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Seyms Kruger Trip : 16-20 December 2005

Tell us about your breathtaking experiences in the parks
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Seyms Kruger Trip : 16-20 December 2005

Unread post by Seyms » Thu Dec 22, 2005 8:16 am

Hi All,
Just spent 4 wonderful nights in Kruger and thought I would wright a quick report on my sightings.

Huge lion activity around Lower Sabie!!!

16/12/05 - Lower Sabie Afternoon drive

Lots of Zebra, warthog and giraffe on the H10
S29 - Beautiful woodlands Kingfisher, 3 ground hornbills
S30 Salitjie Rd - 6 Lionesses lying down next to the road
H4-1 back to Lower Sabie - Bushbuck, Fish Eagle. Then about 2kms after Nkuhlu Picnic Site pride of lions - 4 females and 3 cubs ( no males ??? )
1km fron sunset dam - dead lioness under a tree next to the road.

17/12/05 - Lower Sabie Morning Drive

H4-1 towards Skukuza - Giraffe, warthog, one grey duiker. Beautiful Leopard under a tree about 5 kms from Lower Sabie.
S29 - group of 10 Giraffe, Zebra, warthog with 3 little ones, 2 x Pied Kingfishers, 1 x Malachite Kingfisher.
S128 towards Lower Sabie - Lion Pride - 4 x females 1 x male

17/12/05 - Lower Sabie Afetrnoon Drive

Very quiet - Lots of Impalas, warthog, European Rollers

18/12/05 - Lower Sabie Morning Drive

S30 Salitjie Rd - Pair of Mating Lions ( also had an impala kill next to them - male would mate and inbetween george himself with meat ) I heard that lions only eat while mating if prey happens to walk passed them ???????
1 Big Elephant Bull
1 very skittish Hyaena
S128 towards Lower Sabie - Biggest heard of Buffalo I have ever seen! It took 30 minutes for the whole heard to cross the road. My guess would have been 800+ Buffs.

18/12/05 - Crocodile Bridge Afternoon Drive

S25 - Lots of Giraffe, Zebra, 1 wildebeest
1 Burchell's Coucal , 1 Snake Eagle, 1 Bateleur Eagle
Then the sighting of my lifetime - A Serval sitting in the middle of the road just before the Byamati turn off!!! Only got 2 photos before it sprinted off into the bush...

19/12/05 - Crocodile Bridge Morning Drive

Very very quiet - Batchelor Herd of Buffalos ( 5 ) on the H5
Lots of Zebras on S25

19/12/05 - Skukuza Afternoon Drive

H1-2 - 2x Pied Kingfishers at river crossing
Lots of Impalas - otherwise very quiet.

20/12/05 - Skukuza Morning Drive

2 x Jackals on the S114. 1 Hyaena that walked right passed some Impalas without batting an eyelid.
H1-1 - lots of Zebras. Then literaly 500m before Skukuza, beautiful Leopard walked across the road in front of us.

My Highlites : Lots of Lion sightings - especially the mating pair.
2 x Leopard sightings ( even thought they were very short sightings ) The huge Buffalo herd. Lots and lots of eagles, rollers and kingfishers. And without doubt the best one - The Serval!

Lowlites : Where are all the wildebeests ???? Not many Elephant sightings. Was desperately wanting to see Cheetah & wild dogs. Some stupid driver almost drove into me at one of the Lion sightings. 4 people walking around outside of their car on the H4-2 as if they were in a zoo - when I told them to get in their car they swore me.

Back at work now and wishing that my next Kruger Trip would hurry up!!!
Just back from a rainy Kruger

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Unread post by francoisd » Thu Dec 22, 2005 10:52 am

Do you have any additional info on the dead lioness close to sunset dam?
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Unread post by Seyms » Thu Dec 22, 2005 1:12 pm

Lioness was definetly dead - she was covered with flies and maggots. There was a Sanparks vehicle at the site, and the ranger said that cause of death was unknow - possibly injuries from a fight was the opinion. I have lots and lots of pics, but Im not sure how to load them onto my post ??????
Just back from a rainy Kruger

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