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Crocodile Bridge Long Weekend

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Crocodile Bridge Long Weekend

Unread post by cygnus » Sat Jun 20, 2009 10:49 am

What a great weekend The Hub and I had at his favourite camp. Yes it was jampacked, yes the highway to Nkulu was dreadful on Monday 15th, (we knew it would be), but it was our choice, coupled with working a public holiday into my leave. No whingeing then!

Many thanks to Ecojunkie for welcoming all visitors to the camp - felt good at once. The camp seems to be returning to the days when it won best camp competition so frequently. Clean ablutions and wash-up, despite rain, courteous and efficient reception staff, friendly cleaner and garage attendant. Gardens better than 2006 too. Go Croc!

This was not our lucky trip gamewise - we were always either 20 minutes before or 20 minutes after dogs, cats, herds. No matter, had some great eagle, bee-eaters and vultures sightings

S21 was as good as always, especially as the pan (about 5 kms in from H4-1) had water still, and we were alone there to watch the usual waterbird gang. Renosterkoppies dead quiet, then on to Afsaal. Afsaal is a place I love to hate - need the loo, need to eat, don't need hordes of people with the same needs! However, cloakrooms infinitely better, with loo cisterns working and not running, paper towels available and basins clean. Not as busy as usual either. Thumbs up for efforts made to improve

Nkulu was a pleasure to visit, and the shop a dream. Friendly vibe, helpful staff, handwritten menu, and the feel of a personalised outlet

Lower Sabie seems to have jacked itself up. Saw the remains of the hippo carcass at Sunset, and grinned at the hyeanas trying to chase off the vultures and a timid marabou, and keep the leftovers for themselves

Mlondozi on the other hand had way too many people, no place to sit, not enough loos (ladies), and cisterns that took a year to fill up. We've learned our lesson though, and always take our own gasbottle and grid, plus chairs & table whenever we go out for brunch. Just as well, or we'd have been there for dinner. The usual tour group was there too, commandeering loads of chairs and tables. This site is a favourite, but then again, it WAS a long weekend, so we should have avoided it

Our tent on the perimeter fence at Croc was great, the caravanners behind us were all asleep by 9.00pm, and we enjoyed the sounds of barn owls, lion, jackal and hyaena while snug in bed. Saw the people next to us feeding the hyeanas, with chops bones, while standing right in front of the "Do not feed" notice.....

I saw a queque stretching forever, awaiting entry as we left, with Ecojunkie and another helper moving from car to car. I didn't envy them at all, the drivers had that set look on their faces - the one that says "I've booked a day permit, why does everyone get in ahead of me?"

Now how many weeks until Balule in September?

"We have two hands, one to help ourselves, and one to help others"

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