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Supertrooper-from Durban with love :P-Aug 2010

Tell us about your breathtaking experiences in the parks
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Supertrooper-from Durban with love :P-Aug 2010

Unread post by Supertrooper » Thu Sep 09, 2010 8:12 pm

August 21 2010, 0300 hours , me and my fiance load the last few bags and get ready to join the convoy of kruger specialists. ..... fast forward ... past border posts of swaziland... fast forward some more .... :mrgreen:

around the afternoon we finally reach malelane gate and quickly book in !! on our way to berg en dal woohoo ..

we saw lots of giraffe and elephants, lions , buffalo, zebra, during our stay in berg en dal for 7 days , you know , all the usual animals 8) but the best was watching the sneaky african civet sprint right before us from the reception parking lot the one evening. The same night , we heard something in the bush near my sisters tent and when she miss-called me to check it out the thing growled at her :lol: was hilarious. I told her it was obviously the little rascal trying to get scraps together for a night snack and theres no need to be scared as animals are more scared of us.

the next night my sister was sitting on her camping chair watching the overlanders unpack, she got up and went to her tent and as soon as she opened her tent her phone rang and she got such a fright and ran to the caravans kitchen shouting "theres something in my tent !!!" (6 years kruger veteran and still hasnt settled in, sigh what can i say ?)

Most of the time while we were camping at the "toptown" the bathrooms would stink each time i wanted to go and shower or use the bathroom and i would just think "wow somebody was being very rude on that toilet" :mrgreen: and then i had to walk back out and go all the way to the bottom bathrooms where it was almost always quiet... and fresh.

I remember the one day it was so humid we actually managed to take a swim in the lovely pool area.

all in all i snapped lovely photos of some lions at the matjulu water hole busy with their mating rituals while some impala ( super M , or mcdonalds bucks since they have a big M on the butt) were nervously crossing the road and walking to the drinking hole. I got the opportunity to take a photo of a common troupan in flight in the same hour with great difficulty trying out different sport mode settings.

we went to pretorius kop and did both 4x4 trails there and to be honest it was really a waste of time as there were absolutely no animals on the first trail , it was so safe that you could actually get out and walk the whole trail as all we saw were trails of elephants destruction and rhino "toilets" and footprints but no footprints or dung from any meat eaters.

the second trail going up north (i cant remember its name now) was pretty rough and we saw alot more wildlife there, white rhino , swartwitpens, buffalo, also some white dung from "bone/meat eating animals" along the path.

along the way back from onder sabie towards berg en dal , we saw a fellow 4x4 fortuner stuck in a ditch with its backside in the air and these elderly people were so nervous, some overlanders were just in awe at this scene but you guys know the saying, n boer maak n plan. while these people were all saying "no it wont work , its not going to work" blah blah - We gently reversed our fortuner and hooked the ditched fortuner onto ours, we then just went low range for a meter and popped that stuck fortuner gently right back on the road. They can be very lucky the elephants were 50m away and that there was no damage to their front axle otherwise it would have been a long story for them. At afsaal we exhanged numbers and said our goodbye's

4 nights in satara .....

On our way , stopped at tsokwane for the legendary milk tart.

saw the cute little skops owl at satara's reception and a large "likkewaan"
coming out of the corner running through the receptions lobby, it was kind of scary !!

i was standing at the bathroom door at the restaurant waiting for my fiance , the rugby was on .... australia vs SA .... ja well kom ons los dit maar daar neh ?

while staying at satara we drove up to mopani , had lunch there, and we went to tsendze to say hi to roger and his wife!

im getting lazy now so im just going to list all the animals we saw !

turtles in the road
turtles on the sandbanks
hyaenas sleeping on the side of the road
hyaena toddlers playing beneath a bush
lions sleeping all over at satara's s100
ELEPHANTS lots and lots and lots of ELEPHANTS.
saddle billed stork (yes i know about the competition hehe)
black / white rhino
dung beetle
bush buck

ill add more to the list as i go through the pictures !!

I SAY NO to Hotels and commercialization of our National Parks !!!

110 visits to sanparks / kzn wildlife

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