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Herman-Sadness and joy in the park

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Herman-Sadness and joy in the park

Unread post by Herman » Sat Jun 26, 2010 2:44 pm

Just been in the Park for a few days again and as usual had a wonderful time, but came across a sad scene on the "highway" near Nkulu ......

Soon after we stopped, a Parks vehicle arrived with the responsible driver in their cab - We heard him telling people in another vehicle that he hit the leopard and then drove to LS to report it. He looked genuinely upset and explained that he wasn't driving fast and that the leopard dashed out of the bush right into the road and he couldn't stop in time !? We thought that he really looked sincere and gave him the benefit of the doubt as the leopard was rather young and we could imagine that it was still too inexperienced to judge the speed of oncoming vehicles ??

Fortunately the Park gave us an uplifting sighting on the Croc river road near Biyamiti the next day ..we went through a dip in the road and then .....

Eight of them in total - they swarmed around our car and we had good close up views...

We were towing a trailer and couldn't turn around quickly , but watched them disappearing in the rear view mirror - found a place to turn and rushed back, but by then they were gone :( We were on our way home and couldn't stay too long looking for them, but that was all we needed to make the awful drive back to Gauteng bearable !!

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