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Lions, Buffalo and Sable drama at Shimangwaneni dam-Jun2011

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Lions, Buffalo and Sable drama at Shimangwaneni dam-Jun2011

Unread postby carocat » Sat Jul 02, 2011 3:22 pm

My first post, after reading many.
Was any body at Shimangaweni dam on Thurs 30June. That is the small dam below Muzandzeni picnic spot.
It was a breath taking 8 hours of drama. 4 female ans 1 youngish male attempted a a kill on 5 large buffalo, with much running chasing and huge exitment the buffalo got away. A short time later the famous five tried again on a single buffalo whom they chased through the water out the other side in to a culvert and the buffalo managed to run away through the cars narrowly missing a car.
Feeling a bit dejected and hungry they lay under a tree for an hour. When another buffalo came to drink. he was in a better position for them and when they gave chase, he also ran in to the dam. To every ones horror he drowned in the middle of the dam in a very short time, not even a minute.
The lions looked so bewildered and I think there was a general feeling of sadness umong all the viewers,
They were not beaten yet. Shortly after a sable cam to drink and as much as I wanted those lions to eat, really not a sable, but ... not to judge.
They made a very valiant attempt at the sable almost got it but once again it managed to slip away across the road.
I watched this playout from 8.30 am and only left at 4 to get back to camp. It was spectacular beyond belief and a highlight of 25 years of kruger trips by far.
I was wondering if any one else was there who would have video footage of the days event. I would so love to see and im sure as would every one else.

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Joined: Wed Jun 10, 2009 9:30 am
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Re: Lions, Buffalo and sable drama at Shimangwaneni dam

Unread postby carocat » Sat Jul 02, 2011 5:30 pm

The buffalo must have got trapped in mud or underwater reeds, He sunk rather quickly and then just a portion of his rump emerged. The hippo in the dam was very interested and nudged the dead buff. There are no crocs in the dam so we could not see how that scenario would have played out. When we left the dead buffalo seemed to be moving closer to the side. It was so awesome. Unfortunatly I am not a camera person, so I really regret having no video or photos of this event, I was sooo hoping some else might post there shots on the forum or maybe even utube. It was rather spectacular.

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