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Riaanf31 KNP the great escape

Tell us about your breathtaking experiences in the parks
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Riaanf31 KNP the great escape

Unread post by Riaanf31 » Mon Aug 29, 2011 3:28 pm

Hi Formites, Or is it Forumites?

Whilst I’ve created a Flickr account to upload my historical pictures. This action has been prompted by a desire to share our 2 week November KNP trip. The Travel Tales section, during this run in period has been a bitter sweet experience so and I hope to add our own version of events to this very interesting list.

When in KNP we’ll be writing our stories and trying to capture as many memories through the eye of the lens. Then uploading the pictures and brief descriptions once back on Mud-Island. Our trip encompasses 13 nights in KNP split between Skukuza (2), Pretoriuskop (2), Lower Sabie (4), Satara (3) and Olifants (2 Nights). We’ve a sunset drive booked for Skukuza and then a further two for Lower Sabie ( With MJ, Patrick and Bridgeman these drive are always worthwhile. Even with very little sightings.) My SO doesn’t like the morning walks so I’ll have to pick a good time to fit that in too. :whistle:

Our interests are a bit spread. My SO calls me a budding bird nerd and whilst she is a cat lover of note.

My list of 3 things to see that I’ve not seen are:
1. Pel’s Fishing Owl
2. Black Rhino (We’ve been visiting the park for a few years now, but old hooklip has been giving us the run around.
3. Striped Polecat

SO’s list is:
1. Cheetah
2. Caracal
3. Pangolin

Back to planning the trip:

We’ve got our shopping list :rtm: ready with boerewors, Ouma Rusks and Biltong on top of the list. Not to mention the Escort polony and viennas. The camera kits :cam: are ready, the fleece tops and also the braai sets are packed out in the spare room too. The Roberts guide, Mammal books and others are awaiting shipment too.

Tap , tap tap... another tap. A few weeks and then we are there.

To see a sunrise in KNP is to see magic.

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