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JohnGore>Wonderful Honeymoon in Kruger - Jan 2010

Tell us about your breathtaking experiences in the parks
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JohnGore>Wonderful Honeymoon in Kruger - Jan 2010

Unread post by JohnGore » Mon Apr 12, 2010 11:05 pm

We got married on 31 Dec 2009, and went on honeymoon to a number of places, with the plan to end with 2 days in Kruger. But after 1 night camping in the bush, with a lion roaring in the middle of the night :shock: , and hyena patrolling the fence of the camp, lekker braai in the bush, we decided to stay a "few more nights". :D

In all we were in the Kruger for 7 unforgettable days, and really enjoyed the trip. After reading a few Travel Tales stories from others here on the SANParks forum, I really want to share our stories too, including staying a night in a bird hide, a tented camp, a number of night drives and sunset drives, etc...

We also looking forward to going back to Kruger in the near future (read: later this year), will start a new tread when the time comes to start planning that.

I'm still busy writing the trip report, and sifting through the tons of pictures. Its so true that a picture tells a thousand words, because each photo sparks the memory of the experience in my mind, and I wish I could write it ALL down.

Anyway this is just to say that I will be posting my story on here soon. :)

For now, here are a few pics from our trip to Kruger, Jan 2010.

We sat at this lion kill for over 1 hour before another car drove down that road. Sitting and watching these lions at a giraffe kill for over an hour, undisturbed, was a wonderful experience.

Zebras near Satara camp, with its baby Zeb.

Its very hard to spot these little guys crossing the road, and sadly many are killed while drivers are looking out into the bush looking for bigger game. I like how this photo shows just how well camouflaged these chameleons are.

A Bateleur Eagle. Proud and powerful bird of prey.

Vulture sours high above us.

Ah, memories.

PS: Still new on this forum, so pls let me know if pics are too big / too small, etc. tks

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Our little camp friend. :)

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