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A long past evening in paradise

Tell us about your breathtaking experiences in the parks
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A long past evening in paradise

Unread post by BluTuna » Mon Oct 03, 2011 11:18 am

In the Trip report I wrote recently entitled "Another Day (or 14) in Paradise", I promised to post a video of what is, without doubt, our most memorable sighting in the KNP.

We now go back to January 4th 2000 - queue suitable visual and sound effects.

We were camping at Tamboti and had booked on a night drive after much deliberation as the weather looked a bit iffy.

I turned out to be the most miserable night drive we've ever taken.

Everything was fine until the sun went down and the guide handed out the spotlights, then the sky opened and the rain poured down for the rest of the drive.

Huddled in our leaky ponchos, sitting on waterlogged squelchy seats we shivered our way down the H7. Returning to camp along the Rabelais' Road (S106), we saw nothing (I don't think we saw an Impala) except a very damp African Wild Cat and just before the H7 junction, a clan of 10 or so Hyaenas.

I think the guide was getting desperate to see something because she turned onto the N'wamatsatasa waterhole road and found the lioness and witnessed Round One of the event. After Round One, the lionesses stalked off into the bush we moved back to the H7 for Round Two.

The video was taken by my son who was still coming to grips with the camera. I’ve edited out the bits that show his feet, the truck, sky and various other bits that don’t show the action.

15-17 November 2013, day visitor at Croc Bridge gate.
18 November 2013, Lower Sabie

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