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Karl Jaacks-Top to bottom KNP-Aug 2010

Tell us about your breathtaking experiences in the parks
Karl Jaacks
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Karl Jaacks-Top to bottom KNP-Aug 2010

Unread post by Karl Jaacks » Tue Aug 03, 2010 12:02 pm

Hi Guys

Back at the rat race today and wanting to be back in the bush

I asked the other day how long it takes to drive from JHB to Pufuri gate
It took 6 hours, man that is a loooooong drive when you want to be there now

Well we went to crooks corner and the game and the birds were great, it must be a great place if you could be there as the sun rises.
We saw lots of general game, lions ele and buff up there.
went on a night drive at Punda, saw more lions, ele and buff and lots of sharps greys bok genets and bush babies.

The nest day we traveled to Lataba
On the way saw beautiful Baobabs and Mopani, the bush is still green up that side.
Great to see large herds of buff and ele. that is a special part of the park.

We traveled the next day to Tamboti.
On that leg down there we saw the big 5 great birds and all next to the road. Saw leopard twice that day Man just writing this make me just want to go and look for them again.

The next day we left the park by croc bridge, just snuck through the gates as they were closing. We stayed at Marloth Park for the next couple of days

We went on a sunset drive from croc bridge, at R270.00 pp we thought it was very expensive, BUT it was a great drive, saw leopard, ele, rhino, wildcats, side stripe and black backed jacks, gannets, bush baby, porcupine, Duke and lots of general game.

The next time we went in we saw Hunny badger rhinos ele buff, wild dogs and lots of general game.

In the end Kruger never let us down, saw more Leopard (7 sighting) that lion (3 sightings), over 44 mammals species and over 150 bird species.

Not sure when we will be back but i hope it is soon.

Nothing ventured nothing gained, so just do it!!!!!!!

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