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Aug 2010-We enjoyed the South to our surprise!-ruthp

Tell us about your breathtaking experiences in the parks
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Aug 2010-We enjoyed the South to our surprise!-ruthp

Unread post by ruthp » Mon Aug 30, 2010 2:27 pm

Sorry no pics - but hope someone enjoys our brief report.

Not having been in the South for a few years and having read many negative comments about the South we were a bit nervous about our 14 to 18 camping trip - at one stage even wanted to cancel it! :roll:

But have to say - we enjoyed it very much. Only saw one or two speedsters - saw a motorist being ticketed - not sure for what as it was on the approach to a low level water - only saw a couple of idiots hanging out of cars.

We only spent 1 night at LS but reception was friendly and facilities clean -(of course those camp sites are ridiculously set out)

Were too early at Mlondolozi (spelling?) Dam for the attendant with the gas braais but fortunately had charcoal etc in the car so still had a lovely morning there and enjoyed all the interaction at the dam before going down to CB.

4 nights at CB - staff at reception were very friend and the shop staff were more than helpful and friendly. The facilities were spotless even though the camp very busy.

Difficult initially to get a site as the campint area is in great demand - but once settled had a lovely four nights - although not on the fence as we had hoped - it turned out better as we had lovely sunset views between two caravans.

Saw the big 5 in 1 morning - the lions were less than 1km from the gate - we passed by the usual traffic jam and stopped further up the road - lo and behold a lioness came into view chasing off the hyena which was all we could initially see. Had a good view of her and another lioness while the crowds congregated further back on the road. Felt rather smug about that :lol:

Had a bit of a to do with a hippo out of the water at the dam just near CB (on the way to LS). Came upon him(her?) out the water on the left side of the road right by the bridge (in a dip). Stopped to look - H didn't like it too much - gave us a glare then moved as if to charge - when we didn't move off far enough :naughty: we got a great big head shake and show of teeth :evil: . Well, without even thinking the pedal hit the metal and we were out of there! :whistle: :redface:

Our highlight was the otter we saw at Nkulu picinic spot around brunch time on Sat 14th. :clap: Saw it hunting fish and come out the water with a fish - walk over a sandbank and then back into the water and out again on the other side into the reeds - we surmised it had its den there. Saw it again swimming while still having a brunch.

When we got home we found an e-mail from KNP requesting feedback on our visit - so it seems they really are trying and we give them credit for that :clap:

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Re: We enjoyed the South to our surprise!

Unread post by ruthp » Mon Aug 30, 2010 6:25 pm

Pikkie wrote:The question is: will you go again?

For sure - just been discussing with SO me possibly trying for 3 nights at LS in Feb when he goes to Mocambique on annual fishing trip!

I did 2 solo drives when we were there earlier this month - which I thoroughly enjoyed so now I'm willing to give it a go doing the whole visit by myself.

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