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Bosfotograaf Careless visitors to Kruger Park Dec'12

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Bosfotograaf Careless visitors to Kruger Park Dec'12

Unread post by Bosfotograaf » Sun Dec 09, 2012 12:43 pm

Me and my wife spend 2 weeks in the Kruger Park during August 2012. We camped in Skukuza and were fortunate to get at least two lion sightings every single day. On the morning of our second last day we came across a lioness with her 5 cubs on the bank of the Sabie river and had some wonderful photo opportunities, although the light was not very good yet, as they laid down right next to our vehicle for quite a while.

That was supposed to be the crown on a great holiday but unfortunately it was spoiled that afternoon on the very same stretch of road by a road hog. Whilst driving back to camp on the Lower Sabie - Skukuza road just past the bridge a double cab bakkie drove past us at a very high speed. He almost collided with an oncoming vehicle and both the oncoming vehicle and me had to swerve from the road in order to avoid an accident with this driver. About a minute later we heard a crashing sound in the distance and when we came round a bend there were two dead impala in the road. We were just in time to see the backside of the same white double cab disappearing round a bend further on. Some people of the Parks Board arrived almost at the same time and it turned out they managed to get the registration of the vehicle.

I took a couple of photos of the poor impala (my apologies for the graphic nature). As we drove on we came across the reason for this road hog's hurry as there were a number of vehicles parked looking at another lioness and small cubs in the river bed. I did not see the culprit's vehicle as he must have tried to get away as far and fast as possible.

I'm just wondering whether this person's thoughtless rush to get a sighting of lions was worth the killing of two beautiful impala (who both seemed to be pregnant too)? I hope sir you were caught and banned from the park for life.


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