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kittyhawk KNP VISIT TR 2011 (January 2012)

Tell us about your breathtaking experiences in the parks
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kittyhawk KNP VISIT TR 2011 (January 2012)

Unread post by kittyhawk » Wed Jan 04, 2012 8:27 am

Good Day to ALL Forumites

Just want to give my feedback of the wonderfull sightings I had this past visit......Regretable NO Photos :redface:

We arrived just after 10:00 on the 26th of Dec 2011,entering through Malelane gate,Not much sightings,but those we had was worth the while,We took the Renosterpan road and came across a little Cameleon crossing the road,what an amazing little creature,went on towards Afsaal,had a quick refreshment before taking the Voortrekker road heading for our Destination Pretoriuskop,saw Zebra,Kudu,Waterbuck.

arrived at Pretoriuskop,checked in at set up camp as it was starting to rain,not pouring,just drizzling,but a mess if you have to set up camp,once we were set up the sun was shining.

Had a glass of Ice Cold Coldrink and just relaxed for the rest of the day.

Once dawn starting falling,we started a nice camp fire ready to go BIG for our first night in my FAVOURITE place.had an amazing supper before hitting the sack,slept like a log.

More to follow shortly.

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Unread post by kittyhawk » Thu Jan 05, 2012 10:57 am

Good Day

Okey TR to Continue.........We went out at 04:30 sharp,hoping for Amazing sightings,Took the H1-1 towards Skukuza,first a early Morning Pitstop at Shitlave Dam,only saw Hippo and a few Waterbuck,then onwards towards Skukuza,did a Pitstop at the Transport Dam for early Morning Coffee and Rusks,what Tranquality fell over us......what more could you ask for being in your most favourite place?coffee in the one hand?and then a Fish Eagle greeted us with his nonchalant call.....THIS IS AFRICA!!!!! :D

Okey after finishing our coffee we went on towards Skukuza,made a Quick stop,bought some water and Ice and headed for Nkulu where we had a Brunch,on our way we saw Ground Hornbill in "Hornbill Town"truly awesome spotting these marvelous birds......arrived at Nkulu,had a succulent brunch took it easy and then headed for Lower Sabie,on route saw Bush Buck,Lots of Hippos and Elephant bathing in the river,also saw Giraffe and then we stopped at Sunset Dam where we saw a "Reier"riding taxi on a Hippo's back,lol,truly funny.

Okey then made a quick stop in lower sabie before heading back to Camp,on route saw "duiker"Steenbok"and Rhino once we were on the H1-1 again,also lots of Eagles and Hawks.

Back at camp started the fire before going over the awesome sightings of the day as well as being drawn back to how beautiful our Park is,great start to a early nights rest.

Untill my next Report.

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Visit KNP 2011 TR

Unread post by kittyhawk » Fri Jan 06, 2012 9:42 am

And a warm Welcome to ALL Forumites

Okey so we are now in day 3 of our visit in our Beloved Kruger,Left Pretoriuskop Camp at 07:30 with a feeling of something Good is going to happen......took the H1-1 Tar road heading for Skukuza once again,first a Pitstop at the Shitlave dam,only hippos and the resident Waterbuck,buffalo decided to quench their thirst,okey so now we are back on the tar road again with a few Safari vehicles rushing pass us just to slam on their breaks :evil: and their close to the road 2 of the most Beautiful Rhino I have seen in a Loooong while going about grazing and then they crossed the road"BREATHTAKING"to see them so close and for that matter on the road!!!!!WOW.

We carried on for a while and then we were knocked out by the following sighting,2 Cheetah crossing the road right in front of us......AMAZING!!!!!!!they threw us a show for almost 15min before heading further into the bushes,I was amazed.

We carried on towards Skukuza,saw the most Beautiful Kudu Bulls and cows i have ever seen(PITY I DIDN'T take PHOTOS) :redface: STUNNING PICTURE......arrived at skukuza,went down to the river where we saw Baboons going about in the trees and hippo,drank some coffee before going on to Lower Sabie(My Favourite part of the Park).Made a Pitstop at Nkulu,before going on to Lower Sabie,once again Ground Hornbill in "Hornbill Town"Bushbuck,Steenbok,duiker and lots of Impala,I renamed them to "Africana Redicalus"hehehe,Lots of elephant,buffalo,arrived at sunset dam where we saw Africana"Groot Langtoon"Beautiful Bird,"Nonnietjies Eende"don't know the exact English name and lots of Hippos and.....WAIT FOR THIS......Lone CROCODILE :D .

Had Lunch at Lower Sabie,went on to Croc Bridge,drove over the low water Bridge where we saw "Hammerkop"and "Reuse Reier"okey went back to camp and as we drove the Lower Sabie-Skukuza Road it started getting over cast and i told my Aunt I REALLY REALLY would love to see lion,My words wasn't even cold when we saw them!!!!!!!3MALE an 1FEMALE laying right next to the road!!!!!!BREATHTAKING.very lazy didn't notice us at all......hehehe,AWESOME.Okey now it started raining untill pass Skukuza,Rain came down Hard,couldn't see anything,close to Pretoriuskop saw Cheetah again crossing the road and 15min after the cheetah sighting we saw......WILDDOG!!!!!!!crossing the road playing with each other,WOW,could it get any better than this?\

Arrived at camp very satisfied with the day's sightings

Well until my next Report.

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Unread post by kittyhawk » Mon Jan 09, 2012 9:28 am

Morning to ALL Forumites

Second Last day :cry: in our Beloved Park,okey went out the gate by 07:30,did the gravel route around camp,saw mongoose play in the road and a few kudu and Waterbuck,couldn't go further down Fayi Loop as there was a lot of waterdinches that I couldn't cross as the car I went with is very low infront and you know french cars engines doesn't like water at ALL,went back to the Tar road,H1-1,to skukuza,did the Pitstop at shitlave and Transport dams,resident Fish Eagle greeted us with his AWESOME Call.drank some coffee and then took the road towards Afsaal,saw an Eagle feasting on a tortoise,AWESOME sighting,CLOSE to the road,following with Elephant and Buffalo and Zebra,a few Kudu and Waterbuck as well as Blue wildebeast,arrived at Afsaal,had a light Breakfast,took it very slowly and relaxed.greeted the resident "Nonnetjies Owl"and the resident Bushbuck also greeted us,My Aunt bought Coffee and a cooldrink for me,On to Skukuza,arrived at Skukuza just past 11:00,bought water and Ice,went down to the river,saw "Hammerkop"hippo playing in the water and then back on the road again.

We were driving having a chat about everything where out of the blue a BLACK RHINO :dance: :D greeted us,IT WAS UNBELIEVABLE to see this animal as I saw it the last time back in 1993.I was out of my skin from excitement.and for the remainder of our stay ALL i could talk about........went to Lower sabie and back to camp.

On route to Pretoriuskop the regular antelope,Bushbuck,kudu little "Steenbok"and "Duiker"and lots of Eagles and Hawks,My Favourite OFCOURSE!!!!!The Bateleur....BREATHTAKINGLY BEAUTIFULL.

Arrived at Camp,started the fire and talked about our AWESOME time so far and how Our Heavenly Father blessed us with such AMAZING sightings.

My last TR to follow shortly.

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