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winston879-Peter Pipers' ongoing KTP adventures-Mar 2011

Tell us about your breathtaking experiences in the parks
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winston879-Peter Pipers' ongoing KTP adventures-Mar 2011

Unread post by winston879 » Mon Mar 14, 2011 11:36 am

I recently shot off to the KTP for a quick 6 night stay and here is a short but glorious trip report. :)

I was last there in May and had an amazing trip so shouldn’t really have been heading back so soon, but as an artist there were 2 things that lured me miles across the bumpy roads and out into the desert heat.- something I am really not very good at. ......Dying of heat, that is.

My first goal was to try and capture the arrival of the first rains and along with that some atmospheric landscapes and skies, and the second goal was to try and get another opportunity at photographing a Cape Fox den with their young cubs as many years ago I had spent a glorious hour with an adult and 2 cubs in perfect light but had not really gotten THE shot. And so with high hopes as always, I set off on the long journey at 4.30 am to see what lady luck would bring and man, did she deliver!!!

On arrival at the gate I asked the guys if there had been much rain and was told they had had very little. A good sign. Certainly there were no pools of water anywhere and the temperature was a cool 37 deg. After a quick swim, I fitted in a short game drive that afternoon and soon found myself enjoying the antics of a pride of lions, the young ones were very active and although the light frustratingly was on the wrong side, coming from behind them, there were still some great moments.

Headed back to the bungalow, phoned home and then lit the fire under a moonless sky ablaze with a zillion stars. Felt very good to be here.

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