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annemarie facts on a act II more than 2 months in KNP Mar 11

Tell us about your breathtaking experiences in the parks
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Re: few facts on a...... act II ... more than 2 months in Kr

Unread post by anne-marie » Sat Aug 27, 2011 8:49 am

To conclude ... wonderful trip, beautiful encounters with forumites and welcoming South Africans, which is no shortage of hospitality

Some highlights :Walking, following the footsteps of animals, for me it's like walking on the moon ... and if in addition there is a Caracal with a Bat Ear Fox in the jaws ... it becomes even more exciting :dance:
Full of Hawks, Kites, Falcons, even a Lanner Falcon nearby, a Jacobin and an African Cuckoo in Kgalagadi !!!???
Elena of course :D my first Cheetah ever and THE KILL! WOW WOW WOW :dance: race of two animals at the limits... for their survival :thumbs_up:
Caracal and Doug on the way

Cape Town, Duinepos, Kirstenbosch and hosts, fabulous hosts, and even a whole family ... and Katie and Nala and friends of "braais" :k

Animals rarely seen as Gerbil (Kgalagadi), Serval, Porcupine, Side-striped Jackal, Scorpion in Kruger, AARDWARK only every 7 years, a Fish Eagle who steals a dinner of a Crocodile, twice a hairy, one was swimming, Gymnogène, Elands, Cheetahs for the first time in Kruger, the Snakes, African Green Pigeon, two kinds of Owlets, Sables, very few visible, but Sables, Tsessebe flying, Brown-headed Parrot, as well as the Cheetah I 'haven't seen :shock: :evil: :rtm: :wall: :whistle: :lol: :lol: :lol:

An impressive number of Leopards, with or without prey or vice versa ... :lol:
Many big and less big Tuskers :dance:

And with whom I had close ties, such as three Thick-Tailed Bushbaby and Southern Lesser Bushbaby, Honey Badger, a huge elephant to a meter, Baboons and Vervets, but those... I want to forget :wink:

One of the most beautiful roads in the park, the S56, and picnic "place" on the H14, along the Shikombo, Nandzana and Ngobeni :dance:

Pots and eat, (wolf, guzzle): Zypresse, Sharifa and Duke, still known by that name, Katy and Francolin, Aat and Elly, Jenny (EJ), Raymond, always amazed at everything he finds, is almost always "as a first time" it's wonderful to never be bored :D

The weekend of cricket and forumites I met, reunion with Jannie ... and William... from Kgalagadi

I can't not mention Frank and Daniel, two pillars of the park, opposite to each other ... geographically
... and a lot of YR. I don't remember all the names ... and I will mention... nobody ... sorry :redface:

I would also like to thank everyone who helped me to go to the end ... of this report, the friends, the ponctuals, the long-term faithful, the occasional (and even those who have holidays) ... THANKS :clap:
And apologize to all the others, those who have lost patience, for being so long and so heavy, so confusing and also not to have posted "only" pictures for a concours, I posted a reflection of my love of animals, of the big spaces and all these little moments of happiness ... when you take the time to watch, try to understand ... and not just a contest at the gates ... and at the "big five" ... . It's my heart who has spoken :great:
Thank you Kgalagadi and thank you Kruger and all the extras, tiny or huge :gflower:
It is only with the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye
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