hyena sleeping. We got back to camp at around about 3pm and we all went for a rest. On the late afternoon drive we got a lot of general game but no predators.

3 April
We again went down the H10 early in the morning. This time it was a cheetah walking in the bush. It was hard to take pictures because of the lighting and cloud cover. We then drove up towards Skukuza. We got the male lion on Maroola loop again. Then we headed towards the S1 and just after the S65 turnoff we got a cheetah on an impala kill. We spent two hours with it and left for Lower Sabi. While we were driving back a storm began and when we got back to Lower Sabi the rain just stopped. We headed for a late afternoon drive. On the corner of S28 and H4-2 we got 2 young male lions walking on the road. As we got back to Lower Sabi we got another Big Male lions running across the H10 Bridge. On The H10 we also got two Jackals trying to kill a mouse

4 April
This time we headed up towards Skukuza on the H4-1. While we were heading up we hit a bad road block. Two big male lions walking on the road for about 6km. We went up towards the S79 and took a U-turn back for Lower Sabi to fill petrol. We then headed down towards Crocodile Bridge. We used the S130 and saw and impala in the tree we waited for 20 min to get a first sighting of a young female leopard and then another 1 an hour for her to jump up into the tree. It jumped down again we then left for Crocodile Bridge for lunch and while driving there we got another lion sitting by the Gezantombi waterhole. After lunch we went back to see the leopard and sat there for about 2 hours and watch it eats. After that we went back to camp.

5 April
We went to see if the Leopard was still in the tree. When we got there, there was only a peace of impala in the tree. We waited for 10 minutes and while waiting we got the leopard crossing right in front of us. After that we went towards Biyamti loop. We got a lot of general game but no cats. We drove back to Crocodile Bridge and had lunch there. After lunch we got the same leopard eating the final peace of the impala and sleeping.
We needed to get back early because we were going on a night drive. On the drive we got a lot of general game, porcupines, 3 African Wild Cat, Civil, Civet, a lot of hyenas, jackals and a quick leopard sighting which only 2 of us seen because the rest of the people were seeing the civet.

6 April
On the S29 we got 2 sightings of jackals and 1 wild dog on the S25. We did see a lot of other general game during the morning period. At 4:30pm we went back to the wild dogs. We got there in time for the hunt. We could only see them for 25 minutes because of the time it takes to get back to Lower Sabi. On the way back up we got lions sleeping by the Gezantombi waterhole.

7 April
We left lower sabi very early. We only got a Leopard walking on the road 2km before Nkhulu. We also got a lot of general game. We left 11am from Numbi gate for Johannesburg.

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