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Zebra and Jumbo's visit to Satara : 7/12/05

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Zebra and Jumbo's visit to Satara : 7/12/05

Unread post by Zebra » Mon Dec 12, 2005 3:27 pm

{Translated version below}

Alo amigos

Eu e Jumbo visitamos Satara na semana passada quarta-feira. Nós estivemos na manha da Quarta-feira em Crocodile Bridge.
O parque é assim muito mais bonito do que como vimos pela ultima ves em Setembro. Ocapim esta toda ela verde arvores e algums plantas ve-se como um jardim porque algumas partes tem flores.
O Jumbo fêz esta desta foto na Quinta-feira no S127.

Este cogumelo gigante nós vimos na Quarta-feira no S130. Era aproximadamente 25cm de altura.

Na mesma Quarta-feira:
Rinosorontes (2veses –um grupo vimos em Nkumbe)
Hiena (2veses –um estava muito perto da rede em Satara)
Elefantes (tambem com os seus bebe)
Bufalos (2veses)
Steenbok e duiker.
E muito mais coisas, incluindo kudu e impalas com seus bebes

Nós vimos também muitos dung beetle durante a viagem. Dung estavam todos muito ocupado da coleta.

Na noite de Quarta-feira, em Satara, nós fomos tratados com uma numerosos mostra por fireflies. O Jumbo telefonou o marido e ele disse que era nossa luz do Christmas quando nós lhe-os descrevemos.

Na Quinta-feira vimos dios black-backed jackal no S127. E muito mais coisas grande galagala e hipopotamos.

O destaque em Quinta-feira era muito intereçante entre uma saddlebilled stork e um ground hornbill na area de dam Mondzweni. O ground hornbill veio perto da stork e a stork a seguir afugetou o hornbill. Era surpreendente ver juntos estes dois pássaros raros.

Hallo friends

Jumbo and me visited Satara last week Wednesday. We entered Crocodile Bridge early Wednesday morning.
The Park is so much more beautiful than what it looked like on my last visit in September. The grass and all the trees are green, and on some places it looks like a garden with all the different coloured flowers.
Jumbo took this photo on Thursday on the S127.


This giant mushroom we saw on Wednesday on the S130. It was about 25cm high.


Other things we saw on Wednesday include:
Rhino (2 times – one group we saw from the Nkumbe lookout)
Hyena (2 times – one was next to the fence at Satara)
Elephants (1 herd had small babies)
Buffalo (2 times)
Steenbok and duiker.
A lot of general game, including kudus and impalas with small babies.


We also saw a lot of dung beetles during the trip. They were all very busy collecting dung.


On Wednesday evening, at Satara, we were treated with a show by numerous fireflies. Jumbo's husband said it's our Christmas lights when we described it to him of the phone.

On Thursday morning we saw 2 black-backed jackals on the S127. We again saw numerous general game and a rock monitor and hippos.

The highlight on Thursday was an interaction between a saddlebilled stork and a ground hornbill at Mondzweni dam. The ground hornbill came too close to the stork and the stork then chased the hornbill. It was amazing to see these two rare birds together.


{Jumbo mode}
Something very humorous happened to us at Orpen dam. When we got there, we were the only people. We got out and halfway down the path we heard this deep growling noises coming from the bush to the left of us. We both froze in our tracks, heard the growls again, and in a split second we were back inside the car. Sitting their, recovering from the “jelly legs" I said to Zebra: “You know, if that growls are coming from a lion we were not suppose to run :roll: . She looked at me with pure shock and said, "Why didn't you tell me that before I ran!" :evil:
To make a long story short: the growling sounds, we later found out, was that of a hippo - it really wasn't the typical sound you hear from a hippo. :?


Unread post by Jumbo » Tue Dec 13, 2005 7:58 am


Orpen dam is actually a very nice “get out placeâ€Â

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