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Janneyc - Dec 2007

Tell us about your breathtaking experiences in the parks
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Christmas trip in Kruger

Unread post by janneyc » Wed Jan 09, 2008 7:47 am

Goodday to every one and we wish you all a happy and wonderfull 2008. We had a fabulous trip a total of 11 days in the Park. First two nights 24 and 25 Dec in Satara and it was hot and leaving on the 26 to Shingwedzi lots of ellies and impalas but it was very bushy and Shingwedzi used to be our favourite camp but this time it was to crowdy and then we moved on to Tsendze camp and oh what a lovely camp and we spent 3 nights there on site 26 as promised by Bushi. Thanks to Rodger and his wife every thing was clean and my husband had a special suprise on our last day there, a ellie came charging from Mooiplaas picnic site and according to him(he was reading his CAR mag) and when he look up he saw this bull coming straight for the fence all hubby could do was to shout for me to get out of the caravan luckilly Mr ellie turned away and walked in the bush shame no time for a photo.
We left for Balule and what a gem heard Fish Eagle hippos and lions at night time but yet no luck to see lions. I realise now that we were to lazy to get up and leave early in the mornings and miss the animals. After 2 nights at Balule we head of to Maroela for 3 nights. On our way to Maroela we came across our first lioness, she was walking in the road followed by a whole lot of cars , she did not even looked bothered by these vehicles following her and she pass our car with a few inches. So we had a lovely stay at Maroela no hyeana at the fence and again the last evening another ellie experience... we heard trumperting (excuse me spelling) coming from Tamboti camp and all of a sudden this big bull decided to charge for the gate which were open as you all know during the day and oh everybody was running but luckily one of the black attendants must have made a noice of something and the ellie stopped in his tracks and turned around and charged in the bush but was still trumpetting and charing towards the fence and then dissapeared in the bush. Can you amagine what havock would it cause amongst the tents and caravans in the camp I think the gate should be closed during day times as it is in the other smaller camps like Tsendze and Balule. After that experience we had a lovely rainstorm and left for Boksburg on a very sad note.

Next trip will be to Marekele Park sometime this year and also KTP . No good at posting photos will ask hubby to help me

Thanks for all the other trip reports

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