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Tobieo Photo sequence Cheetah kill Urikaruus KTP Apr 2011

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Tobieo Photo sequence Cheetah kill Urikaruus KTP Apr 2011

Unread post by Tobieo » Sun Mar 04, 2012 1:56 pm

Some of you might recall that I posted in my TR (April 2011) some of the photos of the male cheetah coming down to drink at Urikaruus wilderness camp in KTP and then, when a herd of springbok came to drink, charged and killed a subadult springbok. The inhabitants of all 4 chalets were in camp and were lucky enough to witness this special, once in a lifetime, experience (unfortunately Eric, the camp attendant was busy and missed it all) The grass was rather tall and this assisted the cheetah to stay out of sight until the right moment but made the photography a bit challenging).

I have now placed the sequence of 15 images on my web page, it can be viewed here...

Please keep in mind that I stayed in Unit 4 and the actual killing took place behind the tree right in front of me :(
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